NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
July 3, 2002 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay, Don West. and Ed Ferrera..

  1. MATCH: Jim Miller (NWA President) & Mike Tenay..
    • Jim Miller presented Mike Tenay with a trophy.
    • The trophy officially welcomes TNA into the NWA family.
    • Miller said that he couldn't make it to the first two shows because he was in Japan.
    • Miller says that the winner of the Ken Shamrock/Malice NWA-TNA title match...
    • ...will face Omori on next week's show!

  2. NWA TAG TEAM TITLE Tournament: Chris Harris & James Storm vs The Johnsons w/Mortimer.
    • Harris pinned one of the Johnsons to get the win..
    • After the match, Mortimer Plumtree started to yell at his team for losing the match.
    • The Johnson's set Plumtree up in the chokeslam position!
    • But, they released him and instead just pushed him to the mat and left the ring area.
    • Plumtree started to chase after them yelling "We can be Friends!"

  3. IN THE RING: Scott Hall & Jeff Jarrett.
    • Scott Hall got only a few words in, when Jeff Jarrett came up onto the TNA stage.
    • Jarrett started to "diss" Hall, but Hall told Jarrett to "bring it."
    • Jarrett started to walk to the ring, but NWA President Jim Miller stopped him.
    • He told Jarrett that he can't just run the company and do whatever he wants to do.
    • Miller told Jarrett to wait for the main event..
    • A tag team match with them Jarrett and Hall included.
    • Jarrett apparently agreed with the President and left.
    • But then K-Krush came through the crowd and started to attack Hall.
    • Hall easily fought back, as he went for the Outsider's Edge but it was countered.
    • Hall hit a slam and a clothesline to get rid of K-Krush from the ring.
    • Main event pits Brian Christopher & Scott Hall against Jeff Jarrett and K-Krush.

  4. BACKSTAGE: Chris Harris & James Storm.
    • Chris Harris and James Storm down on the ground and bleeding.

  5. MATCH: Monty Brown vs Anthony Ingram.
    • Before the match, Monty made it clear that he wants Shamrock's title..
    • Monty Brown wins following an AlphaBomb (powerbomb) on Ingram!

  6. INTERVIEW: Goldilocks.
    • Goldilocks is looking for NWA President Jim Miller..
    • She says she has already searched the whole building twice.
    • Puppet the Psycho Dwarf then appeared demanding that management get him some competition.

  7. NWA TAG TEAM TITLE Tournament: The Rainbow Express w/Gertner vs Apolo & Buff Bagwell..
    • Before the match, Goldilocks interviewed Buff & Apolo..
    • Buff stated that Apolo was the second best wrestler in the company, right behind Buff.
    • Apolo seemed annoyed that Bagwell didn't let Apolo speak very much.
    • Lenny and Bruce were already in the ring when Apolo and Bagwell came to the ring..
    • Late in the match, Bagwell hit his finisher, the Blockbuster, on Bruce.
    • But he stopped to pose once again after he hit it instead of going for the pin and win.
    • Lenny took advantage and nailed Buff with a superkick and pinned him for the 1-2-3!

  8. IN THE RING: Buff Bagwell & Ed Ferrara.
    • Apolo left, but Bagwell stayed in the ring.
    • Ed Ferrara went to go talk to him.
    • He then said that he did not want to be called "Buff" right now.
    • He talked about his history in wrestling..
    • Bagwell said that he wants to be called by his real name, Marcus.
    • He said he was done, and he is going home.
    • He left the ring as the fans sang "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye".

  9. IN THE RING: Ken Shamrock..
    • Ken Shamrock came to the ring.
    • He said he was confused as to why Monty Brown wants a title shot after only one match..
    • He said that Monty Brown may have a very short career in the NWA-TNA...
    • The fans chanted "what" after whatever Shamrock said. ..
    • He talked about his upcoming matches, and said that he would get rid of Monty..
    • The lights went out as Jim Mitchell appears and tells Shamrock he should fear Malice..
    • The lights turn back on..
    • We see Shamrock lying motionless on the mat with Malice standing over him.

