March 10, 2006
Mobile, Alabama
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Matt Hardy defeated Chuck Palumbo in a dark match..
    • Super Crazy defeated Simon Dean..
    • Kid Kash & Jamie Noble defeated Scotty Too Hotty & Sho Funaki..
    • Tatanka defeated Frankie Ciasto..
    • MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/Melina Perez) defeated Brian Kendrick & Paul London..

  2. IN THE RING: Mark Henry & Daivari + Kurt Angle + Randy Orton + Rey Mysterio + Theodore Long..
    • Daivari talked about the "classic" match between Kurt Angle and The Undertaker last week..
    • Daivari said they can't have a classic unless Mark Henry is involved and he deserves to be World Champion!
    • Mark Henry bragged about beating Batista so bad that he had to forfeit his World Heavyweight title..
    • Mark Henry said The Undertaker cost him the title, and Kurt Angle wouldn't be Champ is it wasn't for him..
    • Mark Henry said Kurt Angle can either give up the World title of have it took (nice english Mark)...
    • Kurt Angle came out and said Mark Henry had forgotten that he was a wrestling machine and attacked him!
    • Randy Orton ran down and joined Mark Henry in double-teaming Kurt Angle until Rey Mysterio ran down..
    • Randy Orton & Mark Henry dumped Kurt Angle and destroyed Rey Mysterio until Angle brought a chair in..
    • Theodore Long came out (is this predictable or what?) and booked Henry & Orton vs Mysterio & Angle..

  3. MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFYING MATCH: Bobby Lashley vs Fit Finlay..
    • They brawled out to the parking lot and completely destroyed a car while fighting on and around it..
    • Fit Finlay ended up on top of the car and Bobby Lashley tipped it over but Finlay was rescued by security..
    • No winner was declared but this was a very intense fight and great effort by both wrestlers................
    • Editor's Note: If anybody knows the identity of any of the security guards please let us know via email..

  4. VIGNETTE: The Miz --- is coming to Smackdown!..

  5. IN THE RING: John Bradshaw Layfield..
    • John Bradshaw Layfield said he was blessed by the out-pouring of emotional support from all of his fans..
    • John Bradshaw Layfield talked about the injury he suffered and having to have surgery on his hand last week..
    • JBL went on a verbal tirade about Steve Austin and claimed he was a better wrestler and a bigger draw....
    • JBL vowed to beat Steve Austin at his own game at Saturday Night's Main Event in a beer drinking contest..
    • JBL then promised to punsh Chris Benoit for injuring his hand by taking the United States title from him..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Gregory Helms..
    • Theodore Long said that since Gregory Helms has a broken nose that he didn't have to defend his title..
    • Theodore Long said that Gregory Helms would instead face United States Champion, Chris Benoit.......

  7. MATCH: Paul Burchill defeated William Regal..
    • William Regal came out first and warned the fans that they were about to witness man making a fool of himself..
    • Paul Burchill swung himself out on a rope onto the stage, wearing his pirate gear while William Regal laughed..
    • Paul Burchill pulled out his sword from its sheeth, and the smile quickly disappeared from William Regal's face!
    • Paul Burchill pulled off the upset victory by pinning William Regal after a unique NEW finisher...........

  8. IN THE RING: Booker T & Sharmell + Theodore Long (on screen)..
    • Booker T & Sharmell came out to the ring looking on edge and very parnoid that the Boogeyman might show up..
    • Sharmell complained about having the U.S. title stolen and about Boogeyman costing Booker T a match last week..
    • Sharmell said it was an absolute disgrace that Theodore Long has not done anything to compensate Booker T..
    • Booker T reached into a mail bag and pulled out handfuls of letters sent in complaining about The Boogeyman..
    • Theodore Long came on the big screen and booked Booker T vs The Boogeyman for Saturday Night's Main Event..
    • Booker T took a fit and threw some letters in the air and then realized his bag was full of worms!!
    • The Boogeyman then came out and chased Booker T back to the ring but they escaped through the crowd..

  9. ANNOUNCEMENT: Sherri Martel will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 1 in Chicago..

  10. DIVAS UNCOVERED MATCH: Kristal Marshall defeated Jillian Hall by stripping off her clothes..
    • Jillian Hall looked hotter than I've ever seen her look. Of course Kristal Marshall stripped for the fans anyway!

  11. CHAMPION VS CHAMPION: Chris Benoit (US Champion) defeated Gregory Helms (Cruiserweight Champion)..
    • Gregory Helms tried to walk out of the match but all the Cruiserweights blocked the exit and pushed him back..
    • Chris Benoit put the Crippler Crossface over Gregory Helms' broken nose and Helms immiately tapped out..

  12. PROMO: Road Warrior Animal..
    • Road Warrior Animal cut a heel promo saying that the Road Warriors were great but Hawk wasn't a team player..
    • Road Warrior Animal said he tried to be a team player with John Heidenreich but he was an even bigger screw up!
    • Road Warrior Animal accepted Matt Hardy's challenge to a match next week and said he was The Road Warrior!

  13. MAIN EVENT: Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton & Mark Henry w/Daivari ended in a No Contest..
    • Late in the match, Mark Henry splashed the referee and Daivari brought a table into the ring..
    • Mark Henry put Rey Mysterio onto the table and climbed the ropes but Kurt Angle made the save!
    • Randy Orton came in and RKO'd Kurt Angle and then Mark Henry splashed Kurt Angle through the Table!
    • The Undertaker then came out to inform Mark Henry that they would face off in a Casket match at WrestleMania..

  14. And that's a wrap folks...

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