June 30, 2005
Anaheim, California
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz


  2. IN THE RING: Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari + The Undertaker..
    • Muhammad Hassan cut an anti-Independence Day promo and talked about the 6-WAY for the Smackdown! title later..
    • The Undertaker showed up and Muhammad Hassan says it's true that Undertaker has been everyone -- but NOT HIM..
    • Khosrow Daivari then whacked Taker with a chair, and Hassan bailed out of the ring, while Daivari got a chokeslam!

  3. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Paul London vs Chavo Guerrero..
    • For the second week in a row, Mexicool interrupted the match, driving out on three ride-on lawn mowers..
    • Mexicool charged the ring, and Paul London & Chavo Guerrero went on the defensive until Mexicool took control..
    • Mexicool beat up London & Chavo, and Psicosis stole the microphone from Mark Yeaton and then knocked him out!
    • Juventud got on the mic and asked if there were any Mexicans in the house?? (lots of cheers from crowd)..
    • Juventud intoduced his "amigos", starting with Psicosis, and followed by the Insane Luchadore Super Crazy!
    • Juventud then says people can join them and join the revolution and refers to himself as "The Juice"....

  4. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Eddie Guerrero..
    • Eddie Guerrero says he had a smile on his face last week cause he knew the truth about Rey Mysterio..
    • Eddie Guerrero will get on his knees tonight and beg him not to tell everybody the truth........

  5. BACKSTAGE: Melina Perez & MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro)..
    • Melina Perez talks about all the celebrities who came to Anaheim to watch her first match ever..
    • Melina Perez told MNM to stay in the back and leaves the dressing room only to get showered with flashbulbs..

  6. DIVAS GRUDGE MATCH: Melina Perez vs Michelle McCool..
    • Melina Perez came out and played to the paparatzi and touched up her make-up before the match..
    • Michelle McCool took the fight to Melina (she has really done a great job training for the ring)..
    • Melina Perez looked like she was giving up and offered to shake Michelle's hand, only to sucker punch her!
    • Melina Perez powerbombed Michelle off the second rope and pinned her with her feet on the ropes to win!
    • Editor's Note: Decent match, by Diva-standards... by far the best Woman's match on Smackdown! in years....
    • MNM came down to celebrate with Melina and gave Michelle McCool the snapshot until Heidenreich made the save!

  7. IN THE RING: Eddie Guerrero + Rey Mysterio..
    • Eddie Guerrero says everybody saw him lose to Rey Mysterio again last week and everyone thinks he's a loser..
    • Eddie Guerrero says he's a winner in life, that he's overcome obsticals that people only dream about.....
    • Eddie Guerrero says he took a journey and also took a camera to document his journey which involves Rey's family..
    • Footage is shown of Eddie Guerrero standing in a Kindergarden playground with Rey Mysterio's son Dominic..
    • ~~~Eddie Guerrero offers Dominic some candy asks him if he liked secrets and bed time stories.....
    • ~~~Eddie Guerrero says he has a bed time story that Dominic will never ever forget, and hugs him...
    • Back in the ring, the crowd sits in stunned silence, while Eddie Guerrero threatens to reveal the secret..
    • Rey Mysterio comes out and tells Eddie Guerrero not to "go there"..
    • Eddie Guerrero says maybe it's time for Dominic to know their secret and shoved Rey down and begs for him to hit him..
    • Eddie Guerrero says nobody beats Eddie Guerrero, he always wins no matter what, in the end..
    • Eddie Guerrero tells Rey Mysterio to get on his knees and beg, and Rey gets down on one knee..
    • Eddie Guerrero asks if Rey Mysterio wants some candy, and shoved a half-eaten wad of liquirish in Rey's face..
    • Editor's Note: This better be going somewhere good, cause it would be a shame to hurt such a great feud..

  8. SMACKDOWN TITLE 6-WAY: John Layfield vs Chris Benoit vs Booker T vs Muhammas Hassan vs Undertaker vs ??????...
    • Theodore Long came out and announced the latest draft pick, Christian, would replace Big Show and make it a 6-WAY!
    • The Undertaker was eliminated by Disqualification after smashing a chair over Muhammad Hassan's back!
    • Muhammad Hassan was also apparently removed from the match after escaping by running backstage....
    • Chris Benoit was eliminated by John Bradshaw Layfield by pinfall.....
    • Editor's Note: I find it insulting that they completely ignore the fact that there's a final draft pick yet to be announced..
    • Christian blind-tagged himself in and rolled up Booker T for the pin to eliminate him!
    • It came down to Christian and John Bradshaw Layfield........ JBL hit the clothesline from hell for the VICTORY!!!!
    • Theodore Long came down and told JBL that even though he won the match, he is not the Smackdown! champion..
    • Thedoore Long says JBL has won the right to face the final draft pick, BATISTA, for the World Heavyweight title!!!!
    • Batista came down and raised the World title belt over his head to the shock and horror of JBL......

  9. And that's a wrap folks...

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