NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
June 19, 2002 - Huntsville, Alabama - Von Braun Center

    • Cheex (Mike Staples) beat Frank Parker -Cheex is an African American doing a Rikishi gimmick-
    • Gran Apolo def David Young..
    • The ring broke during this match causing a major panic minutes before the PPV!!

  2. KICKOFF: Don West + Ed Ferrara + Mike Tenay..
    • They introduce the three announcers for the evening, Don West, Ed Ferrara & Mike Tenay!
    • Mike Tenay discusses how the NWA-TNA will "respect history" and "make history" tonight..
    • Mike Tenay explains the rules for the "Gaunlet For The Gold" match for the World title..
    • ~~~Two competitors will start the match and more will follow every 2 minutes..
    • ~~~In order for an opponent to be eliminated, they must be thrown over the top rope..

  3. LEGENDS CEREMONY: Jeremy Borash + Legends + Ricky Steamboat + Jeff Jarrett + Ken Shamrock + Scott Hall..
    • Jeremy Borash introduces Harley Race, Dory Funk Jr, Jackie Fargo, Bob Armstrong, Corsica Joe & Sara Lee..
    • Jeremy Borash also introduces NWA Executive Bill Behrens, then Ricky Steamboat
    • Ricky Steamboat cuts a promo putting over the PPV, and especially the NWA World Heavyweight title..
    • Ricky Steamboat says that he'll be the referee for the final match of the Gauntlet Match..
    • Jeff Jarrett then comes out and says deciding the World title in a battle royal is a JOKE..
    • Jackie Fargo disagrees with Jeff Jarrett and says he will compete in the Battle Royal tonight!!
    • Jackie Fargo tell Jeff Jarrett that he'll enter #1 into the Gauntlet for the Gold!
    • Jeff Jarrett says tonight that he will walk out the new NWA Heavyweight Champion anyway..
    • Ken Shamrock comes out and he agrees with Jeff Jarrett that the title will be a joke..
    • Scott Hall appears from the crowd and gets on the mic -- HEY YO!
    • Scott Hall agrees with Jeff Jarret and Ken Shamrock, but it's gonna happen anyway..
    • Scott Hall says that it will go down tonight and they should stop crying about it..
    • Jeff Jarrett tells Scott Hall, Ken Shamrock & Jackie Fargo that they will regret saying anything about him..

  4. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Pupet + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Pupet (The orginal Hardcore midget killer) cuts the best promo of the night, so far..
    • Jeff Jarrett is seen in the background taking a fit over Jackie Fargo!

  5. 6MAN X TAG: AJ Styles/Jerry Lynn/Low Ki vs Jorge Estrada/Sonny Siaki/Jimmy Yang..
    • Sonny Siaki/Jorge Estrada/Jimmy Yang are known as "the Flying Elvises" wearing Elvis jumpsuits..
    • The NWA Legends are shown backstage watching on a monitor looking disgusted by the "gimmick"..
    • The Elvis' start with offering to shake hands, but instead they attack their opponents from behind!
    • Late in the match, Jerry Lynn comes in and hits a cradde piledriver on Jorge Estrada..
    • AJ Styles holds Jimmy Yang but Yang moves out of the way and Low-Ki nails Styles!
    • Jimmy Yang nails the Yang-Time on AJ Styles and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win..
    • WINNERS: Jorge Estrada, Sonny Siaki, & Jimmy Yang (the Flying Elvis')..

  6. MIDGETS MATCH: Teo vs Hollywood.
    • Late in the match, Hollywood climbs the top rope and hits a Frog Splash!
    • Moments later, Teo climbs the top rope and hits a twisting swantom bomb on Hollywood!
    • Teo pins Hollywood for the win..
    • WINNER: Teo..

  7. IN THE RING: Ed Ferrara/Don West + Francine & Elecktra.
    • Ed Ferrara gets on the mic and says they're gonna give the fans a sneak peak of the Ligerie Battle Roal..
    • Ed Ferrara introduces the 10 contestants for the Miss TNA Battle Royal next week..
    • Francine, Miss Joanie, Shannon (Daffney), Alexis Laree, Sasha, Erin, Elecktra, Taylor Vaughn, Theresa..
    • Francine takes the mic and says that none of the women in the ring compare to her..
    • Francine says that everybody knows that she is the "Queen of Extreme"..
    • Elecktra says the word "extreme" is not in this company and she should realize that..
    • Elecktra claims Francine "single handedly" made ECW go bankrupt and Francine attacks her!
    • Francine rips Elektra's top off after a brief catfight with the other ladies standing around..
    • Francine leaves the ring and says that will happen again next week in the Battle Royal..

