August 26, 2004
Fresno, California
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Scotty Too Hotty defeated Akio -dark match-..
    • Rene Dupree defeated Charlie Haas..
    • Mark Jindrak defeatd Funaki..
    • Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli defeated The Basham Brothers..
    • Bubba Dudley w/DVon & Spike defeated Hardcore Holly w/Billy Gunn..

  2. IN THE RING: Eddie Guerrero + Luther Reigns + Kurt Angle (on screen)..
    • Eddie Guerrero says that Kurt Angle defaced his lowrider just like he'll deface Kurt tonight!
    • Eddie Guerrero calls out Kurt Angle, saying he doesn't want a match, he wants FIGHT!
    • Instead, Luther Reigns comes out to the stage and says if there's one thing he knows, it's FIGHTING..
    • Luther Reigns says Kurt Angle would anialate Eddie if they had a fight..
    • Kurt Angle comes on the big screen and says if Eddie wants a FIGHT to meet him in the parking lot!

  3. PARKING LOT: Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero + Luther Reigns + Theodore Long..
    • Eddie Guerrero runs out to the parking lot and chases Kurt Angle around some a car..
    • Kurt Angle tells Eddie not to put his hands on his car..
    • Eddie Guerrero then dumps trash on it and smashed the windows out..
    • Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns get into another car and speeds off..
    • Theodore Long shows up and says that the car belongs to HIM! and tells security to eject Eddie !

  4. MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Kenzo Suzuki..
    • RVD was going for the Frog Splash when Rene Dupree ran down, so RVD leaped onto Dupree on the outside!
    • Kenzo Suzuki capitalized and scored the pin on Rob Van Dam for the victory..
    • After the match, Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki continued to beat down Rob Van Dam..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long + John Bradshaw Layfield (still in a halo) & Orlando Jordan..
    • Theodore Long cries over his damaged vehicle when JBL's limousine pulled into the parking lot..
    • JBL says Theodore Long has a lot of nerve not answering his phone calls and emails all week long..
    • JBL says he should sue GM Long for having an unsafe work environment, and asks what he's going to do about Undertaker..
    • Theodore Long says that Orlando Jordan will defend JBL's WWE title against the Undertaker tonight!

  6. MATCH: Chavo Guerrero w/Jamie Noble vs Billy Kidman w/Paul London..
    • Billy Kidman hit the Shooting Star Press, landing right on Chavo Guerrer's head for the win..
    • NOTES: Chavo Guerrero was knocked out by Billy Kidman's shooting star press and was out cold for a few minutes..
    • NOTES: A bunch of officials and EMTs came down (off camera), including Stephanie McMahon and John Laurinaitis..
    • NOTES: Chavo Guerrero suffered a concussion and was taken to the hospital and held overnight for observation..

  7. PARKING LOT: Theodore Long & Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns..
    • Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns arrive back at the arena and play dumb at what happened to Long's car..
    • Theodore Long books a 2/3 Falls match against Eddie Guerrero for next week!
    • Theodore Long also books a match tonight between Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio!
    • Theodore Long orders Luther Reigns to clean up the mess in the parking lot!

  8. BEST OF FIVE SERIES MATCH #2: Booker T vs John Cena..
    • Booker T wins to even the series at 1 to 1..

  9. IN THE RING: Josh Mathews & Paul Heyman + John Heidenreich..
    • Paul Heyman introduces his new protege --- John Heidenreich!
    • John Heidenreich comes out, looking huge, and stood next to Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman says just months ago he was being stalked by the Undertaker, but now he has protection..
    • Josh Mathews asks if Heidenreich will live up to the HYPE!
    • John Heidenreich took offense and gave John Mathews a vicious shoulder breaker and choked him out!
    • Paul Heyman says "That's not HYPE.... that's HEIDENREICH!!!"..

  10. MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio..
    • After a super great and long back-and-forth matchup, Kurt Angle scored a pin!

  11. BACKSTAGE: John Bradshaw Layfield + Orlando Jordan..
    • Orlando Jordan says there is a small chance that he loses JBL's title because the Undertaker is too good!
    • JBL gives Orlando Jordan a pep talk trying to build up Jordan's confidence..
    • Orlando Jordan says he might feel more confident if he was allowed to wear the championship belt..
    • JBL hands his belt over to Orlando Jordan and sends him on his way, while muttering "I'm screwed.."..

  12. WWE TITLE MATCH: Orlando Jordan w/JBL vs The Undertaker..
    • The Undertaker won by DQ when John Bradshaw Layfield interfered on purpose..
    • The Undertaker attacked JBL after the match and removed the back brace and neck brace off of him!
    • The Undertaker took JBL into the ring and chokeslammed him to the mat!
    • The Undertaker stood over the unconscious bodies of JBL and Orlando Jordan..

  13. Smackdown! goes off the air......

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