July 13, 2007
New Orleans, Louisiana
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL

  1. DARK MATCH: Sho Funaki & Shannon Shannon Moore defeated Paul Burchill & Dave Taylor..

  2. BACKSTAGE: A paranoid Edge was walking around talking on his cell phone constantly looking over his shoulder..

  3. MATCH: Matt Hardy defeated "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters..
    • Montel Vontavious Porter joined commentary and said the media only shows the negative side of the (his) story..
    • After the match: Chris Masters put Matt Hardy in the Masterlock and then MVP came in and destroyed Matt Hardy..

  4. MATCH: Fit Finlay defeated Jimmy Wang Yang (After the match: Horswoggle popped out and attacked Jimmy Wang Yang)..

  5. TAG MATCH: The Major Brothers (Brian & Brett Major) defeated Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble..

  6. BACKSTAGE: The Great Khali's translator begged Vickie Guerrero to cancel his G.A.B. match with Batista..
    • The backstage crew members started setting up for the contract signing so The Great Khali beat up a stage-hand..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Edge watched the Rey Mysterio vignette on TV and turned his back and Kane's face came up on the monitor..

  8. CONTRACT SIGNING: Theodore Long + The Great Khali w/Translator + Batista..
    • Batista came out and immediately signed the contract and slid the domument accross the table for Khali to sign..
    • Khali's translator said that when Khali issued an open challenge they didn't intend for an animal to accept it..
    • Khali's translator said that The Great Khali was not afraid of Batista and Khali signed the contract and stood up..
    • Batista stood up and slapped The Great Khali accross the face, and then Khali bailed out of the ring to retreat..
    • The Great Khali tossed the ring steps in the ring and Batista threw them back along with a table and two chairs!

  9. SQUASH MATCH: Chuck Palumbo defeated Luke Hawx..

  10. VIGNETTE: Jesse & Festus are coming to SmackDown! (They briefly talked about the WWE Divas)..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Edge was brushing his teeth when Kane appeared behind him in the mirror (mind games)..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Deuce & Domino offered to drive Eugene to the ring if he wrestled Deuce's opponent..

  13. SQUASH MATCH: Mark Henry defeated Eugene (w/Deuce & Domino & Cherry)..

  14. VIGNETTE: Michelle McCool roller-blading on a boardwalk (I'm Michelle McCool and I'm Lovin' LIFE!)..

  15. BACKSTAGE: Teddy Long & Kristal talked about their wedding and Kristal asked Vickie to be her maid of honor..

  16. DIVAS MATCH: Torrie Wilson defeated Victoria by Countout..

  17. RATED-R MARDI GRAS PARTY: Edge + a cast of characters + Kane..
    • Edge came out celebrating Mardi Gras along with a bunch of extras dressed up in various party costumes..
    • Edge said the city of New Orleans was the perfect place for the Rated "R" Superstar and got the party started..
    • Edge stopped the party when he suspected one of the characters was Kane in disguise and speared it to the floor..
    • Kane popped out from under the costume of another character and destroyed Edge and all of his cast of freaks..

  18. And that's a wrap folks...

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