July 20, 2007
Laredo, Texas
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL

  1. IN THE RING: General Manager Theodore Long + World Heavyweight Champion Edge..
    • Theodore Long came out and announced that Edge was injured and would be relinquishing the World title tonight..
    • Edge gave a somber speech about his past accomplishments and coming back from injuries including a broken neck..
    • Edge said he was attacked by a sadistic 7' monster named Kane without provication so he could get an advantage..
    • Edge said his left pectoral muscle was torn off the bone and he needed surgery and would be out for four months..
    • Edge arrogantly showed a tribute video to himself featuring many of his greatest moments in the last few years..
    • When it was over Edge was crying and Theodore Long said it was a lot of drama and asked Edge to give him the title..
    • Theodore Long said there would be a 20-Man Battle Royal and the winner would be the new World Heavyweight Champion..
    • Edge was offended by Theodore Long "moving on" so quickly and demanded they wait 30 days before giving up the title..
    • Edge listed everybody he's beaten and says when he comes back he'll be World Heavyweight Champion for a fourth time..

  2. DIVAS MATCH: Victoria defeated Torrie Wilson..

  3. 20-MAN BATTLE ROYAL: The Great Khali won a Battle Royal to capture the World Heavyweight title..
    • Participants: Batista, Kane, Matt Hardy, Brett Major, Brian Major, Jimmy Wang Yang, Jamie Knoble..
    • Participants: The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Montel Vontavious Porter, Fit Finlay, Chris Masters, Eugene..
    • Participants: Kenny Dykstra, Chavo Guerrero, Dave Taylor, Deuce, Domino, Sho Funaki, Shannon Moore..

  4. INTERVIEW: Kristal Marshall & NEW World Heavyweight Champion, The Great Khali w/Translator..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Vickie Guerrero booked Kane vs. Batista in a #1 Contenders match..

  6. MATCH: Matt Hardy defeated Kenny Dykstra..

  7. VIGNETTE: Jesse & Festus are coming to SmackDown! (Talking about having their picture taken a lot)..

  8. INTERVIEW: Montel Vontavious Porter harassed the interviewer for asking him a question about Matt Hardy..

  9. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Batista vs. Kane ended in a No Contest after The Great Khali interfered..
    • General Manager Theodore Long came out and booked The Great Khali vs. Batista vs. Kane at Great American Bash..

  10. And that's a wrap folks...

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