NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
June 26, 2002 - Huntsville, Alabama - Von Braun Center
Announcers: Mike Tenay, Don West. and Ed Ferrera..
Show Taped 6/19 - This Is The Live Unedited Report.

  1. OPENING MATCH: Jeff Jarrett vs Scott Hall w/Jackie Fargo & Toby Kieth..
    • Scott Hall hits a fallaway slam and clotheslines Jeff Jarrett over the top rope!
    • Jeff Jarrett slips back into the ring when he comes face-to-face with Jackie Fargo & Toby Keith!
    • Scott Hall lifts Jeff Jarrett up for the Outsider's Edge, but K-Krush runs down and pulls him down!
    • Jackie Fargo punches away at K-Krush, until Brian Christopher runs and and brawls with K-Krush!
    • Jeff Jarrett sets up for the Stroke, but Toby Keith enters and low-blows Jarrett!
    • Scott Hall & Toby Keith give Jarrett a DOUBLE Stroke, and Scott Hall gets the pinfall!

  2. MATCH: Cheex (aka Mike Staples) w/Brown-Eyed Girl vs Frank Parker..
    • Mike Tenay stated that Cheex (about 500lbs) was trained by the Andersons..
    • Mike Tenay also said that Frank Parker was a veteran of the Carolina indy scene trained by Jimmy Valiant..
    • Cheex rammed his butt right into Frank Parker's face in the corner (like Rikishi's stinkface)..
    • Alicia then made her way to ringside and talked with ring announcer Jeremy Borash..
    • In the ring, Cheex hit a big splash and picked up the victory in a horrible match!
    • Jeremy Borash paid Alicia some money, just like referee Slick Johnson did last week..

  3. MATCH: K-Krush vs Brian Christopher w/Sterling Marlin & Hermie Sadler..
    • Mike Tenay said that K-Krush was being trained by Manny Fernandez..
    • Late in the match, K-Krush started to leave the ring, but Marlin & Sadler crotched him!
    • Brian Christopher then went to the top rope and hit the Hip Hop Drop for the win!

  4. BATTLE ROYAL: Miss TNA Ligerie Battle Royal.
    • The winner will be the last woman left with her her clothes still on..
    • Mike Tenay announced that the winner of this match would get an NWA-TNA contract..
    • They did a horrible job introducting the ladies (who came out in their PJs), I think this is right:
    • Sasha, Francine, Miss Joni, Shannon, Alexis Laree, Erin, Tyler, Elektra, Taylor Vaughn..
    • Tyler (wearing a revealing bathing suit) was eliminated by Electra frist..
    • Sasha was then eliminated next by Shannon (formerly known as Daffney in WCW)..
    • Erin was was eliminated next, not sure how..
    • Suddenly, Elektra, Shannon & Miss Joni teamed up to strip (and eliminate) Francine!
    • Miss Joanie was the next woman to be eliminated when Shannon ripped her PJs off..
    • Francine was upset that she lost, so she began to whip Ed Ferrera with his own belt!
    • Shannon was eliminated, and then Alexis Laree, leaving Elektra & Taylor Vaughn..
    • The two remaining women were Taylor Vaughn and Electra.
    • Taylor Vaughn ripped Elektra's PJs off to officially WIN the battle royal!!
    • Francine then got back in the ring, and started to whip her with Ed Ferrera's belt!
    • The referee got Taylor Vaughn out of harms way, and helped her to the back..

  5. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Gran Apollo + Bobcat & David Young..
    • Gran Apollo said that he lives in Orlando, Florida now..
    • Bobcat entered the scene and said Goldylocks should be interviewing a real star, her man David Young!
    • Bobcat said that Goldylocks was jealous of her!

  6. MATCH: David Young w/Bobcat vs Nuevo Gran Apollo..
    • Mike Tenay said that David Young has been wrestling for about 13 years, starting at age 16..
    • Bobcat strut around at ringside teasing Jeremy Borash and the fans in the front row..
    • David Young hits a spinbuster on Gran Appollo but was distracted by his own valet, Bobcat!
    • David Young later tried for a moonsault off of the top rope - but Apollo moved out of the way..
    • Gran Apollo finished off David Young with a superkick and the TKO for the win..