  10. BACKSTAGE: Bill Behrens & Jerry Lynn.
    • Bill Behrens is on the phone..
    • Jerry Lynn tries to tell him that he can find a partner and take Storm & Harris' place..
    • Behrens gets mad as he starts complaining about Shamrock, Storm and Harris...
    • ...all getting laid out and that NWA president Jim Miller cannot be found!

  11. IN THE RING: Puppet.
    • Puppet comes out and demands someone to come out. ..
    • Another midget Todd Stone comes out and the match starts.

  12. MATCH: Puppet vs Todd Stone.
    • Puppet hits Stone with a kendo stick as he came into the ring.
    • He then hit Stone with a trashcan followed by a clothesline and another trashcan shot.
    • Puppet then slammed Stone onto the trashcan.
    • He placed the trashcan on the head of Stone and then wacking it with the kendo stick.
    • Puppet then hit a stunner on the trash can to pick up the 1-2-3 and the win.
    • Puppet hits the referee, Jeremy Borash, Don West, and Stone again with the kendo stick.
    • He then chased the referee to the back.

  13. UPDATE: Goldilocks + EMTs + Shamrock.
    • Goldilocks updates us on the condition of Ken Shamrock..
    • The EMT's say that they are not sure if Shamrock can defend his belt tonight..
    • Shamrock kept trying to get up and leave while the EMT's attended to him.

  14. MATCH: Taylor Vaughn (Miss TNA) vs Francine.
    • Francine took a leather strap out of her boot and started to whip and choke Taylor with it.
    • Referee Scott Armstrong grabbed it and took it away..
    • But Taylor grabbed it from the ref and proceeded to whip and chope Francine with it..
    • The ref tried to stop her, but Taylor hit him too..
    • The referee then disqualified Taylor Vaughn, giving the DQ victory to Francine.
    • Ed Ferrara got into the ring to help Francine, telling her she is the winner.
    • Francine then put Ferrara's hand on her breast...
    • She then slapped him for touching it!
    • She then whipped him with the leather strap.
    • Ferrara is confused.

  15. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler..
    • Sadler said he was glad to be a part of the debut of the NWA-TNA.
    • He talked about the NASCAR fans in Nashville.
    • But the interview was interrupted by K-Krush.
    • Krush had some NWA-TNA security behind him.
    • Sadler took down Krush, as the two were separated.
    • Krush said that he was in the main event tonight, but he would take Sadler next week!
    • Next week we'll see K-Krush vs. NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler!

  16. NWA WORLD TITLE: Ken Shamrock vs Malice.
    • Shamrock came out..
    • Announcers said he could not have fully recovered from Malice's attack earlier.
    • Malice started to attack the neck immediately.
    • Late in the match, Mitchell handed Malice a chain, while he distracted the referee.
    • Malice hit Shamrock with it and then applied the Dragon Sleeper.
    • Malice then rolled back into the ring to break the referee's 10-count.
    • He then went back out to get Shamrock and take him back into the ring.
    • Malice started to stomp on Shamrock, but then out of nowhere Shamrock grabbed the ankle!
    • Shamrock put the anklelock on Malice!
    • Malice got to the ropes pretty fast though.
    • Malice then connected with back-to-back back suplexes.
    • Shamrock countered a suplex by connecting with a snap suplex of his own!
    • Shamrock ducked some of Malice's kicks.
    • He then hit a belly to belly suplex, and got the 1-2-3 in a match dominated by Malice!

  17. X TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles vs David Young..
    • Bobcat came to ringside and talked on a cellphone..
    • After a long classic X-Style match..
    • Young went up top to try a hurricanrana, but AJ hit his finisher, the Styles Clash!
    • Styles pins Young for the win..

  18. BACKSTAGE: Goldilocks & Joel Gertner & The Rainbow Express.
    • Joel started to flirt with Goldilocks during the interview.
    • He said that the Rainbow Express would have to be declared the champions...
    • ...since their opponents, Harris and Storm cannot wrestle..
    • Joel kissed Goldy, as Lenny & Bruce said it was gross.

