April 6, 2007
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL

  1. DARK MATCH: Jamie Noble & Kofi Kingston defeated La Resistance (Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier)..

  2. IN THE RING: "Mr. Money in the Bank" Mr. Kennedy..
    • Mr. Kennedy said he did exactly what he said he was going to do at WrestleMania 23 against 7 others..
    • Mr. Kennedy said he became Mr. Money in the Bank so the fans must call him "Mr. Money in the Bank"..
    • Mr. Kennedy promised that when he cashes in his contract he will be exchanging it for championship Gold..

  3. MATCH: "Mr. Money in the Bank" Mr. Kennedy defeated Jeff Hardy..
    • After the match: Hornswoggle ran up to Mr. Kennedy and then Fit Finlay attacked Kennedy from behind..
    • Fit Finlay held Mr. Kennedy down and yelled at him to NEVER EVER lay his hands on Hornswoggle again..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Kristal Marshall + Mr. Kennedy..
    • Theodore Long and Kristal Marshall were flirting together and Kristal gave him a present to open later..
    • Mr. Kennedy demanded a match with Hornswoggle, so Theodore Long booked Kennedy vs Hornswoggle & Finlay..
    • Theoore Long opened the gift from Kristal (she had left the room) and said "wow.. this is amazing!"

  5. BACKSTAGE: Ashley Marraro & that music guy + Jillian Hall..
    • Ashley Massaro was talking to that music guy, I think his name is Timberland, about being in his music video..
    • Jillian Hall came in and annoyed Tumberland with her bad "American Idol" routine as was quickly made fun of..

  6. NON (UNITED STATES) TITLE MATCH: Mike Mizanin defeated Chris Benoit with help from Montel Vontavious Porter..

  7. BACKSTAGE: King Booker & Queen Sharmell..
    • They showed a clip of King Booker turning down Money in the Bank to save his wife at WrestleMania 23..
    • King Booker complained about Matt Hardy putting his hands on Sharmell and promised to make him pay!

  8. MATCH: Matt Hardy defeated King Booker w/Queen Sharmell..
    • After the match: Queen Sharmell yelled at King Booker and berated him and said he was a disappointment!

  9. MATCH: Kane vs David Taylor w/William Regal didn't even get started..
    • William Regal & David Taylor attacked Kane at ringside before the match but Kane beat them both up..

  10. BACKSTAGE: King Booker & Queen Sharmell..
    • King Booker confronted his crying wife and apologized and promised that he would get back at Matt Hardy for her..
    • King Booker tried to kiss Queen Sharmell but she pulled back and slapped him right accross his royal face!

  11. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: Brian Kendrick & Paul London w/Ashley Massaro defeated Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero..
    • Before the match: Deuce & Domino w/Cherry drove their convertible out to the arena to watch the match in the ring..

  12. BACKSTAGE: King Booker was pacing backstage yelling at eachother saying somebody is going to pay for this!

  13. IN THE RING: World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker + Batista + King Booker..
    • The Undertaker came to the ring with his new World Heavyweight title but before he could talk Batista arrived..
    • Batista looked the Undertaker in the eye and said "Congratulations............... I WANT MY REMATCH" and left..
    • King Booker ambushed the Undertaker. Undertaker tomb-stoned King Booker on the announce table (didn't break!)
    • Queen Sharmell, EMT's and doctors rushed to help King Booker which looked realistic -- hope Booker is okay..

  14. And that's a wrap folks...

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