NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
July 24, 2002 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay, Don West. and Ed Ferrera..

  1. KICKOFF: Jeff Jarrett.
    • Jeff Jarrett in the ring demanding a title shot tonight..
    • NWA TNA security guards hit the ring but Jarrett takes them out..
    • Jarrett gets back on the mic and says he wont leave until he has the NWA Title..

  2. BACKSTAGE: Ken Shamrock.
    • Ken Shamrock is shown throwing numerous NWA TNA security guards out of the way..
    • Both Bob Armstrong and Don Harris confront him..
    • Shamrock just walks right past them..
    • Shamrock then orders wrestler Ian Harrison to guard the door..
    • Shamrock instructs Harrison to make sure no one goes in or out tonight..
    • Shamrock says that he is the boss tonight.

  3. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + Bill Behrens + Ken Shamrock + Brown & Apolo + Krush & Lawler.
    • Jeff Jarrett is still in the ring when NWA Vice President Bill Behrens comes down..
    • Behrens says Jarrett's rampage in the NWA TNA is over and that he is suspended for 60 days..
    • Behrens says Jarrett has two choices..
    • 1) He can leave the ring quietly, or..
    • 2) Get dragged out by his army of security..
    • Behrens doesn't realize however is that the security is being held back by Ian Harrison..
    • Behrens asks what Jarrett's decision is..
    • Jarrett nails Behrens over the head with a steel chair..
    • Ken Shamrock runs down and attacks Jarrett..
    • Monty Brown and Apolo hit the ring and hold Shamrock back from Jarrett..
    • Jarrett then grabs a steel chair and nails it over the head of Ken Shamrock..
    • Both Monty Brown and Apolo stare down Jarrett..
    • Brian Lawler and K-Krush run down and talk Jarrett to the back.

  4. MATCH: Low-Ki vs. Amazing Red..
    • Low-Ki wins after a Ki Krusher..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett & Ian Harrison..
    • Jeff Jarrett attempts to leave the building but Ian Harrison holds him back..
    • Harrison dares Jarrett to get by him..
    • Jarrett says he will, some other time.

  6. IN THE RING: The Hotshots..
    • The Hotshots = Cassidy O'Reilly & Chase Stevens.
    • O'Reilly insults Storm & Harris..
    • James Storm and Chris Harris come down to the ring next..
    • ~TAPED INTERVIEW: Chris Harris asks James Storm to get rid of his "cowboy gimmick"..
    • ~TAPED INTERVIEW: Chris also asks Storm to quit shooting off his cap guns in the ring.

  7. TAG MATCH: Chris Harris & James Storm vs. The Hotshots..
    • Chris Harris & James Storm win after Storm hits a northern lights suplex..
    • After the match, The Hotshots attack both Harris and Storm with Storm's fake cap guns.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks.
    • Goldylocks attempts to get an update on Ken Shamrock..
    • The doctor eventually revives Shamrock..
    • Shamrock grabs the doctor and pushes him against the wall..
    • Shamrock demands to know where Jeff Jarrrett is..
    • Shamrock throws a table over and leaves.

  9. MATCH: Brian Lawler vs. Apolo..
    • Lawler tries to hit a reverse DDT but ends up busting open his lip..
    • Lawler did his old "Too Cool" routine by dancing..
    • Lawler continues to dance only to see Apolo roll him up from behind for the win!
    • Announcer, Don West, yells a comment at Lawler.
    • Lawler chokes out Don West by the announcers table..

  10. IN THE RING: K-Krush..
    • Krush says that he is now known as "The Truth."..
    • Truth says for now it is only about one thing, The Truth..
    • Truth brings up guys like Allen Iverson, Mike Tyson, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, and Ray Lewis..
    • Truth claims they were all held down because they are criminals..
    • Truth also brings up OJ Simpson..
    • Monty Brown comes to the ring..
    • Brown says he has been to two SuperBowls..
    • Brown said he wasn't given that, he worked for it..
    • Brown tells The Truth that he doesn't want to hear his sad stories..
    • Brown says that the real "truth" might be that The Truth isn't all that..
    • Truth tells Brown to leave the ring because his opinions don't matter..
    • Truth punches Brown but Brown responds with a big overhead underhook suplex..
    • Brown leaves the ring with Truth still knocked out.