  19. IN THE RING: Jeremy Borash.
    • Jeremy Borash said there has to be a match and he introduced the Express' opponents:
    • AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn!

  20. NWA TAG TEAM TITLE Tournament FINAL: The Rainbow Express w/Gertner vs Styles & Lynn..
    • After a long hard fought match..
    • Styles hit a spiral tap from the top rope onto Lenny Lane to pick up a SURPRISING victory!
    • They celebrated as fireworks went off!
    • AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn are your new NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

  21. BACKSTAGE: NWA President.
    • We see NWA president, Jim Miller, was tied with rope backstage..
    • Miller has the letters "F U" written on his stomach.

  22. MAIN EVENT: Scott Hall & Brian Christopher vs Jeff Jarrett & K-Krush..
    • Hall and Jarrett started to brawl in one of the TNA girl dance cages.
    • K-Krush and Brian Christopher managed to get back into the ring.
    • Christopher then hit a backdrop followed by a superkick.
    • Meanwhile, Hall was beating up Jarrett on the announcers table..
    • Christopher missed the top rope legdrop, and Krush tossed him to the floor.
    • Hall got in and Krush tried to avoid a hiptoss, but was given a chokeslam.
    • K-Krush then rolled out, as Jarrett and Hall started to go one-on-one.
    • We finally get things organized here as Hall is in the ring with Jeff Jarrett.
    • Hall nails a clothesline on Jarrett, followed by some dancing.
    • He missed a charge into the corner because he danced.
    • Scott Hall was then tagged back in.
    • Hall went to whip Jarrett, but it was countered as Hall nailed Christopher by accident.
    • Jarrett then tagged in K-Krush, who went up top and nailed a dropkick.
    • He followed that up with a forearm.
    • He got the match's first pin attempt, a two-count.
    • Jarrett then was tagged in and he hit a neckbreaker on Scott Hall.
    • He went for the pin, but got a near fall.
    • Krush was tagged in now, as he hit a leg lariat on Hall.
    • He got another two-count.
    • Jarrett was now tagged in, as he hit a bodypress from the top rope.
    • Hall rolled through though, but got a two-count.
    • Jarrett hit a clothesline on Hall, but got yet another near fall.
    • Jarrett then grabbed Hall, and put him in a sleeper.
    • Hall countered into a sleeper of his own, though!
    • But, Jarrett countered that by hitting a jawbreaker and a back to back suplex.
    • K-Krush was then tagged in, as he locked in a chinlock on Hall.
    • Hall then used his size and strength to stand up, even with Krush on his back.
    • He then fell backwards creating a sandwich with him and the ring being the bread.
    • Jarrett then came in, but Hall clotheslined both of them.
    • Hall went to go tag Christopher after a long wait, but Christopher turned on Hall!
    • Brian punches Hall right in the face!
    • Jarrett then went after Hall, but he got an atomic drop for his effors.
    • Jarrett then hit the referee.
    • Hall then got up, and used his power to knock all three men out!
    • Hall hit his finisher, the Razor's Edge, on K-Krush but Jarrett came back and clipped Hall.
    • Hall tried to get his finished on Jarrett..
    • But Christopher came in the ring and kicked Hall in the stomach.
    • Jarrett then hit "the stoke" on Hall as Christopher hit his Hip Hop Drop!
    • Jarrett & Krush win as Jarrett made the easy pin.

  23. IN THE RING: Jarrett, Krush & Christopher..
    • Jeff Jarrett, K-Krush and Brian Christopher all celebrated in the ring.
    • Jarrett grabbed a microphone and said Hall "wasn't worth a shit".
    • Jarrett said he beat him in '95, '97 and ran him out of the former WCW.
    • He then said that the "boys up north" ran him out of the WWF.
    • Jarrett said he would run Hall out of the NWA-TNA.
    • Jarrett then took Tenay's NWA trophy and smacked Hall over the head with hit.
    • Jarrett said Hall was "run out of the nWo," and he would run Hall out of the NWA.
    • As EMT's attended to Hall, Jarrett attacked him twice.
    • Show ends as we see Jarrett attacking Hall once again..

  24. END OF SHOW....
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