June 30, 2006
Roanoke, Virginia
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL

    • Velocity has been cancelled and replaced with ECW Tapings..

  2. IN THE RING: Mark Henry + Chavo Guerrero + Rey Mysterio..
    • Mark Henry cut a promo talking about all the mean and nasty things he was going to do to Batista next week...
    • Chavo Guerrero came out and recommended anger management and made fun of him for losing to Rey Mysterio last week..
    • Chavo Guerrero said he knows Mark Henry is only talking trash about the Guerreros to make him come out of retirement..
    • Mark Henry said he spit on the Guerrero name and if Eddie Guerrero was still alive he'd spit on him (Uhg, that is so lame)..
    • Chavo Guerrero hit the ring but Mark Henry kicked his ass and gave him an vicious inverted splash off of the second rope..
    • Mark Henry went for another one, but Rey Mysterio ran down and pushed Chavo away but ended up getting squashed himself!
    • Mark Henry then proceeded to destroy Rey Mysterio and rammed Chavo spine-first into the steel post twice in a row..
    • Mark Henry then gave CHavo Guerrero the torture rack -- which is supposed to be sending a message to Batista..

  3. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Gregory Helms vs Super Crazy ended in a No Contest (Helms retains)..
    • Psicosis interfered and then attacked Super Crazy and they brawled for a while before Psicosis bailed out of the ring..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & King Booker & Sharmell..
    • King Booker protested over being forced to wrestle Bobby Lashley in a Steel Cage for the United States championship..
    • Theodore Long wouldn't hear any of it and ordered King Booker to compete in the Steel Cage match - and that's FINAL!
    • King Booker said he was going to take the United States title and end Lashley's career and it will be all Long's fault!

  5. TAG MATCH: The Pitbulls (Kid Kash & Jamie Noble) defeated Marty Garner & Prince Malik ..

  6. FEATURE: They announced the 8 Finalists for the 2006 Diva Search (originally played on RAW)..

  7. INTERVIEW: Kristal Marshall & Ashley Massaro..
    • Ashley Massaro talked about winning the Diva Search last year and making such great friends like Kristal Marshall..
    • Ashley Massaro told the contestants to have fun and said Kristal finished in the top 10 and still got a job with WWE..
    • Kristal Marshall took offense to this and said "I placed 4th, Bitch!" and stormed off in a huff..

  8. INTERVIEW: Bobby Lashley said he has never been in a Cage Match before but at least Booker won't have any outside help..

  9. MATCH: Fit Finlay defeated Matt Hardy..
    • Finlay's "Little Bardard" was lurking under the ring again and got involved in the match..

  10. MATCH: Mr. Ken Kennedy defeated Gunner Scott..
    • After the match, The Great Khali & Daivari came out and Mr. Kennedy bolted to save his hyde...
    • The Great Khali picked up Gunner Scott and gave him a choke-power-bomb and put him in a body-bag!

  11. IN THE RING: The Great Khali & Daivari..
    • The Great Khali picked up Gunner Scott and gave him a choke-power-bomb and put him in a body-bag!
    • Daivari challenged The Undertaker to show his face at Great American Bash for a Punjabi Prison Match..
    • The Great Khali dropped to one knee and did the trademark Undertaker pose raising his hand to the sky..

  12. MATCH: Big Vito (wearing a dress) defeated Simon Dean..
    • Vito was wearing a thong or something and had his 'bits and pieces" censored every time his dress was lifted..
    • Vito put Simon Dean's head under his dress and applied an Arm-bar to win the match by Submission.......

  13. STEEL CAGE UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: Bobby Lashley defeated King Booker w/Sharmell..
    • Fit Finlay & William Regal interfered in the match, but Lashley still pulled out the victory!

  14. And that's a wrap folks...

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