The Return of Saturday Night's Main Event | March 18, 2006 - Detroit, Michigan

  1. They put on a GREAT opening package followed by the voice of GOOD OL' JIM ROSS welcoming viewers!

  2. DARK MATCH: The Big Show defeated Carlito Cool..

  3. HANDICAP MATCH: Triple H & John Cena defeated Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton..
    • Jim Ross will be joined by Jerry Lawler for RAW matches, and Tazz for Smackdown! matches......
    • John Cena hit Randy Orton with an F-U but Triple H broke up the pin and nailed Cena with a Pedigree!
    • Triple H then placed Randy Orton on top of John Cena for a 2-count before Rey Mysterio broke it up!
    • Triple H came back and Pedigreed Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle clotheslined Triple H over the top rope!
    • Randy Orton then gave Kurt Angle an RKO -- but John Cena rolled up Randy Orton for the 1-2-3 pinfall!!
    • Triple H "looked on in disbelief" as John Cena raised the WWE championship over his head!
    • Editor's Note: As usual, Smackdown! came off as second rate compared to RAW...

  4. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & Booker T & Sharmell..
    • Booker T claimed he had just popped his kneecap while training for his match with the Boogeyman..
    • Theodore Long consulted a doctor and then decided to cancel the Booker T vs Boogeyman match tonight..
    • Booker T & Sharmell started to laugh to themselves as they limped away from the locker room......

  5. THE CUTTING EDGE: Edge w/Lita + Mick Foley..
    • They brought out various hardcore weapons and spread them around the ring to "make Mick Foley comfortable"..
    • Edge talked about his perfect score at WrestleMania and then quickly introduced his guest -- Mick Foley!
    • Mick Foley came out out with a big bag in his hand and Edge light a wooden table on fire in the ring!
    • The fire marshall jumped in and extinguished the fire and Mick Foley dumped hundreds of thumbtacks out!
    • Lita whacked Mick Foley with a chair from behind and Edge bulldogged Foley face-first into the tacks!
    • Mick Foley got up with thumb-tacks sticking out of his face and chased after both Edge and Lita..
    • Mick Foley laid out Edge and gave him a stiff one-man conchairto on the unforgiven metel stage!!!!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Sharmell + The Boogeyman..
    • Booker T & Sharmell came out of the shower and bragged about tricking Theodore Long into cancelling..
    • The lights went blood red and Boogeyman's music hit and The Boogeyman came down from the ceiling!
    • Booker T & Sharmell both ran out of the room screaming exposing that his knee was not injured!

  7. BEER DRINKING CONTEST: John Bradshaw Layfield vs Stone Cold Steve Austin..
    • John Bradshaw Layfield said it was time for the moment that NBC Executives & fans have been waiting for!
    • JBL cut a promo against the city of Detroit, the mayor, the morons who live there, and the Auto-makers..
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin finally interrupted and drove his black pick-up truck out and laid on the horn!
    • Stone Cold said it was good to be on NBC SNME and good to be in Detroit and that is was very thirsty..
    • Stone Cold asked John Layfield why he challenged him to a beer drinking contest (the fans chanted WHAT?)
    • John Layfield said since Stone Cold doesn't considering him a good wrestler he'd beat him at his own game..
    • Stone Cold ran down a list of all the beer he drank today --- which was to encourage the "What?" chants..
    • Stone Cold said he was ready to get started, but John Layfield stopped him and said HE made the rules...
    • John Layfield said he went accross the border to get some really good beer cause you can't get it HERE..
    • John Layfield said whoever drinks the most beers in one minute standing back-to-back will win the contest..
    • The clock started ticking down and John Layfield was dumping his beer out and Stone Cold caught him!
    • John Layfield threw a beer in Stone Cold's face and bailed out, but Chris Benoit pushed him back in!
    • Stone Cold then drowned John Bradshaw Layfield with beer and then gave him a Stone Cold Stunner!!

  8. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Trish Stratus & Mickie James defeated Victoria & Candice Michelle...
    • Trish Stratus & Mickie James won the match and Mickie said good-bye and kissed Trish on the cheek!
    • Trish Stratus took offense so Mickie James snapped and attacked Trish and gave her the Stratusfaction!
    • Mickie James freaked out on and said "You broke my heart and NOW I'm going to break YOU!"..

  9. IN THE RING: Mark Henry & Daivari + The Undertaker..
    • Mark Henry started talking about how he would shove The Undertaker into the coffin ---- GONG!!!!!!!
    • The Druids rolled down an over-sized "Yokozuna" coffin down followed by The Undertaker walking behind..
    • The Druids = Eddie Venom & Gutter & Original Sinn & Helvis Elliot (all independent wrestlers).....
    • The Undertaker brawled with Mark Henry and chokeslammed & tombstoned Daivari on top of the Casket!

  10. NO RULES STREET FIGHT: Shawn Michaels vs Shane McMahon w/Vince McMahon..
    • Shawn Michaels quickly attacked Shane McMahon and then found a plethora of weapons under the ring..
    • Vince McMahon set up two tables and Shane McMahon slide a ladder into the ring and went after Michaels..
    • Shawn Michaels super-plexed Shane McMahon off a ladder from the ring through two tables on the floor!
    • Both men recovered and Shawn Michaels climbed the ladder but Vince whacked him with a kendo stick!
    • Shane McMahon hit Shawn Michaels in the back twice with the ladder and then rammed him in the face!
    • Shane McMahon connected with a vicious chairshot to the face of Shawn Michaels (who got his hands up)
    • Vince McMahon held the trash can in front of Michaels so that Shane McMahon could go "Coast to Coast"
    • Shawn Michaels moved out of the way and Shane kicked the garbage can into Vince McMahon's face!
    • Shawn Michaels made his comeback with a flying elbow from the top rope and superkick to Shane's head!
    • The referee counted 1-2..... before Vince McMahon pulled him by the leg out of the ring and yelled..
    • Shawn Michaels tossed Vince McMahon into the ring and confronted him but Shane low-blowed Michaels!
    • Shane McMahon then locked Shawn Michaels in the Sharp-shooter and Vince ordered the bell to be rung..
    • Vince McMahon also ordered Lilian Garcia to announce Shane McMahon as the winner (wow, Screwjob)..
    • Editor's Note: There's no doubt in my mind now that Bret Hart will factor into the finish at WM22..

  11. And that's a wrap folks...

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