NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
July 31, 2002 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay, Don West. and Ed Ferrera..

    • Matt Stryker defeated BJ Whitmer..
    • Jimmy Rave (NWA World Jr Champ) defeated Shark Boy..

  2. X-TITLE: AJ Styles vs Elix Skipper.
    • Styles was seconded to the ring by his NWA World Tag Team partner Jerry Lynn.
    • Lynn went to the broadcast position and joined the commentators.
    • Lynn said there wasn't any problems within the team.
    • Styles got the pin after he hit the Spiral Tap on Skipper.
    • After the match, Lynn got up on the apron and congratulated his partner.
    • Lynn raised Styles' arms as they went to the back.
    • WINNER: AJ Styles..

  3. ANNOUCEMENT: Mike Tenay.
    • Mike Tenay informed us that Ricky Steamboat would be at the show tonight
    • Tenay said that Steamboat had already ruled that Malice had to return the NWA Title belt.
    • Tenay also informed us that the suspension on Jeff Jarrett was lifted by Steamboat.
    • Tenay said that Scott Hall would take on Jarrett tonight.

  4. RINGSIDE: Elix Skipper & Monty Brown.
    • Skipper was making his way to the back.
    • Monty Brown met him on the ramp and beat Skipper back to ringside.
    • Brown got Skipper in the ring and laid him out..
    • apparently paying him back for what Skipper did to him last week..
    • Last week Skipper set Brown up for an attack from The Truth.

  5. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + Ricky Steamboat + Scott Hall..
    • Jeff Jarrett came out carrying a sack that appeared to have a body in it.
    • Jarrett said that Shamrock wasn't here tonight and Steamboat wasn't at the building yet
    • Jarrett thought he would amuse himself.
    • Jarrett mocked Bill Behrens for saying that he had to start at the bottom and work his way up to get a title shot.
    • He said he would start doing so with who was in the bag.
    • It turned out that it was midget Todd Stone and Jarrett destroyed him.
    • Jarrett said he was ready for anyone else to come to the ring when out came Puppet.
    • Puppet told Jarrett he had the equalizer for him, and he pulled out a gun.
    • Before Puppet could do anything though, Jarrett hit him in the head with a chair.
    • Just then, Ricky Steamboat showed up and told Jarrett that order was about to be restored.
    • Jarrett challenged Ricky to wrestle him.
    • If he won, Jarrett would get an NWA title shot.
    • If he lost, Jarrett would take his 60 day suspension.
    • Steamboat came into the ring but before he and Jarrett could go at it..
    • Scott Hall came in from behind and nailed Jarrett with haymakers.
    • Hall said that he didn't care what anyone said.
    • Hall said after he beat Jarrett tonight, Double J would be the one leaving on a stretcher.

  6. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & Sonny Siaki.
    • Siaki talked about his match with Slash.
    • She asked where the other Elvises were.
    • He said that he gave them the night off and one Sonny is better than three Elvises.

  7. MATCH: Sonny Siaki vs Slash.
    • Slash came out with Father James Mitchell.
    • Mitchell joined the announcers and talked, in-depth, about his new church.
    • Later, Mitchell went to ringside and distracted the ref while Slash put a hood over Siaki's head.
    • Slash put a hood over Siaki's face and hit him with a neckbreaker followed by a pinfall..
    • After the match, Mitchell painted Siaki's face with The Blood of the Audad.
    • New Head of Security Don Harris came into the ring and put a stop to that, laying Slash out.
    • Malice came out and faced off with Don, but the two didn't come to blows.
    • WINNER: Slash.

  8. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Ricky Steamboat..
    • Ricky Steamboat said he was there to lay down the law.
    • Goldy asked Steamboat why people would listen to him when they don't listen to Bill Behrens
    • Steamboat left disgusted by the question and the comparison.

  9. RINGSIDE: The Truth & A TNA Girl + Monty Brown.
    • While walking to the ring, The Truth noticed an African American TNA girl dancing in a cage.
    • He told her that "they" were exposing her for their own benefit.
    • He said that "they" caged her for their own benefit.
    • He told her to tell "them" off.
    • He then mocked her and when she wouldn't tell "them" off, he called her a two dollar whore.
    • Finally, she slapped him in the face.
    • He took of his belt and was about to hit her with it..
    • Monty Brown came out from behind and attacked The Truth.
    • The two brawled until The Truth hit Brown with a 2x4 and left him in a heap.

