September 1, 2005
Jacksonville, Florida
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • The Shane Twins (Mike & Todd) defeated Antonio Banks & Buck Quartermain -dark match-..
    • Big Vito w/Nunzio defeated Stevie Richards..
    • Hardcore Holly defeated Steve Madison..
    • Brian "Spanky" Kendrick defeated Paul London..
    • Doug Basham defeated Michael Patrick..
    • Super Crazy (w/Juventud & Psycosis) defeated Nunzio w/Big Vito in a Non-title match..

  2. MATCH: John Heidenreich w/Animal vs Joey Mercury w/Melina Perez & Johnny Nitro..
    • John Heidenreich won, but MNM went on the attack afterwards until Road Warrior Animal made the save!
    • Melina Perez whacked Animal from behind, but she was caught and set up for the Doomsday Device..
    • Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro saved Melina from the devestating move and hit Heidenreich with the Snapshot!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Palmer Cannon & Jillian Hall + Christy Hemme & Stacy Keibler..
    • Palmer Cannon praises MNM and Jillian Hall guarantees that MNM will win the tag team titles next week!
    • Stacy & Christy came in and Palmer Cannon said that the network wanted to make sure women are cast positively..
    • Palmer Cannon booked Christy Hemme & Stacy Keibler in a traditional wrestling match later on..

  4. IN THE RING: "Cowboy" Bob Orton & Randy Orton..
    • Randy Orton said when he was growing up his father told him every legend would fall at his feet..
    • Randy Orton talked about the Undertaker DVD signed by himself and his father up for auction on
    • Randy Orton invited The Undertaker to come to SD! next week and accept his retirement fund money..
    • Randy Orton said that unlike his father, his opponent tonight Rey Mysterio, is not a good father..
    • Randy Orton said Rey Mysterio will fall at the hands of the RKO..

  5. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Chris Benoit..
    • Chris Benoit did another demonstration going to the bathroom in 23.4 seconds..

  6. UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit vs Orlando Jordan..
    • Chris Benoit won by tap out Submission in 23.4 seconds to retain the United States title..

  7. DIVAS MATCH: Stacy Keibler vs Christy Hemme..
    • Before the divas could lock up in this "traditional" wrestling match, Sylvain (Grenier) came out..
    • Sylvain, with a GQ Pretty Boy gimmick with sleeveless trench coat, said the divas don't compare to HIM..
    • Hardcore Holly came out to shut Sylvain up and to say he wanted to watch two hot girls "get it on"..
    • Hardcore Holly knocked Sylvain out of the ring and hugged Christy & Stacy (match was forgotten)..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Palmer Cannon..
    • Theodore Long praised Palmer Cannon for booking a great series of matches for next week's Smackdown!..
    • Palmer Cannon said that next week's World title match will be a Bull Rope match at JBL's request..
    • Theodore Long said he also booked a match for next week, Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio in a Steel Cage!

  9. MATCH: Booker T w/Sharmell vs Mr. Ken Kennedy..
    • Christian, with a broken nose, joined Michael Cole & Tazz on commentary for the match..
    • Sharmell and Christian started yelling at eachother at ringside, distracting Booker T..
    • Ken Kennedy won after the Rolling Firemen's Carry Senton (aka the Green Bay Plunge)..

  10. NON (WORLD) TITLE MATCH: Batista vs Simon Dean..
    • Simon Dean came out and claimed Batista used all of his products on his way to winning the World title..
    • Batista came down and said he didn't remember using the Simon System but would like to try it..
    • Batista took a drink and actually enjoyed it, saying that he feels stronger and more aggressive!
    • Batista proceeded to destroy Simon Dean but quickly got worn out so he drank some more Simon Sytem!

  11. TAG MATCH: William Regal & Paul Burchill vs Scotty Too Hotty & Sho Funaki..
    • Paul Burchill made Scotty Too Hotty tap out to a vicious armbar submission hold..

  12. PROMO: Eddie Guerrero cut a disturbing promo on Rey Mysterio from behind a piece of Cage siding..

  13. MAIN EVENT: Randy Orton w/Bob Orton vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Cowboy Bob Orton grabbed Rey Mysterio's leg just as he was going for the West Coast Pop..
    • The referee yelled at Bob Orton, while Rey Mysterio went for the WCP but got crotched by Randy Orton!
    • Randy Orton then hit an RKO from the second rope on Rey Mysterio to win the match!

  14. And that's a wrap folks...

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