NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
July 17, 2002 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay, Don West. and Ed Ferrera..

    • The Lost Boys (from NWA Wildside) defeated Mark & Jay Briscoe..
    • The Dupps defeated Mike Rapada & Big Bully Douglas..
      • Douglas walks out on Rapada..

  2. EARLIER TODAY: Goldy Locks.
    • Goldylocks attempts to interview Ken Shamrock but he tells her to "Back off Bitch!"

  3. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett & Scott Hall..
    • Jeff Jarrett & Scott Hall are shown brawling in the back throwing eachother around..
    • Sucurity eventually gets involved and brakes it up..
    • Bill Behrens kicks Jeff Jarrett out of the building making him forfeit his match..
    • Scheduled match was Jeff Jarrett vs Malice in a #1 Contenders ladder match..

  4. IN THE RING: Father James Mitchell & The Disciples of the New Church..
    • James Mitchell gets on the mic and extends an offer to anyone in the back to face Malice..
    • Suddenly the lights go out in the building and Sabu appeared when they came back on!

  5. #1 CONTENDER LADDER MATCH: Malice vs Sabu..
    • Tempest (Deven Storm), who was at ringside, continually interferes on Malice's behalf..
    • Sabu hit Malice with his triple jump Plancha to the outside..
    • The ladder is brought into the ring and used as a weapon by both participants..
    • Sabu tried to climb the ladder, but Malice powerbombed him off of it!
    • Malice grabs Sabu and gives him a big overhead belly to belly suplex onto the ladder..
    • Malice sets up the ladder, climbs up it, but Sabu dropkicked the ladder from the top rope!
    • Sabu sets up the ladder and climbs up again but Malice pulls him down..
    • Malice sets up the ladder, climbs again, but Sabu pushes it over and Malice falls to the outside through the table!
    • Sabu climbs up the ladder and grabs the contract making him the #1 contender!
    • After the match, the Disciples Of The New Church attacked Sabu..
    • They set up another table on the outside and Malice chokeslammed Sabu off the apron through the table!

  6. PARKING LOT: Jeff Jarrett.
    • Jeff Jarrett is still trying to get back into the building but held back by NWA TNA officials..

  7. IN THE RING: AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn..
    • AJ Styles gets into the ring and tells Jerry Lynn to come out and apologize to him..
    • Jerry Lynn cuts him off and tells him to shut the hell up and that he doesn't owe him sh*t..
    • Jerry Lynn asks AJ Styles how many years he has been wrestling - AJ Styles says 3 1/2 years..
    • Jerry Lynn asks AJ Styles how long he (Lynn) has been wrestling - AJ Styles says 14..
    • Jerry Lynn says that when AJ Styles was a baby, he (Lynn) was in the ring busting his ass..
    • Jerry Lynn says AJ Styles never had to sleep in a car because he couldn't afford a hotel room..
    • Jerry Lynn says AJ Styles never had to live off peanut butter sandwiches..
    • Jerry Lynn says he let AJ Styles be his tag team partner because he gave him an opportunity..
    • Jerry Lynn says he will be damned if he sits back and lets some punk take the spotlight..
    • Jerry Lynn asks AJ Styles if he understands him and AJ Styles says he does..
    • Jerry Lynn tells AJ Styles that he WILL respect him..
    • Jerry Lynn goes to leave but AJ Styles gives him a big enzuguri kick to the back of the head!
    • AJ Styles picks up Jerry Lynn and gives him the Styles Clash!

  8. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jasmine St Claire + Francine..
    • Goldylocks is in the back getting ready to interview Jasmine St. Claire..
    • Francine enters the scene and attacks her!
    • Francine throws Jasmine into the shower, turns on the water and tells her to cool off..

  9. IN THE RING: K-Krush.
    • K-Krush comes out and says he's got something to get off his chest right now..
    • K-Krush tells all the people to look at him because he looks like a star..
    • K-Krush says he moves like a star in the ring and sounds like a star when he talks..
    • K-Krush then asks why he isn't treated as the biggest star in the business..
    • K-Krush asks why the NWA TNA put him in the ring with a damn NASCAR driver..
    • K-Krush then asks why the WWE decided to let him go..
    • K-Krush says he knows why the WWE decided to get rid of him..
    • K-Krush says the WWE knew he was going to become a big star & be the hottest item they had..
    • K-Krush tells the people to be afraid of him..
    • K-Krush says that from this point on he will take what is suppose to be his..
    • K-Krush says that he is the "Truth" and the "Truth" will no longer be denied..
    • Norman Smiley's music hits starting the next match..

  10. MATCH: K-Krush vs Norman Smiley..
    • After the match, K-Krush takes off his belt and starts to whip Norman Smiley with it..
    • K-Krush then puts his belt around Norman Smiley's neck and hangs him over the top rope!!
    • Norman Smiley's wife comes out and breaks it up but K-Krush goes to attack her. ..
    • NWA TNA officials break that up..

  11. INTERVIEW: Goldy Locks & Puppet the Midget Killer..
    • Puppet is found in a trash can apparently masturbating but he denies it..
    • Puppet says he isn't "spanking his monkey" and he is getting himself in the zone..
    • Puppet tells Goldylocks that he would like to show her his cobra..
    • Goldylocks refers to it as a garden snake..

  12. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & The Dupps..
    • Goldylocks goes to leave when she finds The Dupps..
    • Bo Dupp is playing spin the bottle with his girlfriend/cousin Fluff Dupp..
    • Stan Dupp is playing with a bic lighter..
    • Stan Dupp tells Goldylocks she has pretty lips, she thanks him, but he said 'not those lips'..

