August 19, 2004
Hamilton, Ontario
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • John Heidenreich defeated Sho Funaki -dark match-..
    • Booker T defeated Shannon Moore;
    • Mark Jindrak defeated Wavell Starr;
    • Charlie Haas defeated Akio;
    • Billy Gunn defeated Doug Basham;

  2. IN THE RING: John Bradshaw Layfield & Orlando Jordan + The Undertaker..
    • JBL (who was chokeslammed through the top of a limo at Summerslam) came out with a neck brace..
    • JBL says he did what he said he was going to do, and beat the Undertaker (by DQ) at SummerSlame..
    • JBL says he imagined solidifying his Hall of Fame status by pinning the Undertaker, but he didn't get to do that..
    • JBL shows still photos and describes how he was feeling when The Undertaker assulted him after their match..
    • JBL says that, unlike the Canadian Army, he HAS been to Iraq, and thought he had seen the face of evil..
    • JBL says he say the true face of unadulturated evil and that was the Undertaker's face..
    • JBL vows to never give the Undertaker another shot at the WWE Championship..
    • The Undertaker came out next, as Orlando Jordan got a steel chair to protect his Boss..
    • JBL stumbled over the guard rail and escaped through the crowd and scurried to the back..
    • The Undertaker got to the ring and picked up the WWE championship belt which was left by JBL..

  3. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Spike Dudley vs Scotty Too Hotty..
    • Spike Dudley won and then ordered the Dudleyz to splash him and hold Scotty to so he could whack him with the belt!
    • Spike Dudley then ordered his brothers to raise him up on their shoulders to celebrate..

  4. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & John Cena..
    • John Cena predicts that he will go 2-0 against Booker T in their second match next week..
    • Spike Dudley shows up and takes offense to John Cena calling himself "The Champ"..
    • John Cena tells Spike Dudley to go get himself some glasses because "You Can't See Me!"
    • Spike Dudley kicks John Cena between the legs and the Dudley Boyz attack him from behind!

  5. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: Billy Kidman & Paul London vs Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble..
    • Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble scored an upset victory over the Tag Team champions!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Brian Hebner..
    • Theodore Long says if John Cena & Dudleyz fight backstage, they better be prepared to take it to the ring..
    • Theodore Long sets up a one-on-one match with John Cena against "a" Dudley..

  7. IN THE RING: Eddie Guerrero + Kurt Angle + Luther Reigns + Rey Mysterio..
    • Eddie Guerrero calls out Kurt Angle, because the question "Who is the better wrestler" hasn't been answered!
    • Eddie Guerrero says since he beat Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania, then they are in need of a TIE-BREAKER!
    • Kurt Angle comes out to the stage in his wrestling gear and asks the fans if they want to see a rematch?!
    • Kurt Angle declines Eddie 's request for a rematch because he already made Eddie tap out at Summerslam..
    • Eddie Guerrero tries to use reverse psychology, but Kurt Angle says he isn't going to be tricked..
    • Eddie Guerrero 'gets serious' and admits that Kurt Angle did outwrestle him at Summerslam..
    • Eddie Guerrero says he doesn't like Kurt Angle, and never will, but he earned his respect on Sunday..
    • Eddie Guerrero says if Kurt Angle won't give him a match, to at least step into the ring and shake his hand..
    • Kurt Angle cautiously got up into the ring and approached Eddie Guerrero for the proposed handshake..
    • Eddie Guerrero stuck out his hand, but Kurt Angle backed away, thinking it was some kind of trick..
    • Kurt Angle stepped forward, but Eddie Guerrero attacked him and knocked him out of the ring!!!
    • Luther Reigns came down to help Kurt Angle, and they surrounded Eddie Guerrero..
    • Rey Mysterio ran down and evened the odds and helped chase off Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns..

  8. MATCH: John Cena vs DVon Dudley w/Bubba Dudley..
    • Booker T joined Michael Cole & Tazz for commentary during the match..
    • John Cena won after hitting DVon with the FU..
    • John Cena says that next week Booker T is going to find out that he means BIG business..

  9. MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Rene Dupree..
    • Rob Van Dam won after a foge-star-frog-splash..
    • Kenzo Suzuki came out of nowhere and attacked RVD from behind and beat him up..

  10. IN THE RING: Theodore Long..
    • Theodore Long announces that he has resigned The Big Show to Smackdown!..

  11. MAIN EVENT: Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns..
    • Kurt Angle was chased backstage, leaving Luther Reigns alone with Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio..
    • Eddy & Rey easily picked up the pinfall to win the match..
    • Kurt Angle came back out and poured white paint all over Eddie 's low-rider!!!

  12. Smackdown! goes off the air......

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