NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
August 28, 2002 - Nashville, Tennessee - Taped
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. FOOTAGE: Brian Lawler & Goldylocks + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Brian Lawler arrives to the building and meets up with Goldylocks..
    • Goldy asks what Jeff Jarrett did to upset him..
    • As he was about to tell her, Jeff Jarrett ambushed him, beating him down..
    • Jeff said he didn't know what was bothering Lawler..
    • Jeff said he was sick of being attacked from behind.
    • Jarrett pounded Lawler until security pulled him off.

  2. MATCH: Kid Kash vs The Amazing Red.
    • Kash wins after the 'bankrupcy'..
    • Red offered to shake Kash's hand after the match, but Kash clotheslined him. ..
    • The SATs hit the ring, and Kash tried to fight them off..
    • The SAT gave him the Spanish Fly to lay him out.
    • WINNER: Kid Kash.

  3. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Sonny Siaki..
    • Siaki was referring to himself in the third person again..
    • Siaki put himself over, and showed no concern over facing Monty Brown.

  4. MATCH: Sonny Siaki vs. Monty Brown..
    • Brown promised to get revenge on Jeff Jarrett for last week.
    • Late in the match, Jeff Jarrett came to ringside..
    • Jarrett distracting Brown and the referee.
    • Siaki hit a low blow and rolled up Brown for the pin.
    • WINNER: Sonny Siaki.

  5. ON STAGE: The Bullet & Bob Armstrong + Jeff Jarrett + Brian Lawler..
    • Jarrett backed up to ringside, where Brown started pounding him with right hands.
    • Brian Lawler appeared in the crowd, and started choking Jarrett with his belt.
    • Security broke up the brawl, as Lawler screamed that he wanted Jarrett.

  6. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks + Slash & Cobain (Flash Flannigan)..
    • Slash introduced Cobain as his brother, saying "the thrill of suicide is what he lives for".

  7. FOUR TEAM ELIMINATION: Storm/Harris vs Backseat Boys vs The Hotshots vs Slash/Cobain..
    • The winner getting into the Tag Team Gauntlet For the Gold.
    • The Backseat Boys (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) are eliminated first by Slash..
    • The Hotshots (Chase Stevens & Cassidy O'Reilly) are eliminated next by Storm.. Ron Harris & Brian Lee came to ringside, and complained about not being in the match.
    • Slash & Koban are eliminated by Chris Harris..
    • James Storm & Chris Harris get to wrestle in the Gauntlet for the Gold.
    • Brian Lee and Ron Harris ran in and attacked Chris Harris & James Storm. .
    • The other teams ran back in, and a huge brawl ensued .
    • Ron Harris & Brian Lee tossing everyone over the top rope.
    • The announcers put over that Brian Lee & Ron Harris deserved to be in the Gauntlet.
    • WINNER: James Storm & Chris Harris.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett & Bob Armstorng..
    • Jeff Jarrett confronted Bob Armstrong..
    • Jeff tells Armstrong that he needed to get some order in TNA.
    • Jarrett promised to reveal who was under the mask, beat him, then come back for Armstrong.
    • Armstrong wouldn't back down from Jarrett.

  9. MISS TNA: Bruce vs April Hunter.
    • Bruce said all the men wanted to be with him, and all the women wanted to be him.
    • Bruce said April Hunter had accepted his open challenge for the Miss TNA crown.
    • Late in the match, Bruce hit a powerbomb for the three count to retain the Miss TNA crown.
    • After the match, Bruce went to unzip April's top..
    • "Silk" Wagner Brown came out to make the save and send Bruce to the floor.
    • WINNER: Bruce.

  10. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jimmy Yang & Jorge Estrada + Sonny Siaki..
    • They both said if Siaki crawled back to them, they didn't want him back in the Elvises.
    • Siaki interrupted..
    • Siaki said if you take your vitamins and say your prayers, you will lose your hair.
    • Yang and Estrada looked at Siaki, confused.

  11. TAG MATCH: The SATs (Jose & Joel Maximo) vs The Flying Elvis' (Jorge Estrada & Jimmy Yang)..
    • The SATs were going for Spanish Fly, but Sonny Siaki ran in and crotched both Maximos..
    • Siaki then left..
    • Yang missed Yang Time on Jose, but hit a Fisherman's Buster for the win.
    • Siaki smiled from the stage, then left.

  12. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Brian Lawler + Ron Killings..
    • Goldylocks asked him what the issue is with Jarrett..
    • Lawler said this was no place for a piece of trash like her..
    • Goldylocks smirked and walked away..
    • Lawler called for silence from the crowd..
    • Lawler said he was giving Jeff Jarrett five seconds to get in the ring..
    • Jarrett didn't come out..
    • Lawler said he wasn't surprised he didn't come out..
    • He was about to tell us what Jarrett did, when he was interrupted by Ron Killings..
    • Killings commented that Lawler thought he wasn't hear because of his concussion..
    • Lawler told Killings he did not mean to hit him with a chair last week..
    • Killings said there was no room for accidents. ..
    • Lawler tried to make peace with Killings..
    • Killings promised that Lawler would find out what "The Truth" is all about..
    • Lawler pleaded with Killings as he walked away..
    • Lawler said that his problem with Jarrett had to do with his gf, who was at ringside..
    • There was a "fan" with a camera sitting next to her..
    • She claimed the fan was taking pictures of her. ..
    • Lawler shoved the photographer down, then walked out with his girlfriend..
    • So we still don't know what Jarrett did, just that it had something to do with his gf.

  13. FOOTAGE: Jeff Jarrett & The Bullet..
    • Jeff Jarrett brawled with The Bullet, and found out it was not Bob Armstrong.

  14. MATCH: Jeff Jarrett vs The Bullet..
    • Jarrett stomped The Bullet as he came out, and took the fight to the floor.
    • Jarrett went to the announce table and stated he still wanted his title shot..
    • Jarrett then went back to beating on the Bullet..
    • Bullet came back with some punches and a kneedrop.
    • Bullet hit a reverse atomic drop, then went for a pumphandle slam..
    • Jarrett floated over him and hit a low blow.
    • Jarrett pulled out a pair of handcuffs, and cuffed Bullet to the top rope.
    • Jarrett took the mic and a chair, and said he was going to knock him out..
    • Bob Armstrong ran out and hit some rights, but the referee stopped him.
    • Jarrett hit Armstrong with the chair, and tossed the referee.
    • Jarrett started to punch the now bleeding Armstrong..
    • The handcuffed Bullet could only watch.
    • Jarrett hit Armstrong with the chair again, while the fans chanted "one more time".
    • Jarrett took the mic and said he was now going to find out the Bullet was!
    • Security came in and stopped him, and they cut right away to Tenay and Don West..

  15. TRIPLE THREAT LADDER MATCH: Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles.
    • Yet again, Ki, Styles & Lynn put on an amazing X-style match..
    • Had to be seen to appreciate it...
    • Lynn climbed up the ladder to grab the belt to win the NWA: TNA X-TITLE!

  16. END OF SHOW....
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