  8. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Mortimer Plumtree..
    • Mortimer Plumtree introduces his new tag team, The Johnsons, and says they do what he tells them to..

  9. TAG MATCH: The Johnsons (Richard & Rod) w/Mortimer Plumtree vs Psicosis & James Storm..
    • The Johnsons are florida-based tag team, the Shane Twins..
    • Midway through the match, Alicia, formerly of WWF (Ryan Shamrock) & WCW (Symphony), comes down ringside..
    • Referee Skick Johnson seems distracted by Alicia and keeps looking over at her..
    • Mortimer Plumtree distracts James Storm in the ring, and one of the Johnsons hits a Samoan Neckbreaker for the PIN!
    • After the match, referee Slick Johnson gave Alicia some money..
    • WINNERS: The Johnsons..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & The Dupps + Fluff Dupp..
    • The Dupps introduce Goldylocks to their girlfriend, Fluff Dupp, as the open some beers..
    • Bill Behrens shows up and tells them not to drink, so they're not intoxicated in the ring..

  11. IN THE RING: Sterling Marlin & Hermie Sadler + K-Krush + Brian Christopher..
    • NASCAR superstars Sterling Marlin & Hermie Sadler get introduced and come down to the ring..
    • Jeremy Borash discusses NASCAR with them -- this is basically alternative advertising..
    • K-Krush comes out and shoots down Sterling Marlin and "racecar drivers"..
    • K-Krush said this is pro wrestling and not some place to talk about race cars..
    • K-Krush says racing cars is not a sport and has no business in a wrestling ring!
    • Hermie Sadler shoots on K-Krush saying he doesn't look like no athlete to him..
    • K-Krush gets in Hermie Sadler's face but Brian Christopher comes out and takes out K-Krush!
    • Brian Christopher throws K-Krush over the top rope and says K-Krush can't pick on Marlin & Sadler..
    • Brian Christopher says why doesn't K-Krush come down here and pick on him instead..
    • Brian Christopher challenges K-Krush to a match next week and K-Krush accepts..
    • Brian Christopher leaves with Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler at his side..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett & Jackie Fargo..
    • Jeff Jarrett is found backstage choking out Jackie Fargo..

  13. TAG MATCH: Christian York & Joey Matthews vs. The Dupps (Bo & Stan) w/Fluff Dupp..
    • Fluff Dupp interferes pushing Christian York off the top rope allowing Bo to pin York..
    • WINNERS: The Dupps..

  14. FEATURE: Toby Keith + Jeff Jarrett.
    • Toby Keith sings "The Angry American" to the live NWA-TNA to the crowd..
    • Halfway through, Jeff Jarrett comes out and nails Toby Keith from behind..
    • Jeff Jarrett gets on the mic and he tells Toby Keith that no one wants to hear his damn song..
    • Jeff Jarrett says it's time to get the main event going..
    • Jeff Jarrett asks Keith, "how do you like me now?"..

