November 2, 2007
Long Island, New York
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL

  1. DARK MATCH: The Major Brothers (Brian & Brett Major) defeated Dave Taylor & Drew McIntyre in a dark match..

  2. IN THE RING: World Heavyweight Champion Batista + The Undertaker
    • Batista said at Cyber Sunday he accomplished something he thought he would never do - I beat The Undertaker..
    • Batista said The Undertaker won one, he (Batista) won one, and there was two draws - so that makes them even..
    • Batista said he would have The Undertaker's back tonight and wanted to know if Undertaker had his back too..
    • The lights went out and the Undertaker appeared out of thin air through the major of live-to-tape television..
    • The Undertaker assured Batista that he would have his back because he still has the one thing that he wants..
    • Batista asked if The Undertaker wanted a rematch... silence (silence means yes)... and Batista said "You got it"..
    • The Undertaker stopped Batista as he was about to leave the ring and said "Batista....... HELL IN A CELL!"

  3. BACKSTAGE: General Manager Vickie Guerrero & Jamie Noble..
    • Jamie Noble hilariously thought Vickie Guerrero booked him in a Hell in a Cell match with Batista & Undertaker..
    • Vickie Guerrero gave Jamie Noble a copy of Rey Mysterio's DVD and said that Noble would wrestle Mysterio later..

  4. MATCH: Festus w/Jesse defeated Domino w/Deuce..

  5. SPECIAL VIDEO PACKAGE: Eve Torres winning the WWE Diva Search Competition..

  6. MATCH: Rey Mysterio defeated Jamie Noble with Fit Finlay sitting on a chair at ringside...
    • After the match: Fit Finlay called Rey Mysterio a quitter, weak, soft, fearful, and next week he will be a LOSER..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Montel Vontavious Porter & Matt Hardy..
    • Matt Hardy said that he will be cleared to wrestle by next week so they can defend the WWE tag team titles..
    • Montel Vontavious Porter said he was glad and bragged about retaining the WWE United States title against Kane..
    • Matt Hardy informated his partner, Montel Vontavious Porter, that he was wrestle Kane again - Tonight! - NOW!

  8. NON (UNITED STATES) TITLE MATCH: Kane defeated WWE United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter...
    • Big Daddy V. tried to distract Kane but it only fired up Kane, who pinned MVP after a massive choke-slam!
    • Big Daddy V. w/Matt Striker attacked Kane after the match and gave him a brutal Samoan Drop in the ring..

  9. COMEDY MATCH: Mick Foley defeated Jonathan Coachman with Mr. (Hornswoggle) McMahon as special guest referee..
    • Ring Announcer Justin Roberts announced that Mr. McMahon was the guest referee and The Coach was happy..
    • However, Mr. (Hornswoggle) McMahon popped out from under the ring and called for the bell to start the match..
    • It was basically a Handicap match with Hornswoggle getting just as much offense on The Coach as Mick Foley did..
    • Hornswoggle hit his Tadpole Splash off the top rope on The Coach and Mick Foley covered him for the 1-2-3...

  10. GRUDGE MATCH: Chuck Palumbo w/Michelle McCool defeated Kenny Dykstra w/Victoria..
    • Victoria tried to interfere but Michelle McCool pulled her off the apron and they started to catfight..

  11. MAIN EVENT: The Undertaker & Batista defeated The Great Khali & Mark Henry by DQ after JBL interfered..
    • Late in the match: JBL jumped in the ring and clotheslined Batista and kicked The Undertaker between the legs!
    • Mark Henry put the bearhug on Batista while his partner The Great Khali applied the Khali-vice on The Undertaker..
    • JBL revealed on commentary that he orchestrated the entire thing as Batista & Undertaker were left unconscious..

  12. And that's a wrap folks...

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