September 16, 2004
Spokane, Washington
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • The Basham Brothers defeated ??? & ??? -dark match-..
    • Orlando Jordan defeated Scotty Too Hotty..
    • Paul London defeated Akio..
    • Shannon Moore defeated Mark Jindrak by DQ..
    • Luther Reigns defeated ?????..

  2. BEST OF FIVE SERIES MATCH #4: Booker T vs John Cena..
    • Torrie Wilson came out for no reason at all and does the introductions for the two participants..
    • Booker T tried to use the belt as a weapon, which was dumb because a DQ would result in a LOSS..
    • John Cena ended up winning the match with the FU, evening the series at 2 a piece..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & The Big Show..
    • Theodore Long praises The Big Show for making a major impact last week when he returned to Smackdown!..
    • Theodore Long says he has two contracts for Big Show to choose from, to face Guerrero or to face Angle..

  4. IN-RING INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Billy Kidman + Paul London..
    • Billy Kidman says he didn't walk out on Paul London last week, he was just preventing another injury from happening..
    • Billy Kidman says he isn't afraid to do the Shooting Star Press, he's just afraid of hurting people (like Chavo)..
    • Billy Kidman says if the people want to see him hurt people with the SSP then they are the bad guys..
    • Paul London came out to the ring to confront his former friend and tag team partner..
    • Paul London says if Kidman wasn't ready to compete he shouldn't have agreed to defend the titles..
    • Paul London says it was because of Kidman that they lost the tag team titles, because he QUIT!
    • Paul London slapped Billy Kidman, who backed down and walked away from the ring..

  5. TAG MATCH: Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba & DVon w/Spike)..
    • RVD pinned DVon Dudley after nailing the five-star-frog splash..
    • Spike "The BOSS" Dudley got in the ring and yelled at his brothers for embarassing the Dudley Family..
    • Spike Dudley kicked DVon between the legs and slapped Bubba around saying "I'M THE BOSS!!"

  6. BACKSTAGE: The Big Show & Eddie Guerrero..
    • Eddie Guerrero says nobody was more surprised and impressed when Big Show returned last week..
    • Eddie Guerrero says it was like the running of the bulls, except there was only one 500 pound bull..

  7. BACKSTAGE: John Bradshaw Layfield & Orlando Jordan..
    • JBL says he's got to do something to show his fans that there is reason to support him..
    • JBL says that he's going to call out the Undertaker to proove that he isn't scarred of the Undertaker..

  8. IN THE RING: John Bradshaw Layfield & Orlando Jordan..
    • JBL says, unlike some 'political figures' these days, he doesn't flip flop, he does what he says!
    • JBL then furiously cals out the Undertaker, the lights go out, the music comes on, Undertaker arrives..
    • JBL relieved Orlando Jordan of his duties and sent him backstage leaving him alone with the Undertaker..
    • They removed their jackets and circled the ring exchanging punches until JBL fell on his butt..
    • Suddenly, Gangrel & Viscera (formerly of Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness) attacked Undertaker from behind!
    • The Undertaker took a beating before eventually clearing the ring of all four advisaries..
    • JBL snuck up behind Undertaker and nailed a vicious clothesline from hell..
    • Gangrel, Viscera, Orlando Jordan & JBL all took turns kicking Undertaker's ass with elbows and splashes..
    • JBL ordered his three helpers out of the ring and put one foot on Undertaker's chest and raised his arms!

  9. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki w/Hiroko vs The FBI (Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli)..
    • During the match, John Heidenreich snuck up behind the announce table and kidnapped Michael Cole!
    • Tazz decided to leave his post and follow Heidenreich, the match was fought without commentary..
    • Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree won the match but nobody will remember it anyway..

  10. BACKSTAGE: John Heidenreich & Michael Cole..
    • John Heidenreich was holding a whimpering Michael Cole face-first against a wall..

  11. BACKSTAGE: The Big Show & Luther Reigns..
    • Luther Reigns says the WWE needs Kurt Angle, and everyone remembers Big Show broke his leg a few months ago..
    • Luther Reigns says Eddie Guerrero and the people don't understand the Big Show or gives a damn about him...
    • Luther Reigns says he and Kurt Angle feel Big Show's pain and urges him to think about it..

  12. BACKSTAGE: John Heidenreich & Michael Cole..
    • John Heidenreich reads a poem "Do you fear me, I think you should... yada yada.." -- pretty psycho..
    • John Heidenreich unlocks the door and Michael Cole tries to leave but he's snatched back in..
    • John Heidenreich forces Michael Cole to thank him for the poem and then let's him go..

  13. MATCH: Charlie Haas w/Miss Rico vs Spike Dudley w/The Dudleyz..
    • The Dudleyz got involved and caused a DQ finish until Rico returned to SD! and made the big save!

  14. CONTRACT SIGNING: Theodore Long & The Big Show + Kurt Angle + Eddie Guerrero..
    • Theodore Long comes out and introduces The Big Show, then Kurt Angle, and finally Eddie Guerrero..
    • Kurt Angle says he doesn't hold grudges, because he's all about business, and doesn't need to fight Big Show..
    • Kurt Angle says that the people need for Big Show to destroy Eddie Guerrero and send him on a downward spiral..
    • Eddie Guerrero says Kurt Angle doesn't speak for him, or the people, he speaks for himself..
    • Eddie Guerrero says it doesn't matter who he picks, Big Show will remember No Mercy for the rest of his life!
    • Theodore Long says it is time for the Big Show to make his choice as a portion of the crowd chants "Triple Threat!"
    • The Big Show looks over both contracts and signs the contract with Eddie Guerrero's name on it..
    • Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns attacked Eddie Guerrero and tossed him out of the ring and offered a handshake to BigShow..
    • The Big Show ripped the signed contract in two, and signed the other one to face Kurt Angle at No Mercy!
    • Luther Reigns clotheslined Big Show out of his chair, and then Big Show & Eddie cleared the ring..
    • Theodore Long announced Big Show & Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns for next week's season premier!

  15. And that's a wrap folks...
    • Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero got into a fight backstage after the SD! tapings. Guerrero did a run-in early and Angle started yelling about it. There had been underlying heat leading to this. According to one source, Angle pushed Guerrero and Guerrero lunged after Angle, who grabbed him in a front facelock and held him down. Big Show and Luther Reigns talked Angle into letting go, but they were still hot at each other.

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