NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
July 10, 2002 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay, Don West. and Ed Ferrera..

  1. TAG TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn defeated Tempest & Slash w/James Mitchell..
    • Tempest is Devon Storm, aka Crowbar from WCW & WWA..
    • They teased dissension between AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn..

  2. IN THE RING: Brian Christoher..
    • Brian Christpher basically cuts a promo on his own father, Jerry Lawler..
    • Brian Christpher is trying to get himself out of the shadow of his dad..
    • Brian Christpher then says that from now on he wants to be known as Brian Lawler!

  3. MATCH: Brian Lawler defeated Norman Smiley..

  4. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jeff Jarrett & Bill Behrens..
    • Jeff Jarrett is getting ready for his title shot, but Bill Behrens says that he's not getting it tonight!
    • Goldylocks hears James Mitchell's voice from inside a locker room, apparently yelling at his Disciples..

  5. MATCH: Hermie Sadler defeated K-Krush..
    • K-Krush pinned Hermie Sadler using the ropes for leverage..
    • The decision was reversed because K-Krush wouldn't stop beating him after the match..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Takeo Omori & Alicia..
    • Takeo Omori is warming up for his NWA World title shot..
    • Alicia approaches him and he gives her a wad of cash..

  7. TAG MATCH: The Hotshots (Cassidy O'Reilly & Chase Stevens) vs Mark & Jay Briscoe went to a NO CONTEST..
    • Malice ran in and destroyed all four wrestlers..

  8. PROMO: The Disciples of the New Church..
    • James Mitchell cuts a promo challenging Ken Shamrock to face Malice..
    • Malice was going to power-bomb the timekeeper when Ken Shamrock ran out and made the save..
    • Malice was about to choke slam Ken Shamrock when Takeo Omori saved Shamrock!

  9. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & The Dupps..
    • Bo Dupp is smooching away at his cousin/girlfriend Fluff Dupp..
    • Stan Dupp talks about what they're gonna do to the Flying Elvis' tonight..
    • The Dupps trade off Fluff and Stan Dupp says some more hick stuff..

  10. SENSELESS T&A: Jasmine St. Claire + Jeremy Boash + Bill Behrens + Ed Ferrara..
    • Jasmin St Clair comes out to the ring and does a strip tease for Jeremy Borash..
    • Bill Behrens came out and tried to cover Jasmine up..
    • Ed Ferrara got up from his seat and speared Bill Behrens to prevent him from censoring Jasmine!
    • Editor's Note: Jasmine St Clair's acting skills rival those of Rena Mero (aka Sable)..

  11. TAG MATCH: The Flying Elvis' (Sonny Siaki & Jorge Estrada) beat The Dupps w/Fluff Dupp..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Jerry Lynn & AJ Styles..
    • Jerry Lynn piledrove AJ Styles on a case, and called him a "Glory Hog"!

  13. NWA WORLD TITLE: Ken Shamrock vs Takao Omori went to a NO CONTEST..
    • Harley Race was at ringside as an NWA representative..
    • Ken Shamrock had Takeo Omori in the anklelock when Jeff Jarrett interfered..
    • Jeff Jarrett nailed both guys with chairshots..
    • Jeff Jarrett also hit Harley Race with a brutal chairshot to the head!
    • Jeff Jarrett also nailed a bunch of security guys with chairshots!!

  14. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jerry Lynn..
    • Jerry Lynn makes an oral sex reference when Goldylocks tries to ask him why he assulted AJ Styles..

  15. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & The Disiples of the New Church..
    • James Mitchell cuts one of his usual promos and calls himself a "God" and they leave..
    • Goldylocks hears cries of help and investigates and finds NWA Vice President Bill Behrens stripped and tied up!

  16. MAIN EVENT: Low Ki vs Elix Skipper vs Kid Romeo vs Chris Daniels vs Tony Mamaluke vs Jerry Lynn..
    • This match will determine the rankings in the X-Division..
    • Jerry Lynn was eliminated by count out..
    • Tony Mamaluke was eliminated by Elix Skipper..
    • Elix Skipper was eliminated by Chris Daniels..
    • Kid Romeo was eliminated by Low Ki..
    • Low Ki pinned Chris Daniels for the win..
    • The Flying Elvis' (Siaki & Estrada) attacked Low Ki & Chris Daniels and also pounded on Elix Skipper..
    • The rest of the X-division wrestlers ran out and chased off the Flying Elvis'..

  17. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + Tennessee Titans + The New Church..
    • Jeff Jarrett came out complaining and ripped on the Tennessee Titans in the front row..
    • One of the Titans jumped the rail and attacked Jeff Jarrett!!
    • A few teammates joined in until The Disciples of the New Church came out and pulled JJ off..
    • Malice then attacked Jeff Jarrett as the show went off the air..

  18. END OF SHOW....
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