  11. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn..
    • ~Highlights from the lastr few weeks..
    • Tenay says he is shocked to see both of these men conduct an interview together..
    • Styles speaks first saying Jerry Lynn really opened his eyes..
    • Styles says he respects Jerry Lynn now that he has had a chance to hear what he had to say..
    • Lynn speaks next saying that 10 years ago, he was just like Styles..
    • Lynn says there is a lot of dues you have to pay in this business..
    • Lynn says he appreciates Styles finally realizes that and they can move on as a team tonight.

  12. NWA TAG TEAM TITLES: Jerry Lynn & A.J. Styles vs. The Flying Elvises..
    • Flying Elvises = Jorge Estrada & Jimmy Yang w/Sonny Siaki..
    • Lynn gets busted open after Styles accidental jumps over the top rope onto Lynn..
    • Yang and Estrada climb the top rope and hit double splashes on Styles..
    • A bloody Lynn eventually rolls back into the ring..
    • Styles takes down Yang in the corner and climbs the top rope..
    • Estrada tries to hit Lynn but Lynn counters by hitting a leg drop on the back of Estrada's head..
    • Jerry Lynn covers Estrada to pick up the win..
    • Afterwards, A.J. Styles is still on the top turnbuckle looking in disbelief at Jerry Lynn..
    • Styles jumps down from the top turnbuckle mad and storms away with one half of the NWA Tag Team Titles.

  13. IN THE RING: Disco Inferno.
    • Disco Inferno is then shown at the top of the NWA TNA entrance way sitting on a couch..
    • Disco gets on the mic and brags about beating Barry Horowitz about 16 times..
    • Disco brags about retiring Joey Maggs and helping Goldberg suffer his first loss..
    • Disco says he is an icon and goes to a-list parties..
    • Disco then asks why he is in a hick town like Nashville, Tennessese..
    • Disco says he is here because he wants to lend his smarts to young guys like AJ Styles..
    • Disco says he wants to help Jerry Lynn look younger because he is looking old..
    • Disco then says he wants to teach Jeff Jarrett and the people from Tennessese to speak English right..
    • Disco tells Oprah and Montel Williams to watch out because a new show has hit Pay Per View..
    • Disco says his new show will be called "Jive Talkin"..
    • The announcers point out it is the first ever talk show in Pay Per View history.

  14. TAG TEAM MATCH: Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. Monty Brown & Elix Skipper..
    • Monty Brown pins Simon Diamond after a powerbomb..
    • After the match, The Truth hits the ring and chokes Monty Brown with his belt.
    • Elix Skipper walks away, not getting involved.

  15. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & The Dupps &
    • The Dupps conduct an interview with Goldylocks.
    • It ends up with both Dupp's realizing that if they want a match tonight..
    • The Dupps say they want a match with the firts person they bump into..
    • Bo Dupp ends up bumping into Ian Harrison!
    • We have a match.

  16. MATCH: Bo Dupp vs Ian Harrison.
    • Harrison hits a big powerslam on Dupp.
    • Harrison goes for the pin and the referee starts to count..
    • Stan Dupp hits the ring, making the match a DQ.
    • Winner by DQ: Ian Harrison

  17. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett & Ken Shamrock.
    • Jeff Jarrett and Ken Shamrock get into a fight.
    • NWA TNA officials break it up however.

    • Late in the match, with Shamrock laid out on a table outside the ring..
    • Sabu gets a steel chair and sets it up in the ring near the ropes.
    • Sabu goes off the ropes, jumps up onto the steel chair, gets up on the top rope
    • Sabu flips but Shamrock moves out of the way and Sabu crashes through the table!
    • Shamrock gets to his feet and sets up the ladder in the ring.
    • Shamrock climbs up the ladder, gets to the top, and reaches..
    • Sabu reaches to pull Shamrock down, then the lights go out!
    • Seconds later, Malice runs out and chokeslams Shamrock from the top of the ladder.
    • Malice climbs up the ladder and grabs the NWA Heavyweight Title.
    • Malice leaves the ring and leaves the arena holding up the NWA Heavyweight Title..

  19. END OF SHOW....
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