January 26, 2007
Mobile, Alabama
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL

  1. NON (WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT) TITLE MATCH: Batista defeated Gregory Helms (Cruiserweight Champion)..

  2. NON (UNITED STATES) TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit defeated Mike "The Miz" Mizanin by Submission..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Deuce & Domino & Cherry -- the "gimmick" is in over-drive (very entertaining)..

  4. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME: Diva-search reject Maryse Oullete welcomed fans back to SmackDown!..

  5. TAG MATCH: Deuce & Domino w/Cherry defeated Adam Evans & Wes Adams..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Montel Vontavious Porter ..
    • Montel Vontavious Porter told Theodore Long that he refused to fight Kane tonight because it was unsafe..
    • Theodore Long said if he didn't face Kane, then he won't be in the Royal Rumble and his dream will be over..

  7. MATCH: King Booker w/Queen Sharmell vs Fit Finlay ended in a No Contest (Fit Finlay might have lost by DQ)..
    • The Little Bastard showed up and chased Queen Sharmell around the ring and tried to drag her under the ring..
    • King Booker came to her rescue and Fit Finlay joined in the fiasco and the referee ruled it a No Contest!

  8. 6-PERSON TAG: Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro & Melina Perez beat Brian Kendrick & Paul London & Ashley Massaro..

  9. IN THE RING: Mr. Ken Kennedy + Batista + The Undertaker..
    • Mr. Kennedy said last week he beat The Undertaker (..again!) and at Royal Rumble he will beat Batista (..again!)..
    • Mr. Kennedy said he has beaten six former World Champions and has already proven that he has the physical ability..
    • Mr. Kennedy said that winning the World Heavyweight title at the Royal Rumble will be his crowning achievement..
    • World Heavyweight Champion Batista came out to the ring and dared Mr. Ken Kennedy to slap him again RIGHT NOW!
    • The Undertaker showed up and tried to kick Mr. Kennedy, who ducked, causing Taker to accidentally kick Batist!
    • Notes: After seeing this I'm convinced that they are building towards Batista vs Undertaker at WrestleMania 23..

  10. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME: Diva-search reject Maryse Oullete welcomed fans back to SmackDown!..

  11. RINGSIDE INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Vladimir Kozlov..
    • Vladimir Kozlov said he was still in negotiations with all three brands (he's not as jolly as he used to be)..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Kristal Marshall + Vickie Guerrero..
    • Kristal Marshall came in and flirted with Theodore Long (they are quietly brewing a storyline here)..
    • Vickie Guerrero came in and wanted to talk to Theodore Long but she said "Oh, I can see you are busy"..

  13. VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed a video featuring Kane's dominance in the 2001 Royal Rumble match..

  14. MATCH: Kane defeated Montel Vontavious Porter by Disqualification..
    • After taking a beating, Montel Vontavious Porter got himself DQ'd and then pulled out a can of gasoline..
    • Kane sat up and chased Montel Vontavious Porter away from the ring before anybody could be set on fire!

  15. OVER THE TOP ROPE CHALLENGE: Won by The Undertaker!
    • Participants: Chris Benoit, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, King Booker, Fit Finlay, Kane & Montel Vontavious Porter..
    • The Little Bastard gave the Sheleilee to Fit Finlay and he whacked Kane and dumped him over the top rope!
    • Mike Mizanin was eliminated by Fit Finlay. The Undertaker showed up unexpectedly and attacked everybody!
    • The Undertaker eliminated Chris Benoit, Fit Finlay, and Montel Vontavious Porter to apparently win the match!
    • Editor's Notes: I don't remember King Booker getting eliminated so I'm not sure how official this was..

  16. And that's a wrap folks...

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