November 16, 2007
Wichita, Kansas
Announcers: Michael Cole & JBL

  1. SURVIVOR SERIES PREVIEW: Jeff Hardy defeated Fit Finlay by DQ after Finlay used the shillelagh..

  2. HELL IN A CELL HIGHLIGHTS: The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in 1997..

  3. IN THE RING: The Undertaker..
    • The Undertaker said nobody has been in Hell in a Cell as much as him and nobody has ever been the same afterwards..
    • The Undertaker said "Batista................. you will not survive Hell in a Cell...................... but you will Rest, In, Peace!"

  4. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Beth Phoenix & Victoria defeated Torrie Wilson & Mickie James..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Hardy said good-bye to his brother (Matt) and left the building..

  6. HELL IN A CALL HIGHLIGHTS: The Undertaker vs. Mankind (Mick Foley) in 1998..

  7. THE VIP LOUNGE: Montel Vontavious Porter & Matt Hardy..
    • MVP brought out his partner Matt Hardy and said teaming with him was truly one of the highlights of his career..
    • Matt Hardy showed a video from ECW on Sci-Fi when MVP took advantage of Mr. Kennedy's assault on Jeff Hardy..
    • MVP said he didn't have a choice and he (MVP) chose to stop Mr. Kennedy from cracking Matt Hardy with a chair!
    • Matt Hardy said MVP still owes him a shot at the United States title but MVP has been putting up a smoke-screen..
    • MVP said that they are tag team partner and friends - Matt Hardy said they are not friends and never will be..
    • Montel Vontavious Porter tried his best to weasel out of it saying they already have a Tag Team title match..

  8. WWE TAG TITLE MATCH: John Morrison & Mike Mizanin defeated MVP & Matt Hardy to win the WWE Tag Team titles!!
    • John Morrison & Mike Mizanin worked over Matt Hardy's knee and shocked the world by winning the Tag Team titles!
    • Montel Vontavious Power checked on Matt Hardy and said he was evoking their rematch clause IMMEDIATELY!

  9. WWE TAG TITLE MATCH: John Morrison & Mike Mizanin defeated MVP & Matt Hardy to retain the WWE Tag Team titles!!
    • John Morrison & Mike "The Miz" Mizanin once again worked over Matt Hardy's knee until he was forced to tap out..
    • Montel Vontavious Porter helped Matt Hardy up but then stomped his knee and viciously assaulted Hardy's leg!!
    • Montel Vontavious Porter removed Matt Hardy boot and ripped the protective knee brace right off of his leg..
    • Montel Vontavious Porter wrapped Matt Hardy's leg around the ring post and jammed it between the ring steps!
    • Montel Vontavious Porter put the ring steps into the ring and dropped Matt Hardy knee-first on top of them!

  10. HELL IN A CELL HIGHLIGHT: The Undertaker pushes Rikishi off the Cell onto the flatbed of a truck..

  11. SURVIVOR SERIES PREVIEW: Rey Mysterio defeated RAW's Mr. Kennedy..

  12. OFFICIAL WEIGH-IN: Michael Cole + Hornswoggle McMahon + The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh..
    • Hornswoggle weighed in at 138 lbs and the Great Khali broke the scale as soon as he stepped on it..
    • Michael Cole then encouraged Hornswoggle & The Great Khali to stand next to eachother for a photo opportunity..
    • Hornswoggle was visibly upset and crying in the ring having to stand so close to the enormouse Great Khali...

  13. NON (WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT) TITLE MATCH: Batista defeated "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry..
    • After the match: Batista continued the assault by unloading a series of chairshots on the backside of Mark Henry..
    • The lights went out and the Undertaker's eyes came up on the screen as the GONG sounded over the sound system..

  14. And that's a wrap folks...

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