June 9, 2005
Kansas City, Missouri
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Rene Dupree defeated Trevor Rhodes in a dark match..
    • Orlando Jordan defeated Hardcore Holly to retain the United States title..
    • Chavo Guerrero defeated Sho Funaki..
    • Danny Basham defeated Nunzio after pulling a switcheroo with Doug Basham..
    • MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro) defeated Scotty Too Hotty & Shannon Moore to retain the Tag Team titles..

  2. IN THE RING: Theodore Long + John Bradshaw Layfield + Chris Benoit..
    • Theodore Long showed footage from last Monday when John Cena was drafted to RAW along with the WWE title..
    • Theodore Long says that SD! was without a champion, and was about to make a decision when JBL interrupted him..
    • John Layfield says he's there to make Theodore Long's job a whole lot easier, assuming he'd be named champion..
    • John Layfield says his rivalry with John Cena was "competitive" but they'll never know who was the better man..
    • Theodore Long says he talked to Vince McMahon and SD! will remain without a champion until after the lottery..
    • Theodore Long introduces the man drafted to SD!, a man who is "back home" ---- Chris Benoit!!!!!!!!!!
    • Chris Benoit came out and received thunderous applause from all four corners of the Smackdown! ring..
    • John Layfield yelled "This is MY show!" at Benoit, who proclaimed he was "So Psyched to be back on Smackdown!!"
    • Chris Benoit commends JBL on doing something he's never been able to do in his life --- and that's QUIT!
    • Chris Benoit says JBL wants to be named champion, but he (Benoit) is there to FIGHT FOR IT!
    • Chris Benoit says now that he's on Smackdown! things are going to start changing -- NOW!
    • John Layfield says that Chris Benoit is a legend and a true Hall of Famer, but will never be a main eventer on SD!..
    • John Layfield degrades Chris Benoit for being an ECW wrestler and supporting the One Night Stand pay per view..
    • John Layfield says that if Chris Benoit shows up at One Night Stand it will be the worst decision of his life!
    • Chris Benoit says there isn't a damn thing he regrete's about his career and would rather watch ECW than JBL..
    • Chris Benoit challenged JBl to a match tonight, and JBL says he (Benoit) doesn't call the shots on "My Show!"..
    • Theodre Long says that JBL doesn't call the shots on SD!, he does, and books Chris Benoit vs JBL for later!
    • Chris Benoit grabbed JBL and gave him a german suplex, as JBL bailed out and escaped before it got too messy..
    • Editor's Note: A months ago I was frothing at the mouth at the idea of Benoit vs JBL - my dreams has come true :)

  3. MATCH: Carlito Cool w/Matt Morgan vs Charlie Haas w/Hardcore Holly..
    • Of course, Matt Morgan tried to interfere but Hardcore Holly prevented it..
    • Carlito Cool still won the match by pinning Charlie Haas with his feet on the ropes..

  4. BACKSTAGE: John Heidenreich & Chris Benoit + Eddie Guerrero..
    • Eddie Guerrero shows up and greets Chris Benoit and reminises about Wrestlemania 20..
    • Eddie Guerrero proposes a match between he and Benoit to determine the new Smackdown! champion..
    • Eddie Guerrero says Benoit will always be his friend | Benoit says he has seen how Eddie treats his friends..

  5. INTERVIEW: Steve Romero & Kurt Angle..
    • Kurt Angle asks why something so right and real could be considered offensive..
    • Kurt Angle cut an orgasmic promo explaining that what happened last week felt "so good"..
    • Kurt Angle says that tonight the Games will end and to the victor goes the spoils..

  6. NON (CRUISERWEIGHT) TITLE MATCH: Paul London vs Akio..
    • Less then a minute into the match, Eddie Guerrero's music hit and he came out and grabbed the microphone..
    • Eddie Guerrero got in the ring as the match was ongoing and said he's got something to get off his chest..

  7. IN THE RING: Eddie Guerrero..
    • Paul London drop kicked Akio into Guerrero, who attacked and destroyed Akio, and then attacked London!
    • Paul London got back in the ring but Eddie Guerrero dumped him over the top rope once again..
    • Paul London got back in the ring again, but Eddie Guerrero tossed him out, this time for good!
    • Eddie Guerrero says there is no respect for him on Smackdown! by the wrestlers and the SD! fans..
    • Eddie Guerrero says that everyone is disrespecting him because they think he can't beat Rey Mysterio..
    • Eddie Guerrero says he never makes a promise that he cannot keep..

  8. MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Booker T w/Sharmell..
    • Kurt Angle gives Tazz until the end of the night to decide to stay loyal to WWE or continue to support ECW..
    • The referee got knocked out late in the match, and Kurt Angle brought a chair into the ring...
    • Kurt Angle swung the chair at Booker T, and it bounced off the ropes and whacked himself in the forehead!
    • Booker T capitalized and pinned Kurt Angle after a Scissors Kick and celebrated with Sharmell!

  9. RINGSIDE: Kurt Angle & Tazz..
    • Kurt Angle says he changed his mind and now wants an answer from Tazz immediately..
    • Kurt Angle sits next to Tazz at the announce position and says he will wait until Tazz gives him an answer..
    • Kurt Angle sat quietly for a while and then attacked Tazz and busted his head open with a chairshot!
    • Kurt Angle says he, JBL's Cabinit and Bischoff's Crusaders will take out ECW just like he took out Tazz!!
    • Tazz was helped up by trainers but he shrugged them off and stumbled around and fell over..

  10. MATCH: John Heidenreich vs Rory Fox..
    • John Heidenreich came out and made another friend, a teenaged girl (with semi-large breasts)..
    • Rory Fox attacked John Heidenreich from behind, but then got destroyed by Heidenreich..
    • John Heidenreich recited his latest "Disasterpiece" dedicated to Chris Benoit..

  11. MAIN EVENT: John Bradshaw Layfield w/Orlando Jordan vs Chris Benoit..
    • Tony Chimmel announced that Paul Heyman would replace Tazz on commentary for the main event!
    • Paul Heyman came out with The Dudleyz, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Rhyno for protection (I assume)..
    • Chris Benoit came out and proudly butted fists with all of the ECW guys standing at ringside..
    • John Layfield drove out in his limo and ordered Orlando Jordan to run back and bring out the Bashams..
    • Midway through the match, Carlito Cool and Matt Morgan came down to join the anti-ECW crusaders..
    • A few minutes later, Kurt Angle made his way to ringside and stood side-by-side with the crusaders..
    • Chris Benoit got the Crippler Crossface on JBL, and Kurt Angle broke it up and the brawl began!!
    • All the ECW guys jumped in the ring and were joined by the anti-ECW guys for a huge brawl!
    • Suddenly a familiar thumping came over the speakers and a bandaged Tazz came down with Balls & Axl!
    • Tazz gave Danny Basham the Tazzmission and then invited Kurt Angle into the ring, but Angle escaped..

  12. And that's a wrap folks...

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