NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
August 14, 2002 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay, Don West. and Ed Ferrera..

    • Chris Harris & James Storm defeated Brian Lee & David Young..
      • "Wildcat" Chris Harris & "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm..

  2. IN THE RING: Ron 'the Truth' Killings + Jeff Jarrett + Bill Behrens + Brian Lawler..
    • Truth said that the TNA home base is his house.
    • He said that it's now known as the TNA Asylum.
    • He said that he came to the NWA a bitter man.
    • He said he wasn't sure he would get the opportunity that he thought he deserved.
    • He said that for his whole life, the color of his skin has always made it hard for him to compete.
    • He said he was told by a WWF senior official that he was a black man in a white man's world.
    • He said that he wasn't playing any race card here, it was just the truth.
    • He said that he got an opportunity in TNA and he made the most of it.
    • He said that he had realized a dream.
    • Jeff Jarrett then came out and told Truth to put his dream away.
    • He said that the only reason Ron is the champ, and that he isn't, is because of reverse discrimination.
    • Truth disagreed.
    • Jarrett said all he was asking for was an opportunity to become the NWA Champion tonight.
    • Truth told Jarrett to come on down to the ring and take his best shot.
    • Then Bill Behrens came out on the rampway, wearing a cowboy hat.
    • He also had a group of security guys with him.
    • Behrens said that there is a new sheriff in town and began rambling..
    • Behrens told Jarrett that he and Truth could fight all they want, but it won't be for the title.
    • Jarrett said he was going to take out Behrens and went up the ramp towards Behrens.
    • Brian Lawler attacked him from behind!
    • Lawler beat up Jarrett until security broke them up.
    • Lawler then screamed that he "knew it was you" at Jarrett.
    • The announcers didn't know what Lawler was talking about.

  3. TAG MATCH: S.A.T.'s & Amazing Red vs Kid Kash, Shark Boy & Slim J..
    • S.A.T = Spanish Announce Team (Jose and Joel Maximo and The Amazing Red).
    • It was a high-flying X Division classic that saw the Amazing Red hit the InfraRed on Slim J.
    • SATS win!

  4. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks + The Dupps.
    • Stan Dupp told Goldy that they had defended her honor on Disco's show last week.
    • The Dupps then showed Goldy their "home", which turned out to be an outhouse.
    • The Dupps said that they wanted to have a TV show based around the outhouse.
    • Goldy didn't seem to think MTV, or anyone else, would want to pick that up.

  5. IN THE RING: Miss TNA: Bruce.
    • Bruce was wearing a dress, a tiara and was carrying a scepter.
    • Bruce said that he had more under his dress than any woman did.
    • Bruce told the fans that he would pay $5000 to anyone who could come in the ring and take his title..
    • Bruce then surveyed the crowd and ran down the women at ringside.
    • Bruce picked a woman from the front row to take him on.
    • She signed a release and entered the ring to face Bruce.
    • She attacked Bruce from the opening bell and dominated the match..
    • Bruce managed to roll her up and score the pin.
    • The lady he wrestled was named Tina Hamilton.

  6. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Goldy asked him what had happened with Brian Lawler.
    • Jarrett didn't answer her.
    • He did say however that he was forced to wrestle with The Truth tonight..
    • He saod would keep coming after him and would get the NWA Title.
    • Jarrett then went into the bathroom and attacked Bill Behrens.

  7. LAST MAN STANDING: Don Harris vs Malice.
    • Malice put Harris through a table from the top rope!
    • Somehow, Harris managed to get the win when he got up at the 9 count, just as Malice fell back down.
    • After the match, Harris showed that Malice had earned his respect by offering his hand.
    • Malice accepted.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & The Dupps.
    • Goldy announced that their Dupp Cup opponent for tonight was Teo..
    • Stan told Goldy that he is deathly afraid of little people.
    • Bo informed his brother that he would take care of Teo.

  9. DUPP CUP MATCH: Bo Dupp vs Teo.
    • Teo started off strong, but Bo made a come back.
    • Teo managed to score the upset and win the Dupp Cup when Bo pulled Teo up to the Dupp outhouse.
    • Bo was in for a surprise when Puppet was waiting in the outhouse and hit Bo with a kendo stick.
    • This let Teo put Bo's head in the hopper and win the Cup.

