The Return of Saturday Night's Main Event | July 15, 2006 - Dallas, Texas

  1. DARK MATCH: Paul London defeated Rene Dupree...

  2. IN THE RING: Hulk Hogan & Brooke Hogan + Randy Orton..
    • Hulk Hogan came out with his daughter Brooke Hogan (who was wearing a short black dress) and milked the reaction..
    • Hulk Hogan handed the microphone over to Brooke and she said she always dreamt about standing in a WWE right with dad..
    • Brooke Hogan said she just hopes her career is as successful as her fathers career (don't hold your breath, lassie)..
    • Hulk Hogan then talked about being on the first Saturday Night's Main Event and Hulkamania is still running wild..
    • Randy Orton, as promised, came out and called Hulk Hogan the biggest legend the wrestling industry has ever seen..
    • Randy Orton presented a rose to Brook Hogan, on behalf of all the Hulkamaniacs, which is includes himself as one..
    • Randy Orton said that since Hulk Hogan is a legend, and he's the legend killer, he respectfully challenged him..
    • Hulk Hogan said since it was a respectful challenge then he respectfully accepts and they then shook hands..
    • Hulk Hogan posed for the fans with his daughter while Randy Orton backed off but looked back to wink at Brooke..

  3. SIX MAN TAG: Rey Mysterio & Batista & Bobby Lashley defeated King Booker & & Fit Finlay & Mark Henry..
    • Midway through the match, the Little Bastard showed up and wailed away on Rey Mysterio with the sheleilei..
    • Notes: reported that Mark Henry suffered a fractured patella and possible patella tendon rupture..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon + The Spirit Squad + Degeneration-X..
    • Vince McMahon gave The Spirit Squad a pep-talk and said once they eliminate a member of DX they will put in a cell..
    • DX snuck in on a split screen and made fun of Vince & The Squad by dubbing over their voices with their own jokes..

  5. HIGHLIGHTS: Footage was shown of the opening rounds of the Mechanical Bull Riding Contest - Finals later!

  6. MIXED TAG MATCH: Carlito Cool & Trish Stratus defeated Johnny Nitro & Melina Perez..
    • Jim Ross managed to get in a Merideth Veiera reference to kiss up to NBC executives who were watching..
    • The match was kept short and Trish & Carlito scored the victory over Nitro & Melina ....................

  7. TAPED EARLIER: Dallas-legend Kevin von Erich was introduced and he came out to the stage to wave to the fans..

  8. HANDICAP ELIMINATION MATCH: DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated The Spirit Squad (all five members)..
    • The Spirit Squad = Kenny Doane & Johnny Jeter & Nicky Nemeth & Mikey Mondo & Nick (Mitch)ell..
    • When a wrestler is eliminated, they will be forced into a Cell (a small cage) at ringside..
    • Mitch was the first to be eliminated after Shawn Michaels knocked him out with an HBK-superkick!
    • Kenny tried to walk out but Shawn Michaels chased him up to the stage where Vince hit him with a chair!
    • Shawn Michaels & Triple H quickly eliminated Johnny, Nicky & Mikey leaving Kenny all by himself..
    • Shawn Michaels superkicked Kenny and Triple H pedigreed him to win the match with a "shut out"..
    • Vince McMahon unlocked all of the Spirit Squad members from the Cage and ordered them to GET DX!
    • Shawn Michaels superkicked Vince McMahon and he fell backwards into the Cell with the Spirit Squad!
    • Shawn Michaels & Triple H stood on top of the cell and did DX crotch chops for Vince McMahon..

  9. IN THE RING: The Great Khali & Daivari + The Big Show & Paul Heyman + The Undertaker..
    • Daivari called The Great Khali the one true "Phenom" of the WWE -- which brought out ECW Champion The Big Show!
    • Paul Heyman accompanied The Big Show to the ring, and Big Show commented "Whooo, man you're a BIG BOY!".. .. .. ..
    • The Big Show said he's the only man walking the planet to hold the WCW, WWE and now the ECW World title..
    • The Big Show said he was there to put Khali "over" and praised him for what he has done to The Undertaker..
    • The Undertaker showed up and went right after The Great Khali and clotheslined him over the top rope..
    • The Big Show put his hands up and started to leave the ring but then attacked The Undertaker from behind..
    • The Undertaker got both Big Show & Khali by the throats, but they reversed it into a Double Choke-slam!

  10. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & The Big SHow & Paul Heyman..
    • The Big Show said that The Great Khali was dominant but proclaimed that Khali is NOT the "Extreme" Giant..
    • The Big Show challenged The Undertaker to show up at ECW on Sci-Fi and challenge him for the ECW World title..

  11. ECW RULES MATCH: Sabu defeated Stevie Richards..
    • Joey Styles & Tazz took over the announce booth for this match..
    • Sabu screwed up and broke the Table so improvised with a poor looking chair smash off the top through the Table..

  12. PARKING LOT: Randy Orton & Brooke Hogan + Hulk Hogan..
    • Randy Orton was shown talking to Brooke Hogan in the parking lot with Hulk no-where in sight..
    • They showed Brooke Hogan's new video, Hulk Hogan showed up and said "I'll see you at SummerSlam!"..
    • Randy Orton said "yes sir!" and backed off while Hulk Hogan opened the car door for his daughter...
    • Randy Orton came back and gave Hulk Hogan a brutal RKO bouncing off the trunk of the vehicle..
    • Brooke Hogan got out and said "Oh my god, what happened?" --- she doesn't watch WWE, I guess..

  13. DIVA BULL RIDING CONTEST FINALS: Michelle McCool defeated Victoria..
    • This was a horrible segment - THANK GOD they only showed clips of all the other divas riding the bull..
    • Smackdown!'s Michelle McCool got 12 seconds and RAW's Victoria got 6 seconds and took a psycho hissy fit..

  14. WWE TITLE MATCH: John Cena defeated WWE Champion Edge w/Lita by Disqualification..
    • John Cena had Edge in the STF-U but Lita pulled the referee out of the ring and punched him in the face!
    • The referee slide back in the ring and called for the bell and John Cena and fans thought he won the title!
    • John Cena was announced the winner via Disqualification, meaning Edge was leaving Dallas with his WWE title..
    • Edge then speared the disgruntled John Cena and bailed out, but Cena jumped out of the ring onto Edge..
    • John Cena smashed Edge with a TV monitor and gave Edge an FU off the ring steps through the announce Table!

  15. BONUS DARK MATCH: The Undertaker defeated The Great Khali & Umaga in a Handicap match..
  16. And that's a wrap folks...

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