  13. TAG MATCH: The Flying Elvis' (Siaki & Estrada) vs Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper..
    • Sonny Siaki keeps leaving the apron and joins the announce team, to say how great he is..
    • Jorge Estrada botched a springboard off the middle rope, and the crowd chanted "You F'd up!"
    • The Flyin Elvis' win this high-flying action-packed match when Siaki hit the Money Clip..
    • After the match, The Dupps (Bo, Stan & Fluff hit the ring..
    • Sonny Siaki leaves the ring, abandoning his partner Jorge Estrada..
    • The Dupps each swing a wooden boards at Jorge Estrada knocking him out..

  14. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & K-Krush + Scott Hall.
    • Goldylocks asks K-Krush why he assulted Norman Smiley earlier..
    • Scott Hall attacks K-Krush and says "2 down, 1 to go"..

  15. HARDCORE MIDGET MATCH: Puppet vs Meatball..
    • Meatball (billed as the largest midget wrestler ever) kinda looks like a mini John Tenta..
    • Meatball grabs some food from a grocery cart that he prepared before..
    • Puppet whacked Meatball over the head with a bag of flour and a mellon..
    • Puppet gets a steel chair and puts it over the chest of Meatball..
    • Puppet climbs up to the second rope, jumps and hits a big splash and then gets the pin!
    • TEO, the other hardcore midget, is shown dancing with a TNA girl in the cage..
    • TEO then rips a piece of her top off and waves to the fans..

  16. TNA CATFIGHT: Jasmine St. Claire vs Francine..
    • Jasmine came out with a wet white shirt and no bra..
    • Francine hits the ring and attacking Jasmine right away..
    • Jasmine gets the upper hand taking off Francine's top leaving her in a bra!
    • Francine then counters by taking off Jasmine St. Claire's shorts leaving her in a thong!
    • Francine takes her belt off and whips Jasmine on the bare ass!
    • The Blue Meanie then runs out and gives Francine a big DDT!
    • The referee calls for the bell as paramedics come down to take Francine away on a stretcher..

  17. X-TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles vs Low-Ki..
    • The X-Wrestlers give a performance that the X-Division has become known for..
    • Late in the match, AJ Styles climbs up the top rope, but Low-Ki tries to superplex him..
    • AJ Styles punches Low-Ki off, and jumps off the top rope but misses the spiral tap..
    • Low-Ki picks up AJ Styles and attempts to go for the Ki Krusher but AJ counters it into a DDT..
    • Low-Ki gets back on his feet somehow, climbs up the top rope..
    • Low-Ki goes for a spiral moonsault, but AJ Styles catches him and hits the Styles Clash!
    • AJ Styles pins Low-Ki for the win to retain the X-Title..

  18. AFTER THE MATCH: AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn..
    • AJ Styles leaves up the entrance ramp when Jerry Lynn runs out and attacks him!..
    • Jerry Lynn picks up AJ Styles and hits the craddle piledriver! (in the ring)
    • Jerry Lynn then gets a ladder from under the ring and sets it up in the corner..
    • Jerry Lynn picks up AJ Styles and gives him an overhead belly to belly suplex into the ladder..
    • Jerry Lynn lays the ladder in the middle of the ring and hits AJ with a facebuster on it!
    • Jerry Lynn then adds insult to injury by giving AJ Styles a big DDT onto the ladder..
    • Jerry Lynn then gives AJ Styles ANOTHER craddle piledriver!

  19. IN THE RING: Brian Lawler + Scott Hall.
    • The fans start to chant "JERRY'S KID" loudly at Brian Lawler, who tells the fans to shut up..
    • Brian Lawler says he thought he told the people last week that he is no longer "Jerry's Kid"..
    • Brian Lawler points out that Jerry Lawler has been married three times..
    • Brian Lawler says that all the women Jerry Lawler married were all younger then him..
    • Brian Lawler said he left a ticket for his dad to come see his son wrestle tonight..
    • ~~~But he forgot that Wednesday night he likes to hand out candies at the local high school..
    • Brian Lawler then says he wants to talk about Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross and Vince McMahon..
    • Scott Hall's music hits and Scott Hall hits the ring from behind and Brian Lawler doesn't see him..
    • Brian Lawler does a funny spot claiming that Scott Hall isn't here tonight..
    • Brian Lawler says Scott Hall is too busy getting drunk, calling him "Last Call Scott Hall"..
    • Brian Lawler finally turns around and Scott Hall nails him with a big punch!

  20. MAIN EVENT: Scott Hall vs Brian Lawler..
    • They started the match, brawling around the ring, around and on top of the announce table..
    • Late in the match, Brian Lawler gave Scott Hall a headbutt to the groin..
    • Brian Lawler goes up top attempting the hip-hop leg drop but Scott Hall moves out of the way!
    • Scott Hall picks up Brian Lawler and hits the fallaway slam..
    • Scott Hall then signals for The Outsiders Edge but K-Krush comes..
    • Scott Hall takes K-Krush down..
    • Scott Hall kicks Brian Lawler in the gut and connects with The Edge!
    • Scott Hall pins Brian Lawler to pick up the big victory!

  21. POST MATCH: K-Krush + Scott Hall + Brian Lawler..
    • K-Krush hits the ring again but Scott Hall kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the The Edge..
    • Brian Lawler comes from behind and gives Scott Hall a big low blow..
    • K-Krush takes off his belt, puts it around the neck of Scott Hall and hangs him over the top rope!
    • NWA TNA officials, Including Bob Armstrong & Don Harris, hit the ring and break it up...
    • Paramedics come down ringside and put Scott Hall on a stretcher..
    • As the wheel Scott Hall to the back, Jeff Jarrett appears, dressed up like a paramedic!
    • Jeff Jarrett gives all the security guys and paramedics chairshots as the show comes to a close..

  22. END OF SHOW....
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