March 3, 2005
Albany, New York
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • MNM (Joey Matthews & Johnny Nitro w/Melina Perez) defeated Scotty Too Hotty & Shannon Moore -dark match-..
    • The Basham Brothers defeated Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas..
    • Nunzio defeated Spike Dudley..
    • Paul London & Sho Funaki defeated Akio & Chavo Guerrero..

  2. IN THE RING: John Cena..
    • John Cena comes out and says he is sick and tired of John Bradshaw Layfield and his Cabinit..
    • John Cena says JBL has always been spoiled, but he used to spend his hard earned money being a "fan"..
    • John Cena says the fans don't care about limos, stocks, and Cabinits, they know what REAL is..
    • John Cena says he'll defend his United States title against JBL's Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan tonight..
    • John Cena suggests that JBL throw himself another party to present himself the award for WWE's "Biggest Bitch!"

  3. TAG TITLE MATCH: Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak..
    • Eddie Guerrero hit the frog splash on Luther Reigns and pinned him to retain the titles!
    • Mark Jindrak helped Luther Reigns up, but they started yelling at eachother and shoving eachother..
    • Mark Jindrak knocked out Luther Reigns with a left hook! and then walked away..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Joy Giovanni & Michelle McCool & ?????? + Dawn Marie..
    • Dawn Marie comes in and gets on the Rookie Divas case about thinking they can do whatever they want..
    • Dawn Marie challenges Michelle McCool to find a partner for a tag match later on..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Carlito Cool..
    • Carlito Cool shows up ready for his 1st assignment..
    • Theodore Long gives Carlito Cool a shovel so he can clear the snow for the fans before they leave..

  6. MATCH: Booker T vs John Heidenreich..
    • Late in the match, John Heidenreich once brought a steel chair into the ring..
    • Booker T kicked the chair into Heidenreich's face and picked the chair up -- but the referee took it away!
    • Booker T argued with the referee, and then DDT'd Heidenreich onto the Steel Chair!
    • Booker T was upset with the decision --- but he did a spinerooni for the fans anyway..
    • WINNER: John Heidenreich by Disqualification..

  7. IN THE RING: Kurt Angle + Scott Wright + Shawn Michaels
    • Kurt Angle comes out acting very happy and shows the graphic footage from RAW where he attacked HBK..
    • Kurt Angle says he embarassed Shawn Michaels twice at Royal Rumble and then again on Michaels' own turf..
    • A hooded wrestler walked to the ring to accept the Kurt Angle Invitational challenge..
    • Kurt Angle assumed that the hooded wrestler was HBK, but ripped the hood off to find that it wasn't..
    • Shawn Michaels DID HOWEVER show up and attack Kurt Angle from behind until security broke them up!
    • Scott Wright, who wrestles as Scotty Charisma, was the guy under the hood for the Angle challenge..
    • Extras used from ECWA including Rob Eckos, Mike Kruel, Fred Sampson, Arch Kincaid and Slyck Wagner Brown.
    • Jimmy Jact Cash of World of Hurt Wrestling played a security guard for Kurt Angle..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Shawn Michaels & Theodore Long..
    • Theodore Long requests that security escort Shawn Michaels out of the building..
    • Shawn Michaels says he will leave, because he got what he wanted anyway..

  9. MIXED TAG MATCH: Dawn Marie & Rene Dupree vs The Big Show & Michelle McCool..
    • Michelle McCool looked really nervous in her debut match but loosened up as the match progressed..
    • The Big Show got tagged in an moched Rene Dupree by doing the French Tickler..
    • The Big Show hit the chokeslam on Rene Dupree and pinned him for the win!

  10. IN THE RING: John Bradshaw Layfield..
    • JBL comes out to the ring looking for answers, why he wasn't inducted into the Hall of Fame..
    • JBL complains about having his party ruined last week by the Big Show, and why the fans would cheer for it!
    • JBL says if the fans, like him, or hate him, he's the WWE champion, so they have to shut up and listen to him!
    • JBL says that John Cena has made a mochary of the U.S. Title and that he hates what Cena stands for..
    • JBL says it makes him sick that after everything he's acheived, he has to wrestle garbage at Wrestlemania!
    • JBL says that the fans save their money and pay to see him -- because he is a WRESTLING GOD!
    • JBL says he was proud to be born of parents with class and to have gone to a private school with class..
    • JBL says that the fans are the scurge of America, their daddys drink too much cause they're moms are trash..
    • JBL says while the fans should be imitating HIM, instead they are imitating and dressing like John Cena..
    • JBL says when their parents die off, then people like HIM have to support them with handouts..
    • JBL says that he can only have so many servants -- sooner or later people will have to fend for themselves!
    • JBL says the fans are too stupid to realize greatness and demands that they give him respect!
    • JBL says threatens to walk out if the fans don't get on their feet and applaud him!
    • JBL drops the microphone and leaves the ring with his championship belt..
    • JBL went backstage and left in his limousine and said if Orlando Jordan loses, he'll be sent back to the hood!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero..
    • Chavo Guerrero comes in and greets Rey Mysterio and asks where Eddie is - Rey says he's in the shower..
    • Chavo Guerrero tells Rey that Eddie is "Keeping his frields close, and his enemies closer"..
    • Chavo Guerrero reminds Rey Mysterio that he can "Never trust a Guerrero"..

  12. BACKSTAGE: The Big Show & Joy Giovanni + Sho Funaki..
    • The Big Show & Joy Giovanni are laughing about his match early that night..
    • Sho Funaki comes up and everyone in Japan is talking about who would win between Big Show & Akebono..
    • The Big Show says "Any time, any place, any where, it would be an honor to face Akebono"..

  13. UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: John Cena vs Orlando Jordan..
    • John Cena hit the FU and was about to get the pin when the Bashams ran down and distracted Cena..
    • The referee was busy with the Bashams, so JBL snuck through the crowd and whacked John Cena with the WWE belt!
    • Orlando Jordan made the cover to get the 1-2-3 and capture the United States championship!!!!!!!

  14. And that's a wrap folks...

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