  10. IN THE RING: Ricky Steamboat + Truth..
    • Ricky Steamboat them came out and told The Truth that he got his attention.
    • Steamboat told Truth to come out to ringside and say it to his face.
    • Truth came out.
    • Steamboat told him that if he wants respect, he has to earn it.
    • Truth told Steamboat that he was a big fan of The Dragon when he was growing up.
    • He said that people still talk about Steamboat's classic match with Randy Savage.
    • He said that it was great that Steamboat won a secondary title ..
    • But he never won the world title and "they" never gave him a shot at the big belt.
    • Truth said that he has been held back the same way.
    • He said that Steamboat makes the decisions and he can right that wrong now by making the right call today.
    • He told Truth he would give him an NWA Title shot next week against Ken Shamrock.
    • Truth said he would win the belt next week.

  11. MATCH: Malice vs Apolo..
    • Malice came out with Father James Mitchell.
    • Apolo was busted open early on.
    • Apolo fought through the crimson to score the pin after a superkick to the face of the big man.
    • After the match, Malice blamed referee Rudy Charles for making a bad count.
    • Malice chokeslammed Charles in the ring.
    • Then, he was about to do the same to Apolo when Security Chief Don Harris ran in and attacked Malice.
    • Harris appeared to be going for a powerbomb when Slash ran down with the black hood.
    • Slash did a neckbreaker on Harris, much like he had done earlier to Sonny Siaki.
    • Father Mitchell then told Harris he had chosen the wrong path and he painted him with the blood of Audad.

  12. MISS TNA CONTEST: Miss TNA Taylor Vaugn vs Bruce.
    • Don West then brought out Miss TNA Taylor Vaughn.
    • As he was about to talk to her, Bruce came out to the ring.
    • Bruce said that he was listening to The Truth earlier and said that he too wants to be treated with respect.
    • He said that he wants to be Miss TNA and Taylor accepted his challenge by hitting him in the groin.
    • The match was on.
    • Taylor was in control early, as Bruce was reeling from the shot down low.
    • Then he came back and pinned her.
    • Bruce is the new Miss TNA!

  13. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & Low Ki..
    • Goldy was in the back and again tried to interview Low Ki.
    • He apologized to her and said that he would once again do his talking in the ring.
    • He was off to the ring for his match with Jerry Lynn.

  14. X MATCH: Low Ki vs Jerry Lynn..
    • Styles came out with Lynn, and like his partner did earlier, he joined the announcers.
    • Styles spent the whole match rooting for his partner.
    • As Low Ki was going for his finisher, AJ Styles attacked Jerry Lynn, kicking him in the back of the head!
    • Styles mocked the fallen Lynn until Ki kicked the champ in the head and knocked Styles out of the ring.

  15. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Don Harris..
    • Harris said that he was going to Ricky Steamboat and asking for a first blood match against Malice next week.

  16. JIVE TALKING: Disco Inferno + Goldylocks..
    • Disco Inferno then came out for the first edition of "Jive Talking".
    • He implied that he was in negotiations to replace Oprah on her show, though he didn't mention her by name.
    • Disco said that he was about to bring out the first person to expose her breasts on pay-per-view.
    • Disco called out Goldylocks.
    • Goldy said that Disco insulted her.
    • She said she only came on the show to talk about her music, but she was out of here.
    • Disco apologized and they sat down on his couch.
    • Disco asked her who she sounded like, and she said she has been described as a female Kid Rock.
    • Disco didn't know who Kid Rock was.
    • Goldy tried to talk more about her music when Disco told her to show the world her breasts.
    • Goldy wanted no part of it.
    • Because she wouldn't do it, Disco called her names.
    • Goldy slapped him and kneed Disco down low and was about to do more.
    • Suddenly Paulina (of Tough Enough Fame) came out and attacked Goldy and choked her out!
    • Paulina then helped Disco to the back.

  17. MAIN EVENT: Scott Hall vs Jeff Jarrett..
    • The two men brawled all around the building in wild and crazy action.
    • After 10 minutes, Hall finally hit the Edge on Jarrett, but when the ref counted two
    • The Truth pulled him out of the ring.
    • Brown came out and grabbed The Truth.
    • Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Don Harris, Slash and Malice all came out to ringside and brawled through the crowd.
    • Jarrett and Hall kept brawling throughout.
    • Then, Jarrett grabbed a chair that he wanted to use on Hall..
    • Steamboat ran to the ring and stopped him.
    • Hall then went to use the chair on Jarrett when Steamboat grabbed it from him.
    • Jarrett took advantage of that to hit The Stroke on Hall..
    • Jarrett scored the pin as the show went off the air.

  18. END OF SHOW....
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