April 21, 2005
New York City - Madison Square Garden
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz


  2. #1 CONTENDERS SERIES: The Big Show vs Booker T..
    • John Bradshaw Layfield joined Michael Cole & Tazz on commentary still carrying the old WWE championship belt..
    • Kurt Angle also came down and grabbed a headset and joined commentary much to the dismay of John Layfield..
    • Kurt Angle & John Layfield unleashed a pre-determined plan by attacking both wrestlers to eliminate them both..
    • The referee disqualified both wrestlers and Angle & Layfield agreed to face eachother next week for #1 Contendership..
    • The Big Show & Booker T got up and attacked Angle & Layfield, bringing out General Manager Theodore Long..
    • Theodore Long decided to book a fourway between all four participants for #1 Contendership..
    • Theodore Long also books a tag match between Big Show & Booker T vs Kurt Angle & JBL..

  3. CARLITOS CABANA: Carlito Cool & Eddie Guerrero + Rey Mysterio + MNM (Mercury & Nitro & Melina)..
    • Carlito Cool messed around with the NYC fans to successfully get some heat on himself..
    • Carlito Cool introduces his guest, someone who easily 'loses his cool', Eddie Guerrero..
    • Carlito Cool reminises about MNM coming out last week and beating the crap out of Rey Mysterio..
    • Eddie Guerrero jokingly accused Carlito Cool of trying to cause dissention between he and Rey..
    • Eddie Guerrero grabbed one of Carlito's apples and took a bite and called out Rey Mysterio..
    • Rey Mysterio came out and cautiously entered the ring to hear what Eddie Guerrero had to say..
    • Eddie Guerrero says that last year he stood in Madison Square Garden holding up the WWE championship!
    • Eddie Guerrero says he's become clouded and says he was selfish by costing Rey his chance at the WWE title..
    • Eddie Guerrero promises that when Rey Mysterio was jumped by MNM, that he was seriously having car troubles..
    • Eddie Guerrero says what he does have is his health, and his family, including Rey Mysterio..
    • Eddie Guerrero apologizes and extends his hand asking Rey Mysterio to forgive him..
    • Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio embraced as Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro & Melina Perez came on the screen..
    • Melina Perez says they are glad Rey & Eddie patched things up so they could defend their titles TONIGHT!
    • Eddie Guerrero says if MNM wants to challenge them, then come out and challenge them face-to-face..
    • MNM reveals that they are standing backstage next to Eddie 's car, which they spray painted with "M N M"..

  4. INTERVIEW: Steve Romero & Matt Morgan..
    • Matt Morgan says that for his entire life he has been the center of people's attention..
    • Matt Morgan, who seems to have been tagged with a stuttering gimmick, says everyone will remember his name..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Orlando Jordan & The Basham Brothers..
    • Orlando Jordan reminds The Bashams that if they don't shape up then JBL is going to fire both of them..
    • Orlando Jordan says when he faces John Cena later, the Bashams better come down and do their job..
    • Orlando Jordan walks away and Danny Basham remarks that he's sick of this - to Doug Basham's surprise..

  6. MATCH: Matt Morgan squashed an unknown jobber..

  7. TAG MATCH: The Big Show & Booker T vs John Layfield & Kurt Angle..
    • Booker T's wife Sharmell was shown AGAIN cheering for her husband from the front row..
    • Kurt Angle abandoned JBL late in the match and Big Show and Booker T easily finished off JBL for the win!

  8. A POEM BY HEIDENREICH: John Heidenreich + The Brooklyn Brawler..
    • John Heidenreich came out and introduced one of his new friends -- the legendary Brooklyn Brawler..
    • John Heidenreich then recited a poem that he wrote about Madison Square Garden for The Brooklyn Brawler..
    • The Brooklyn Brawler says that Heidenreich's poem sucked and was very embarassing..
    • The Brooklyn Brawler then said that New York was embarassing and took off his jersey to reveal a Red Sox Jersey!
    • The Brooklyn Brawler says that from now on he wants to be called The Boston Brawler!
    • John Heidenreich attacked The Boston Brawler and beat him up (so Heidenreich is a good guy now?)..

  9. TAG TITLE MATCH: Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/Melina)..
    • Melina jumped on Eddie Guerrero pushing his face in her chest, distracting him from the action in the ring..
    • Mercury and Nitro finished off Rey Mysterio in the ring to capture the WWE Tag Team titles..
    • Eddie Guerrero confronted and blamed Rey Mysterio afterwards and pushed him down to the mat!
    • Rey Mysterio went after Eddie Guerrero and smacked him accross the face to pay him back!

  10. CHAMPION VS CHAMPION: John Cena (WWE Champion) vs Orlando Jordan (United States Champion) w/Doug Basham..
    • Non-title............
    • John Cena came out and cut a promo, lord knows we can't go one week without one..
    • Doug Basham accompanied Orlando Jordan to the ring but Danny Basham was nowhere to be found..
    • John Cena won......

  11. And that's a wrap folks...

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