  7. IN THE RING: Joel Gertner & The Rainbow Express..
    • Joel Gertner introduced the Rainbow Express, Lenny and Bruce..
    • Joel Gertner say just because they are gay, doesn't mean they don't live better lives than the fans..
    • Joel Gertner said he doesn't care what they do in the hotel room as long as they concentrated in the ring..
    • Bruce was taking the place of Lodi because of an injury, but Lodi will join then when he's healthy..
    • Their scheduled opponents were The Dupps, but they didn't come out when their music played..
    • Backstage, the Dupps say they are not wrestling against "alternative lifestyle" boys..
    • Bill Behrens went up to Chris Harris and James Storm and asked them to wrestle in place of the Dupps..
    • Chris Harris & James Storm agreed as they went to the ring in street clothes for the match!

  8. TAG MATCH: The Rainbow Express vs Chris Harris & James Storm..
    • Lenny hit a tornado-DDT on James Storm, but didn't get a 3-count..
    • James Storm and Chris Harris eventually picked up the victory after Lenny bumped into Bruce!

  9. IN THE RING: Ricky Steamboat & Ken Shamrock + Jim Mitchell.
    • Ricky Steamboat introduced the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ken Shamrock!!
    • Ken Shamrock says that he will defend the NWA World title with honor and thanks all who supported him..
    • Jim Mitchell then came out to the stage and told everyone that he was on a mission from "His God"..
    • Jim Mitchell wants his organization (The Disciples of the New Church) to control the NWA title..
    • Jim Mitchell says that Ken Shamrock is "supposed" to be the "World's Most Dangerous Man"..
    • Jim Mitchell challenges Ken Shamrock to a title match next week against one of his men..
    • Jim Mitchell introduced Slash, as Ken Shamrock asked if it was a joke?!
    • Ken Shamrock asks why doesn't Slash get in the ring and try to obtain the title..
    • Jim Mitchell said he had somebody else in mind, as Malice attacked Ken Shamrock from behind!
    • Malice the proceeded to chokeslam Ken Shamrock straight to hell!
    • Malice then choked Ken Shamrock as security and referees made their way toward the ring..
    • Jim Mitchell told Malice to get off of Ken Shamrock, telling Malice to save some for next week..

  10. X TITLE DOUBLE ELIMINATION MATCH: AJ Styles vs Psicosis vs Low-Ki vs Jerry Lynn.
    • Two wrestlers begin, when one is pinned, another wrestling replaces him..
    • A wrestler must be pinned twice to be eliminated from the match..
    • AJ Styles hit his "Styles Clash" very early in the match, and got the first fall on Psicosis (1)..
    • AJ Styles hit a facebuster to give Low Ki his first pinfall (1)..
    • Jerry Lynn hit a cradle piledriver and pins AJ Styles (1)..
    • Psicosis hit a plancha dive to the floor on Jerry Lynn..
    • Jerry Lynn then hit another cradle piledriver on Psicosis and pins him (2), eliminating Psicosis!
    • Jerry Lynn went for a cradle piledriver, but Low Ki countered into an armbar submission!
    • Jerry Lynn reversed a "Ki Krusher" it into a DDT, then pinned Low-Ki (2) to eliminate him!!
    • AJ Styles then hits the Styles Clash and pins Jerry Lynn (1) for his first pinfall!
    • Ricky Steamboat gets into the ring to referee the final fall..
    • Jerry Lynn went to the top and hit an unbelieveable superplex!
    • AJ Styles hit an AMAZING twisting splash on Jerry Lynn!
    • AJ Styles pins Jerry Lynn to become the first NWA-TNA X Division champion!!
    • Fireworks went off and confetti fell as Ricky Steamboat awarded the belt to Styles.

  11. END OF SHOW....
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