April 21, 2006
St. Louis, Missouri (Savvis Center)
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz


  2. KOTR ROUND #1: Booker T w/Sharmell defeated Matt Hardy..
    • After a long match, Sharmell distracted the referee and Booker T low-blowed Matt Hardy for the win!

  3. VIDEO PACKAGE: John Bradshaw Layfield, a Great Champion, for a Greater America (clips of beating Eddie Guerrero for the WWE title)..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Paul Burchill & William Regal..
    • Paul Burchill said he and Lady Regal will be partners in a tag team match later tonight..
    • William Regal protested and Burchill offered a compromise of Regal being a teddy bear instead..

  5. MATCH: Paul London w/Brian Kendrick defeated Joey Mercury (w/Melina Perez & Johnny Nitro)..

  6. BACKSTAGE: William Regal tried on his Teddy Bear outfit and complained the whole time..

  7. TAG MATCH: Chris Benoit & Bobby Lashley defeated Orlando Jordan & Fit Finlay..

  8. VIDEO PACKAGE: John Bradshaw Layfield, a Great Champion, for a Greater America (clips of JBL patrolling the border)..

  9. THIS WEEK IN WRESTLING HISTORY: The Rock throws Steve Austin and his belt into the Detroit River..

  10. BACKSTAGE: William Regal tried on a chicken outfit and complained while Burchill laughed..

  11. INTERVIEW: Kristal Marshall & Sho Funaki + The Great Kahli w/Daivari..

  12. SQUASH MATCH: The Great Khali w/Daivari destroyed Sho Funaki..

  13. BACKSTAGE: William Regal tried on a gorilla outfit and complained while Burchill laughed..

  14. TAG MATCH: Gymini (Jake & Jesse w/Simon Dean) defeated Paul Burchill & William Regal..
    • Paul Burchill abandoned William Regal leaving him alone to get pinned by Gymini..

  15. VIDEO PACKAGE: John Bradshaw Layfield, a Great Champion, for a Greater America (clips of winning the U.S. title at WM22)..

  16. OUTSIDE:
    • The Miz said nobody knows about crashing parties and John Bradshaw Layfiel is about to learn that first hand..
    • Palmer Cannon wouldn't allow The Miz to enter the building and said that the Network has cancelled The Miz!

  17. GREAT AMERICAN CELEBRATION: Jillian Hall + John Bradshaw Layfield + Rey Mysterio..
    • Jillian Hall came out with a marching band and there was a blow-up statue of a bald eagle on the stage..
    • John Layfield came out in a white stretch hummer limousine as balloons fell from the ceiling and music played..
    • John Layfield yelled at Jillian Hall for not doing enough to honor him and for screwing up last week too..
    • John Layfield called Jillian Hall stupid and an idiot and then fired her and told her to get lost!
    • John Layfield said that the people can't live the American Dream so they have to live it through him..
    • John Layfield said he is not the average American, saying that he was a "True American Hero"..
    • John Layfield said being the US Champion he has made the it the most prestigeous title in Sports Entertainment..
    • John Layfield said the people do not accept Rey Mysterio as their Champion, except for the 12,000 illegals..
    • John Layfield challenged the winner of Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle next week in London, England..
    • Kurt Angle came out and said he represented USA in the Olympics and won a Gold Medel..
    • Kurt Angle said he is a 6-time World Champion, so compared to him (Angle), JBL sucks..
    • Kurt Angle predicted he would win the World title next week and then kick JBL's ass at Judgment Day..
    • Rey Mysterio then came out and said he's looking forward to next week but the title isn't going anywhere..
    • John Layfield said he took championships off both Rey's buddies (Eddie & Chris) and Rey is next..
    • John Layfield made fun of Rey by speaking spanish, so Rey & Kurt kicked him out of the ring..

  18. And that's a wrap folks...

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