  10. DETROIT STREET FIGHT: Elix Skipper vs Monty Brown.
    • Brown got the victory when he hit the Alpha Bomb on Skipper, putting him through a trashcan.

  11. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks The Flying Elvises..
    • Goldy asked them how they felt about their match, where it will be every man for himself.
    • Jorge Estrada and Jimmy Yang said it would be tough, but they would do what they had to do.
    • Sonny Siaki then said that he was the heartbeat of the Flying Elvises ..
    • Sonny said that the team was all about him.
    • He told the fans at home to worship him.

  12. X-TITLE 4-WAY: Low Ki vs Sonny Siaki vs Yang vs Jose Estrada..
    • The first man to exit was Estrada, who was eliminated by Yang via a Boston Crab.
    • Low Ki then pinned Yang with the Ki Krusher after Siaki had tripped his partner off the top rope.
    • That brought the match down to Siaki and Low Ki.
    • Yang got even with his partner when he came back to ringside and hit Siaki in the back.
    • This allowed Low Ki to pin Siaki and retain the title.

  13. TAPED INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jerry Lynn + AJ Styles..
    • Lynn was leaving in his car, so he took Goldy with him.
    • Goldy asked if Jerry could get along with AJ Styles tonight in their tag title defense.
    • Lynn said that they could.
    • He added that last week was an "every man for himself" situation and things would be fine tonight.
    • He then pulled up to a store, got out of his car and beat up Styles!
    • He told his partner that he would respect him.

  14. JIVE TALKIN': Disco Inferno + Brian Lawler.
    • Disco Inferno then brought out movie star Dean Baldwin to his show.
    • Disco asked him what he thought of TNA.
    • He said he liked it.
    • Dean said he was in Nashville doing a movie called "Urban Heartthrob".
    • Dean said that Frank Stallone and Carrot Top are in the movie.
    • Dean sent out get well wishes to Jason Priestly.
    • Disco then asked about Dean's brothers.
    • Then, Brian Lawler came out screaming about Jeff Jarrett and what he said that Jarrett was "guilty of".
    • Dean Baldwin then made the mistake of talking down to Lawler, and Lawler beat him up!
    • Security pulled him off, took him to the back, and then threw him out of the building.
    • Disco said that he would have one of "the most recognizable television celebrities of all time" on his show.

  15. WORLD TAG TITLES: Jerry Lynn & AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett & Ron Killings..
    • Neither team were working well together during this match..
    • Referee Scott Armstrong was knocked down accidentally by Styles..
    • Lynn hit the cradle piledriver on the Truth. ..
    • Armstrong couldn't make the count though since he was out. ..
    • Jarrett attacked Lynn and covered him just as Styles hit the Spiral Tap on Truth. ..
    • Armstrong came to and counted out Truth..
    • But referee Rudy Charles had come in to help Scott and he counted Jarrett's pin on Lynn. ..
    • As the two referees were arguing about who the winner was, Bullet Bob Armstrong came to ringside..
    • Bob said that the title belts were being held up.

  16. POST MATCH: Bob Armstrong.
    • Armstrong then told Truth he would be defending the NWA World Title against Monty Brown next week..
    • The Bullet told Lynn and Styles that they would face off and the winner would get an X Title shot. ..
    • Lynn asked that it be a Falls Count Anywhere match. ..
    • Styles countered that it should be a No Disqualification match. ..
    • Armstrong told both men that they would get their wish. ..
    • They will have a best two out of three falls match. ..
    • One fall is Falls Count Anywhere. ..
    • The second fall is No DQ. ..
    • If there is a third fall, the NWA decreed it will be held under Ironman rules..
    • Whoever gets the most pinfalls in 10 minutes wins.

  17. POST MATCH: Jeff Jarrett & Bob Armstrong..
    • Jarrett then asked Bullet what his match would be. ..
    • Bullet said he had a special surprise for him and he would find out what it will be next week. ..
    • Jarrett was not happy about that...
    • He grabbed the title belt and stormed to the back.

  18. ANNOUNCEMENT: Don West.
    • Don West informed us that Low Ki would take on all three The SATs next week..
    • Also, Sonny Siaki and Jimmy Yang will settle their grudge next week as well.

  19. CONCLUSION: Jeff Jarrett & Brian Lawler.
    • As the show went off the air, Brian Lawler was choking Jeff Jarrett..
    • Lawler saying he knew what Jarrett did and that he was going to kill him.

  20. END OF SHOW....
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