December 2, 2005
Cincinnati, Ohio
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Orlando Jordan defeated TJ Dalton..
    • Mr. Ken Kennedy defeated Kid Kash..

  2. IN THE RING: Randy Orton & "Cowboy" Bob Orton..
    • Highlights were shown of the Smackdown! special where Randy Orton backed the low-rider into the SD! set..
    • ~~~The Undertaker was on the back end of the car, and Randy Orton escaped just before the low-rider exploded!
    • Randy Orton said if anybody thought The Undertaker would rise from the ashes should know it won't happen!
    • Randy Orton said he was the only phenom left in the WWE and that he deserves to wear the World championship..
    • Randy Orton called out World champion Batista and demanded a shot at the World title at Armageddon..

  3. #1 CONTENDERS TAG TEAM BATTLE ROYAL: The Mexicools win!
    • MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/Melina Perez) came out and Melina did the splits on the announce table!
    • Participants: Legion of Doom (Animal/Heidienreich | The Mexicools (Psicosis/Super Crazy) | Nunzio & Big Vito..
    • Participants: Scotty Too Hotty & Sho Funaki | The Dicks (James & Chad) | Paul London & Brian Kendrick..
    • The Mexicools won the match by last eliminating The Dicks to win a shot at MNM at Armageddon..

  4. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & John Bradshaw Layfield..
    • John Bradshaw Layfield said that the RAW vs SD! war WILL have a winner in the end..
    • JBL said he will team with a guy he doesn't like just to defend his show against the RAW Giants..
    • Suddenly behind JBL, the backstage monitor became covered in blood, as JBL watched with curiosity..

  5. MATCH: Chris Benoit vs William Regal (Editor's Note: Yeessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    • Booker T & Sharmell joined Michael Cole & Tazz at the announce table for the match..
    • Both men suffered cuts on their forehead in this brutal match that ended with William Regal tapping out!
    • Chris Benoit jumped out of the ring and dove over the announce table onto Booker T and brawled with him!
    • Chris Benoit put Booker T in the Crippler Crossface on the floor until Sharmell came at him with a chair!
    • Chris Benoit released the submission hold and got up and chased Sharmell away..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton & Cowboy Bob Orton..
    • Randy Orton said after he's done with Matt Hardy he is going straight into Batista's locker room..
    • Randy Orton said if Batista doesn't give him a title shot then he'll spit right in his face!

  7. MATCH: Randy Orton w/Bob Orton vs Matt Hardy..
    • Matt Hardy came close to winning a few times, but Randy Orton scored the pin after an RKO!

  8. IN THE RING: Randy Orton..
    • After the match, the lights went out and the Undertaker's voice came over the loud speaker..
    • The Undertaker verbally taunted Randy Orton, until Orton tried to escape though the crowd..
    • Randy Orton found a exit, but was horrified to find a smoking casket behind the curtain..
    • The Undertaker said Randy Orton tried to kill him, but he's the one who DOES the killing!
    • Randy Orton scurried around the arena going crazy with fear and paranoia as weird things kept happening..
    • Randy Orton kept going back to the ring, after discovering all his exits appeared to be blocked by phenomena..
    • The Undertaker said Randy Orton would go to hell with him, in a Hell in a Cell - at Armageddon!!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Randy Orton..
    • Randy Orton paniced trying to convince Theodore Long a World title match instead of the Hell in a Cell..

  10. INTERVIEW: Kristal Marshall (very nervous) & Simon Dean..
    • Kirtal Marshall (from Diva Search 2005) asked Simon Dean if he was scarred of the Boogeyman..
    • Simon Dean went on a nervous rant saying he wasn't afraid and plugged some of his Simon System products..
    • Simon Dean lifted the lid on a platter and found the Boogeyman's head laughing and eating worms!

  11. MATCH: The Boogeyman (debut) vs Simon Dean..
    • Throughout the night, strange things were happening, like the blood running down the monitor with JBL..
    • ~~~Also the lights flickered during the Battle Royal, and a wall clock was shown spinning out of control..
    • Simon Dean was introduced but he had to be dragged to the ring by a five man team of security!
    • The Boogeyman has a bizarre entrance with crazy music, lots of smoke, and a whole bunch of gimmicks..
    • The Boogeyman reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of worms and began eating them!
    • The Boogeyman hit a face-down Slam on Simon Dean and pinned him to win the match!

  12. MATCH: Bobby Lashley defeated Sylvan -- (Lashley's longest singles match to date)..

  13. MAIN EVENT: The Big Show & Kane (RAW Tag Team Champions) vs John Bradshaw Layfield & Rey Mysterio..
    • Late in the match, referee Jimmy Corderis "accidentally" poked JBL in the eye and he bailed out of the ring..
    • John Layfield stumbled backwards down the isle backstage, leaving Rey Mysterio with the RAW Monsters!
    • The Big Show & Kane spent a few minutes destroying Rey Mysterio but Rey miraculously turned the tables!
    • Rey Mysterio hit a pair of 619's on both Kane & Big Show and went for a spingboard but got caught!
    • Kane & The Big Show gave Rey Mysterio a double chokeslammed him and pinned him for the victory!
    • Kane & The Big Show continued the assault afterwards until Batista ran down to make the save!
    • Batista cleaned house and whacked Kane & Big Show with vicious chairshots to the face/head!!!

  14. And that's a wrap folks...

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