July 21, 2005
Baltimore, Maryland
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • The FBI (Nunzio & Vito Lagrasso) defeated Garrison Cade & Trevor Rhodes -dark match-..
    • MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/Melina Perez) defeated Danny Doring & Roadkill..
    • Frankie Kazarian defeated Scotty Too Hotty..
    • The bWo (Stevie Richards & The Blue Meanie & Hollywood Nova) defeated Nick Berk & Joson Static & Scott ???..
    • Christian defeated Sho Funaki..

  2. OPENING MATCH: Rey Mysterio vs Super Crazy w/Juventud & Psicosis..
    • Midway though the match, Rey Mysterio's concentration was thrown off when Eddie Guerrero joined commentary..
    • Eddie Guerrero grabbed one of the Mexicool racks and broke it over Rey Mysterio's back, causing a DQ..
    • WINNER: Rey Mysterio by Disqualification.........

  3. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Eddie Guerrero..
    • Eddie Guerrero tried to leave the building but GM Long booked him in a match later against a "secret" opponent!

  4. INTERVIEW: Greg Mathews & Christian..
    • Christian showed clips of him hitting Booker T with the Unprettier last week..
    • Christian says he is the only man in recent memory to main event RAW and Smackdown! in the same week..
    • Christain says after Great American Bash, Booker T will be nothing but a 2-time 2-time 2-time LOSER!

  5. BACKSTAGE: John Heidenreich & Road Warrior Animal..
    • John Heidenreich read a poem to Road Warrior Animal as he finished up applying his face paint..
    • Road Warrior chuckled and said Heidenreich was a lot more like Hawk than he originally thought!

  6. TAG MATCH: Road Warrior Animal & John Heidenreich vs Nick Berk & Julio Dinero..
    • Animal lifted Nick Berk onto his shoulders and John Heidenreich hit a Doomsday Device off the top!
    • MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/Melina Perez) watched unimpressed backstage on a monitor..

  7. MATCH: Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit (secret opponent)..
    • Eddie Guerrero tried to run away from the match but Chris Benoit called him back to the ring to talk..
    • Chris Benoit tried to talk some sense into Eddie, saying he loves him like a brother....
    • Eddie Guerrero sucker-punched Chris Benoit to start the match agressively..
    • After a brutal match, Eddie Guerrero ended up walking away and getting himself counted out..
    • Rey Mysterio showed up and attacked Eddie Guerrero on the stage and had to be pulled off by agents..

  8. IN THE RING: Candice Michelle + Melina Perez + Torrie Wilson..
    • Candice Michelle gets one more shot at trying to get herself over (what is this like the 12th try?)..
    • Candice Michelle announces that the Great American Bash will be shown on the Armed Forced network for free!
    • Melina Perez showed up and said that Candice Michelle's 15-minutes of fame is UP..
    • Melina Perez says she is famous for being the manager of MNM and for being the most dominant woman in the WWE!
    • Melina Perez says she's going to put up a demontration, and beats the crap out of Candice and stripes her!
    • Torrie Wilson trotted (yeah I said trotted) down to the ring and kicked Melina out of the ring.....

  9. MATCH: Booker T w/Sharmell vs Simon Dean..
    • Simon Dean insulted the fans and said Sharmell went to the buffet line 5-times, 5-times, 5-times!
    • Booker T attacked Simon Dean and quickly beat him and followed up by cutting a promo on Christian..

  10. IN THE RING: Orlando Jordan + John Bradshaw Layfield + Batista..
    • John Layfield threw himself a party to celebrate his victory at Great American Bash (which is this Sunday)..
    • John Layfield came out in a convertable cadilac dressed as "uncle sam" as confetti fell from the ceiling..
    • John Layfield cuts a pro-America promo saying the USA takes over other country because it CAN and SHOULD..
    • John Layfield brought up the Tsunami victims saying USA gave them money, yet people still hate America..
    • John Layfield says most Americans are cowards, letting other people go to war and fight their fights..
    • John Layfield says that for some reason they villify a guy like him (JBL) and cheer for Batista..
    • John Layfield unveils a poster of next months SD! Magazine featuring him holding the World Heavyweight belt!
    • Batista showed up and says JBL isn't a wrestling god, he's a loud-mouth liar, and a bully and a phony!
    • They started to fight, and Batista gave Orlando Jordan a spinebuster as JBL retreated and escaped..

  11. And that's a wrap folks...

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