June 16, 2006
Trenton, New Jersey
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL


  2. KICKOFF: John Bradshaw Layfield returned to SD! to join Michael Cole at the announce position..

  3. NON TITLE MATCH: Rey Mysterio (World Champion) defeated Gregory Helms (Cruiserweight Champion)..

    GRUDGE MATCH: King Booker w/Queen Sharmell vs Bobby Lashley ended in a No Contest..
    • Before the match, William Regal & Fit Finlay attacked Bobby Lashley from behind and whacked him on the knee!
    • King Booker & Queen joined in the attack until Matt Hardy & Gunner Scott ran out to make the save...

  4. BACKSTAGE: Booker T told the trainer to get him ready because nobody will stop him from getting at King Booker!

  5. MATCH: Mr. Ken Kennedy defeated Nick Berk...

  6. BACKSTAGE: The Mexicools solified their alligence (which means they're breaking up soon)..

  7. VIGNETTE: Sylvan is now the Ambassador of Quebec and invited everyone to visit the Jewel of North America..

  8. HANDICAP MATCH: The Greak Khali w/Daivari defeated The Mexicools (Super Crazy & Psicosis)..
    • The Great Khali demolished both Mexicools but Psicosis abandoned his partner for the second week in a row..

  9. INTERVIEW: Mike "The Miz" Mizanin tried to interview Ashley Massaro but was a babbling idiot..

  10. TAG MATCH: William Regal & Fit Finlay defeated Matt Hardy & Gunner Scott..
    • Fit Finlay's Leprecaun showed up from under the ring again and whacked Matt Hardy with a shileilei (spelling?)..
    • A few minutes later, Fit Finlay knocked out Gunner Scott with the shileilei and scored the pinfall to win!
    • Fit Finlay set the Leprecaun (Finlay's "Little Bastard") loose once again and he jumped on Gunner Scott..

  11. MORE BS: As if we haven't seen enough already, WWE shoved "See No Evil" down our throats again..

  12. BACKSTAGE: King Booker & Queen Sharmell + Theodore Long..
    • Theodore Long came in and informed King Booker that he still has a match with Bobby Lashley tonight..
    • King Booker argued and protested but Theodore Long ordered him to put his boots back on..

  13. IN RING INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Chavo Guerrero + Mark Henry..
    • Michael Cole once again asked Chavo Guerrero if he's reconsidered his decision to retire from wrestling..
    • Chavo Guerrero talked about the support of Rey Mysterio and discussed the poll on voted by the fans..
    • Chavo Guerrero said that the support of Rey Mysterio means a lot but the support of the fans means the world..
    • Mark Henry showed up with a scowl on his face and talked smack to Chavo Guerrero and cut a promo on Batista..
    • Mark Henry said that Rey Mysterio, just like everyone else, has been ducking him for a long time..
    • Mark Henry then attacked Chavo Guerrero and gave him two power slams and threw him out of the ring..
    • Mark Henry ripped Chavo Guerrero's shirt off and rammed him back-first into the ringpost!

  14. BACKSTAGE: Ashley Massaro & Michelle McCool..
    • Michelle McCool said Ashley Massaro only won the bikini contest because she (McCool) refused to participate..
    • Ashley Massaro then challenged Michelle McCool to a Bikini showdown but Michelle once again refused..

  15. SQUASH MATCH: Big Vito (wearing a dress) defeated Scott Wright..

  16. UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: Bobby Lashley defeated King Booker w/Queen Sharmell..
    • Despite having an injured knee, Bobby Lashley survived 20 minutes of punishment to pull out a victory!

  17. And that's a wrap folks...

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