  15. MAIN EVENT: Gauntlet for the Gold.
    • Jeff Jarrett & Buff Bagwell start the match and they fight for two minutes..
    • Buff Bagwell throws Jeff Jarrett over the top rope but Jarrett stays on the ring apron..
    • Jeff Jarrett rolls back in, and throws buff Bagwell to the outside eliminating him!
    • Lash LaRoux comes out and Jeff Jarrett throws him out through the second rope..
    • Jeff Jarrett brings Lash LaRoux back in, hits The Stroke, and throws him over the top rope!
    • Norman Smiley is the next to enter and goes right after Jeff Jarrett..
    • Norman Smiley does the "wiggle" but Jeff Jarrett takes him down with a clothesline..
    • Jeff Jarrett hits a low blow, then hits The Stroke and throws Norman Smiley over the top rope!!
    • Gran Apollo enters the ring and Jeff Jarrett takes him down with numerous elbows..
    • Gran Apollo takes down Jeff Jarrett with a big diving powerbomb followed by a big clothesline!
    • Gran Apollo throws Jeff Jarrett over the top rope but Jarrett holds on and rolls back in..
    • The time expires and K-Krush comes out and goes after Apollo just as he was about to eliminate Jarrett!
    • Jeff Jarrett lays down in the corner watching on taking a rest..
    • Jeff Jarrett gets up and goes after Apollo and hits some big punches on the top rope..
    • Apollo hits a double clothesline on Jeff Jarrett and K-Krush!
    • Time expires and Slash comes out with his manager, Minister Jim Mitchell..
    • Slash irish whips Apollo into the ropes but Apollo counters with a big swinging DDT..
    • Gran Apollo picks up Slash over his head but Jeff Jarrett breaks it up, saving Slash..
    • Time expires and former body builder Del Rios comes out..
    • Time expires and Justice comes out and goes after everybody..
    • Jeff Jarrett and Slash throw Apollo over the top rope but Apollo hangs on..
    • Time expires and Konnan comes out and hits rolling clothelines on four wrestlers!
    • Time expires and Joel Gertner (50lbs lighter) comes out and introduces Bruce of the Rainbow Express..
    • Ed Ferrara explains that Lodi is injured and Bruce has replaced him in the Rainbow Express..
    • Time expires and Rick Steiner comes out and throws Slash AND Del Rios over the top rope!
    • Time expires and Malice (aka The Wall from WCW) comes out..
    • Malice chokeslams Del Rios followed by Bruce, Konnan and K-Krush..
    • Malice picks up Bruce and throws him over the top rope, then throws Del Rios out, then throws Konnan out!
    • Malice then clotheslines Rick Steiner to the outside to eliminate HIM!
    • Time expires and Scott Hall comes out with "KLIQ" written on the back of his tights..
    • Apollo hits a big superkick on Malice, knocking him down to his knees..
    • Scott Hall picks Jeff Jarrett in the gut and he connects with the Outsider's Edge!
    • Time expires and country singer Toby Keith comes out and goes after Jeff Jarrett!
    • Toby Keith hits Jeff Jarrett with a big hanging suplex and then tosses him out of the ring!!
    • Toby Keith leaves the ring as Scott Hall, Gran Apollo and Malice remain..
    • Scott Hall and Gran Apollo shake hands and double-team Malice..
    • Time expires and Chris Harris comes out..
    • Time doesn't expire and Vampire Warrior comes out without explaination..
    • Time expires and "Dangerous" Devon Storm comes out..
    • Scott Hall does the smart thing and stands in the corner watching the action..
    • Time expires and "The King of Oldschool" Steve Corino comes out..
    • Malice gets flipped over the top rope, but Jim Mitchell pushes him back in through the bottom rope..
    • Time expires and former UFC Superchamp Ken Shamrock comes out to a big pop..
    • Time expires and Brian Christopher comes out and is the last entrant..
    • Brian Christopher eliminated Chris Harris, and then tosses Vampire Warrior & Devon Storm out!
    • Brian Christopher clotheslines Steve Corino to the outside eliminating him..
    • Malice takes down Brian Christopher with a big chokeslam..
    • Ken Shamrock picks up Brian Christopher and throws him over the top rope!
    • Malice, Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall & Gran Apollo are left..
    • Malice backdrops Apollo over the top rope to eliminate him!
    • Malice then backdrops Scott Hall over the top rope to eliminate him too!
    • Ken Shamrock and Malice remain and Ricky Steamboat come in with a referees shirt..

  16. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Ken Shamrock vs Malice w/Minister Jim Mitchell..
    • Ken Shamrock gets an armbar submission on Malice, who reaches the ropes with help from Jim Mitchell..
    • Ken Shamrock later gets the anklelock submission on Malice, who again crawls to the ropes..
    • Ken Shamrock pulls Malice back into the center of the ring and wrenches his ankle!!
    • Malice slowly but surely makes his way back to the ropes but Shamrock refuses to break the hold..
    • Ken Shamrock nearly gets himself disqualified by Ricky Steamboat but breaks the hold..
    • Malice attempts a chokeslam, but Ken Shamrock reverses it into a overhead belly to belly suplex!!
    • Ken Shamrock goes for the pin and Ricky Steamboat counts the 1, 2 and 3 for the win!
    • NWA Executive Bill Behrens enters the ring and shakes Ken Shamrock's hand..
    • Winner and NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ken Shamrock!!!

  17. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett + Jackie Fargo + Scott Hall.
    • Jeff Jarrett is shown backstage being pulled away from Jackie Fargo and Toby Keith..

  18. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + The Legends + Jackie Fargo + Scott Hall..
    • Jeff Jarrett comes down to whine and complain about the title being decided in a battle royal..
    • Jeff Jarrett asks Dory Funk & Harley Race if they ever won a World title in a Battle Royal?
    • Jeff Jarrett then attacked "Bullet" Bob Armstrong and Dory Funk, who were standing at ringside..
    • Jackie Fargo and Toby Keith come out and Jackie Fargo sets up Jeff Jarrett vs Scott Hall next week!
    • Scott Hall comes out and attacks Jeff Jarrett as the Pay Per View goes off the air..

  19. END OF SHOW....
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