September 14, 2007
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL

  1. DIVAS MATCH: Michelle McCool w/Chuck Palumbo vs. Victoria w/Kenny Dykstra ended in a No Contest..
    • Kenny Dykstra threw the spit-bucket contents at Michelle McCool and Chuck Palumbo also got involved..
    • During the commercial, General Manager Theodore Long came out and made it a mixed tag team match..

  2. MIXED TAG TEAM MATCH: Chuck Palumbo & Michelle McCool defeated Kenny Dykstra & Victoria..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & The Daltons (Jesse & Festus)..
    • Jesse said Festus was a "party animal" and suddenly they got the bachelor party started..

  4. IN THE RING: "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry..
    • The lights were off and a "large" mysterious druid was standing in the ring - which turned out to be Mark Henry..
    • Mark Henry said Undertaker isn't the only one who can play mind games and showed a video demonstrating his powers..
    • The lights went out and the GONG played on the speaker, followed by another message hyping The Undertaker's return..
    • The Undertaker symbol was lowered to the stage and was struck by lighting and was immediately covered with flames..
    • The Undertaker's voice came over the speakers saying: "Mark Henry.. at Unforgiven... you will REST... IN.... PEACE!"

  5. VIDEO PACKAGE: Introductions of all the participants in the 2007 WWE Diva Search Contest..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Montel Vontavious Porter and Matt Hardy playing chess..
    • Matt Hardy got the advantage on Montel Vontavious Porter, who sneezed and messed up the whole board..
    • Matt Hardy said he talked to Theodore Long and volunteered Montel Vontavious Porter for a match NEXT..

  7. MATCH: Shannon Moore defeated "Pitbull" Jamie Noble..
    • Shannon Moore pretended that he saw Hornswoggle, and Jamie Noble got distracted and Moore pinned him!

  8. BACKSTAGE: Kristal Marshall & Vickie Guerrero (They had a bridal shower with all the WWE Divas)..

  9. NON (U.S.) TITLE MATCH: Domino (w/Deuce & Cherry) defeated Montel Vontavious Porter w/Matt Hardy..
    • Matt Hardy helped Montel Vontavious Porter but MVP was distracted and Domino rolled him up for the 1-2-3..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Kristal Marshall & Other WWE Divas..
    • Kristal Marshall was opening gifts from the other Divas and Torrie Wilson gave her a vibrator..
    • Kristal Marshall signed for a package and Big Dick Johnson jumped out and danced around the room..

  11. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & The Great Khali w/translator (confident that he will retain the World title at Unforgiven)..

  12. BELFAST BRAWL: Fit Finlay defeated Kane..
    • Fit Finlay attacked Kane with the shillelagh before the match as Kane was walking to the ring..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Kristal Marshall..
    • Theodore Long got locked out of his party in his underwear and Kristal confronted him and they began to argue..
    • Theodore Long brought up Big Dick Johnson being at Kristal's party and they combined into one big WILD PARTY!

  14. MAIN EVENT: Batista defeated World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali by Disqualification..
    • The Great Khali applied the Khali vice-grip on Batista and was disqualified for refusing to break the hold..
    • The Great Khali continued to squash Batista's head as they kept showing concerned faces of marks in the crowd..

  15. And that's a wrap folks...

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