September 23, 2005
Lubbock, Texas (Texas Tech University)
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Paul London defeated ?????? in a dark match..
    • Brian "Spanky" Kendrick defeated Russel Simpson..
    • William Regal & Paul Burchill defeated Scotty Too Hotty & Sho Funaki..
    • The Mexicools (Psycosis & Super Crazy w/Juventud) defeated Nunzio & Big Vito..

  2. MATCH: Booker T w/Sharmell vs "Captain Charisma" Christian..
    • Sharmell was heavily involved, and held Christian's leg at the end to help Booker T win the match..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Eddie Guerrero & Theodore Long & Palmer Cannon..
    • Eddie Guerrero complained about having cramps but said nothing will keep him from teaming with Batista..
    • Theodore Long & Palmer Cannon decided to take Eddie out of the match as he ran to the toilet to puke!

  4. IN THE RING: Jillian Hall + John Bradshaw Layfield..
    • Jillian Hall (now working for JBL) delivered an elaborate introduction for John Bradshaw Layfield..
    • JBL came out nervously riding a horse, with a cowboy hat, jeans and cowboy boots (to appeal to the Texans)..
    • JBL said the very smart and beau.... intelligent... Jillian Hall helped him come to an epiphany!
    • JBL said true American Texans don't hide under masks from immigration and fathers don't lie to their sons..
    • JBL continued to cut a promo building himself as a great Texan and pledged to defend Texas and America!

  5. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: Road Warrior Animal & John Heidenreich squashed Anthony Collett & Jared Steele..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Sylvan & Christy Hemme & Stacy Keibler + Hardcore Holly..
    • Sylvan berated Christy Hemme & Stacy Keibler for their obvious lack of style..
    • Hardcore Holly stepped in and said he'll give Sylvan some fasion advice in the form of a black eye!

  7. MATCH: Sylvan vs Hardcore Holly..
    • They showed photos of Sylvan from when he was a male model before getting into wrestling..
    • Hardcore Holly punched Sylvan in the face and he ran backstage and got himself counted out..
    • Hardcore Holly celebrated with Christy Hemme & Stacy Keibler..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Batista..
    • Theodore Long told Batista that Eddie Guerrero had food poisoning and probably won't make it tonight..
    • Batista said he had heard that too and not to worry because the best doctor in town is on the way..

  9. IN THE RING: Cowboy Bob Orton & Randy Orton..
    • Randy Orton & Bob Orton set up the ring like a funeral along with an open casket with the Undertaker figure inside..
    • Randy Orton said that the thing that sets wrestlers apart is the ability to play mind games..
    • Randy Orton said that The Undertaker may have pinned him last week but he beat him mentally..
    • The camera zoomed in on the wax dummy in the casket, the eyes moved, the fans realized it was the REAL Undertaker..
    • Randy Orton continued to cut a promo on the Undertaker, not knowing that he was standing several feet from him..
    • Randy Orton took a close look at the maniquin until the Undertaker grabbed Orton by the throat!
    • The Undertaker tossed Randy into the casket, which fell over, and Bob Orton pulled his son to safety..

  10. MATCH: Rey Mysterio vs Mr. Ken Kennedy..
    • Mr. Ken Kennedy came out and apologized to Tony Chimmel for treating him badly and gave him a hug..
    • Mr. Ken Kennedy then kicked Tony Chimmel in the gut and told him "Ha ha ha ha you still suck!"..
    • A microphone was lowered from the ceiling (nice touch) and Mr. Kennedy did his own entrance as usual..
    • Mr. Kennedy won after Rey Mysterio was distracted by John Bradshaw Layfield coming out on his horse..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Palmer Cannon..
    • Palmer Cannon asked Theodore Long what they were gonna do to counter RAW Homecoming on October 3..
    • Theodore Long said he had something in mind and

  12. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Sharmell..
    • Sharmell once again asked why Chris Benoit won't give Booker T a shot at the United States title..
    • Sharmell said if they won't give Booker T respect, then he has to TAKE IT!

  13. BACKSTAGE: Eddie Guerrero & "Trainer" Larry Heck & A Nurse..
    • The trainer told Eddie Guerrero that he has no phsyical symptoms of being sick..
    • An unnamed nurse stepped in and examined Eddie's stomach as the trainer left..

  14. MATCH: Simon Dean vs Bobby Lashley..
    • Simon Dean was on top of Bobby Lashley performing a submission when Lashley started doing push-ups..
    • Bobby Lashley, a 4-time All American pinned Simon Dean for the win and got a great crowd reaction..

  15. UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit vs Orlando Jordan..
    • Chris Benoit made Orlando Jordan tap out after 49.8 seconds to retain the United States title..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Eddie Guerrero & Batista..
    • Eddie Guerrero continued to complain about stomach pains when Batista came in to check on him..
    • Batista told Eddie Guerrero that he brought a doctor to look after him and a "gay" doctor showed up..

  17. MAIN EVENT: MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/Melina Perez) vs Batista & Eddie Guerrero..
    • Batista started the match by himself, as Eddie Guerrero limped down the ilse clutching his stomach..
    • Batista did all the work and demolished MNM until Eddie Guerrero tagged himself in and hit a frog splash!
    • Eddie Guerrero scored the pinfall and celebrated with Batista who was visibly annoyed by his partner!

  18. And that's a wrap folks...

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