November 18, 2005
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

  1. IN THE RING: Batista..
    • Batista drove Eddie Guerrero's low-rider into the arena and was wearing an "I'm Your Papi!" t-Shirt..
    • Batista entered the ring and payed tribute to his friend (storyline and real life) Eddie Guerrero..
    • Batista cried openly and said Eddie Guerrero loved his family and fought back from hell to win back his family!
    • Batista said that Eddie Guerrero loved the wrestling business and always found peace inside a wrestling ring..
    • The crowd began to chant "Eddie! Eddie!" causing Batista to break down and cry a little more..
    • Batista said his only comfort is knowing Eddie is at peace with God but still wishes he was still alive..
    • Batista said he'd make sure that nobody forgot Eddie and placed the World title belt on the hood of the low-rider..
    • The low-rider with World belt remained parked in the isle down close to the ring for the duration of the show..

  2. VIDEO TRIBUTE: The same video played from RAW but with a different song, "Here with you" by Three Doors Down..

  3. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: Clips from Eddie Guerrero's DVD "Stealing Death, Cheating Life" were played..

  4. INTERPROMOTIONAL MATCH: Matt Hardy (Smackdown!) defeated Carlito Cool (RAW)..
    • Michael Cole & Tazz talked about Eddie Guerrero wrestling as "Black Tiger" in Japan vs Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit)..
    • Matt Hardy pinned Carlito Cool after hitting a Twist of Fate -- Hardy pointed to the heavens after the match..

  5. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Vince McMahon..
    • Vince McMahon said Eddie Guerrero would be remembered for having a passion for his craft..
    • Vince McMahon said when Eddie was in the ring he was happy and he loved to perform for the fans..
    • Vince McMahon became choked up when he said the one thing he loved more than performing was his family..
    • Vince McMahon said a lot can be said for Eddie Guerrero, but he was a damn good man..

  6. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: Clips from Eddie Guerrero's DVD concerning his Family (wife, and three daughters)..

  7. INTERPROMOTIONAL TAG MATCH: The Legion of Doom (Animal & Heidenriech) vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch..
    • Road Warrior Animal & John Heidenreich stopped and looked at the low-rider and pointed to the heavens..
    • The Legion of Doom won after hitting the Doomsday Device on Lance Cade..

  8. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Booker T & Sharmell..
    • Booker T talked about going way back with Eddie in WCW and also got into a backstage fight one time..
    • Booker T said you could always reach out to Eddie Guerrero when you needed someone to talk to..
    • Booker T said he is a believer in God and knows that he will see Eddie Guerrero again some day..

  9. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: They replayed the special "Lie, Cheat & Steal" video from RAW..

  10. INTIMATE MEMORIES: The Big Show..
    • The Big Show said he was a great dad and was so thankful to God for having his family..
    • The Big Show said his only comfort is knowing that Eddie is with God now and he is safe..
    • The Big Show said there will never be another Eddie Guerrero..

  11. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: More Clips from Eddie Guerrero's DVD all about growing up as a Guerrero..

  12. INTERPROMOTIONAL MATCH: Chavo Guerrero defeated John Bradshaw Layfield w/Jillian Hall..
    • Chavo Guerrero came out all fired up but very emotional -- he was wearing Eddie Guerrero's wrestling tights..
    • Chavo Guerrero slid a chair into the ring to distract the referee, then tossed a 2nd chair to John Layfield..
    • Chavo Guerrero played dead in the ring and the referee caught John Layfield with a chair and yelled at him!
    • Chavo Guerrero hit the three amigos spot (triple suplex) and then hit a frog splash and pinned John Layfield!
    • The crowd erupted in chants of Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! as Chavo Guerrero celebrated and honored his uncle Eddie..

  13. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: More Clips from Eddie Guerrero's DVD featuring his mother's comments..

  14. CLASSIC EDDIE MATCH: Eddie Guerrero defeating Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XX for the WWE title..

  15. INTIMATE MEMORIES: John Bradshaw Layfield talked about being Eddie Guerrero's nemisis for 2 years..
    • John Bradshaw Layfield said everywhere he wrestled Eddie Guerrero they would almost cause a riot..
    • John Bradshaw Layfield said in real life Eddie was one of his best friends and was a better person because of him..
    • John Bradshaw Layfield said Eddie went to bat for him when nobody thought he could main event a Pay Per View..
    • John Bradshaw Layfield said he helped him get through his divorce and was so happy for him when he remarried..
    • John Bradshaw Layfield thanked the Guerrero family for letting him be apart of their lives..

  16. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: Eddie Guerrero defeating Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship!
    • Editor's Note: I thought they should have showed the celebration Eddie had on the next Smackdown! taping..

  17. CRUISERWEIGHT BATTLE ROYAL: Juventud Guerrera (reigning Cruiserweight Champion) won!
    • Participants: Scotty Too Hotty, Gregory Helms, Tajiri, Sho Funaki, Kid Kash,
    • Participants: Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Nunzio, Juventud, Super Crazy & Psicosis..
    • The Smackdown! Cruiserweights ganged up on Tajiri & Gregory Helms to start the match..
    • The final three were Nunzio, Juventud Guerrera & Paul London..
    • Juventud Guerrera eliminated Paul London to win the match!

  18. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: Eddie Guerrero and his Mamacita (Chyna)..

  19. EDDIE'S LAST MATCH: Eddie Guerrero defeating Mr. Ken Kennedy by Disqualification..

  20. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Shane McMahon talked about wrestling families..
    • Shane McMahon said this business was all Eddie Guerrero ever wanted to do..
    • Shane McMahon said Eddie was the consumate professional and loved the fans and loved being there..
    • Shane McMahon said Eddie's legacy won't be in the ring, it will be with his wife and daughters..
    • Shane McMahon said the chants of Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! will live in their hearts forever..

  21. MAIN EVENT: Chris Benoit (Smackdown!) defeated Triple H (RAW)..
    • Chris Benoit was visibly emotional with puffy moist eyes as though he was crying all day (probably was)..
    • Chris Benoit had Triple H in the Crossface, and rolled him over for the pinfall to win the match!
    • Triple H and Chris Benoit shook hands and hugged and cried together as the crowd chanted Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!
    • Triple H left and Dean Malenko jumped in the ring and hugged Chris Benoit and raised his hand in celebration!

  22. And that's a wrap folks...

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