August 18, 2006
Washington DC
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL

  1. DARK MATCH: Gregory Helms defeated Jimmy Yang in a dark match..

  2. SQUASH MATCH: Batista defeated Sylvan..

  3. VIDEO RECAP: Layla El wins the Finals of the 2006 WWE Diva Search contest in New York City..

  4. FEATURE: Montel Vontavious Porter is shown sitting in a skybox supposedly still in negotiations..

  5. SQUASH MATCH: Sylvester Terkay w/Elijah Burke defeated Scotty Too Hotty..

  6. VIDEO PACKAGE: Featuring the relationship between Rey Mysterio and his friend Eddie Guerrero..

  7. INTERVIEW: Kristal Marshall & Brian Kendrick & Paul London (Address their loss to Idol & K.C.)..
    • Paul London said last week was a non-title match, but it will be different when the titles ar eon the line..
    • Idol Stevens & K.C. James showed up with Michelle McCool and attacked Brian Kendrick & Paul London..

  8. MATCH: Mr. Ken Kennedy defeated Tatanka while pulling on Tatanka's tights for leverage..

  9. VIDEO PACKAGE: Featuring the relationship between Chavo Guerrero and his uncle Eddie Guerrero..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Vicki Guerrero..
    • Vicki Guerrero begged Theodore Long to cancel the match between Chavo Guerrero & Rey Mysterio at Summerslam..
    • Theodore Long explained that the only way for two men to solve their problems is to go at it man-to-man..
    • Vicki Guerrero pleaded some more, but Theodore Long said both men have already agreed to do the match..

  11. LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: The Undertaker defeated The Great Khali w/Daivari..
    • Daivari repeatedly interfered until The Great Khali tossed Undertaker off the elevated stage through some tables..
    • The Undertaker managed to get to his feet before the 10 count, much to the amazement of The Great Khali & Daivari..
    • They ended up back in the ring where Khali continued to destroy Undertaker but could not put him down for a 10..
    • The Undertaker busted Khali open, and hit him with two chairshots, and then a choke-slam to put him down for good!

  12. SQUASH MATCH: Big Vito (wearing a summer dress) defeated Scott Fowler (of Maryland Championship Wrestling)..

  13. UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: Bobby Lashley defeated Fit Finlay w/William Regal by DQ....
    • The Little Bastard showed up to help Fit Finlay, but Bobby Lashley nailed Finlay with a big spear!
    • Bobby Lashley was about to score the pinfall but William Regal jumped in the ring to cause a Disqualification..
    • The Little Bastard slid a chair in the ring, and Fit Finlay accidentally whacked William Regal with it!
    • Bobby Lashley dumped Fit Finlay out of the ring and tossed a chair into the air and nailed Finlay!

  14. IN THE RING: King Booker & Queen Sharmell + Batista..
    • King Booker talked about his match with Batista, who forfeited the World title 8 months ago due to a "little injury"..
    • King Booker called out Batista to give him the opportunity to choose "Option B" instead of facing King Booker......
    • King Booker said "option B" will help Batista save his respect and integrity and save him from the embarassment..
    • King Booker said "option B" was for Batista to bow down right now and kiss the king's royal feet....
    • Queen Sharmell took of King Booker's shoe and sock as Batista pretended to consider taking option B..
    • Batista got down on one knee but then stood up and stomped down on King Booker's foot and tossed him out of the ring!

  15. And that's a wrap folks...

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