June 1, 2007
London, Ontario
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL

  1. TAG MATCH: Chris Benoit & Matt Hardy defeated Montel Vontaviou Porter & Mike "The Miz" Mizanin..
    • Order of Introduction: Montel Vontavious Porter, then Chris Benoit, then The Miz, then Matt Hardy..

  2. DIVAS MATCH: Michelle McCool defeated Jillian Hall after distraction from Ashley Massaro..

  3. MIDGET FREAKS MATCH: Hornswoggle defeated The Little Boogeyman w/The Boogeyman..
    • Little Boogeyman threw worms in Horswoggles face, but Hornswoggle spewed green mist bask in Little Boogey's face!
    • Fit Finlay snuck out from under the ring and attacked Little Boogeyman, while Hornswoggle attacked The Boogeyman..
    • Hornswoggle pinned The Little Boogeyman after a Tadpole Splash (Finlay/Swoggle vs. Boogey/Little Boogey at SNME)..

  4. MATCH: Mark Henry defeated Kane by Countout after ramming Kane backwards into the ring-post..

  5. INTERVIEW: Kristal Marshall & World Heavyweight Champion Edge..
    • Edge said after his Steel Cage match at One Night Stand, Batista will be begging to be drafted off of SmackDown!..

  6. INTERVIEW: Some New Dude + Deuce & Domino & Cherry (These guys are absolutely horrible with their mic skills)..

  7. SLAM OF THE WEEK: Deuce & Domino winning the WWE Tag Team titles from Paul London & Brian Kendrick in London..

  8. TAG TITLE 3-WAY: Deuce & Domino w/Cherry defeated William Regal & Dave Taylor and Brian Kendrick & Paul London..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Thedoore Long & Kristal Marshall & Vickie Guerrero..
    • Theodore Long gave Vickie Guerrero credit for booking Kane vs. Mark Henry in a Lumberjack Match at One Night Stand..
    • Kristal Marshall was upset that she might get drafted away from SmackDown! and get separated from her Theodore Long..
    • Theodore Long said if that happens he hopes he is drafted away too and said he would give up being GM for Kristal..
    • Vickie Guerrero said she would run SmackDown! if Thedore Long left and suggested Long and Kristal take off early..
    • Theodore Long (who is looking like the biggest idiot) agreed and left the show in the hands of Vickie Guerrero..

  10. THE CUTTING EDGE: World Heavyweight Champion Edge + Batista..
    • Edge (who is losing his voice) and Batista started off calmly and Edge said he thinks Batista is intimidated..
    • Batista took off his jacket and Edge freaked out and Batista told Edge to just calm down it's just hot in here..
    • Edge said that Batista was afraid of choking in another World Heavyweight title match and wished him luck..
    • Batista wished Edge luck too and Edge said he didn't need his luck and Batista said "Yeah ya do!" (ZZZZzzzzz)..
    • Edge said "NO I DON'T!" and Batista yelled "YES YOU DO!" while poking Edge's chest turning up the heat..
    • Edge said that he wasn't afraid of Batista. Batista said "You should be!" and knocked Edge on his ass!

  11. And that's a wrap folks...

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