NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
November 6, 2002 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks + Bruce & Lenny Lane..
    • Goldy condescending said she thought they had broken up..
    • Bruce said Lenny was jealous of his success..
    • Lenny didn't say anything..
    • Bruce said that Lenny is his "first runner up"..
    • Bruce says that if he for some reason can't fulfill his duties as Miss TNA, Lenny will replace him..
    • Lenny used a banana as a suggestive prop on his way to the ring..
    • Mike Tenay reacted: "Oh, that was subtle."
    • Mike Tenay said it is obvious that Lenny and Bruce have kissed and made up..

  2. MISS TNA CROWN MATCH: Bruce w/Lenny vs Jorge Estrada w/Priscilla..
    • Estrada gave a Northern Lights Suplex to Lenny as Lenny attempted interfere..
    • Priscilla interfered and Lenny chased her down and threatened to hit her..
    • Jorge sling shot over the top rope onto Bruce and Lenny at ringside..
    • Bruce slipped on Lenny's banana peel at ringside..
    • Lenny tried to revive him, but Bruce couldn't get up before the ten count..
    • Estrada wins by COUNT OUT so Bruce retains the Miss TNA crown..

  3. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Sonny Siaki..
    • Siaki claimed that Goldy secretly wanted him..
    • Siaki said she could become his valet and then he would let her "feel his love"..
    • Goldy almost throws up on the spot..

  4. SEMI FINAL Tournament MATCH: Sonny Siaki vs BG James..
    • Jerry Lynn walked to ringside, which distracted Siaki..
    • James hit a kneedrop for a two count..
    • James hit his pump handle slam for the win..

  5. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & "Wildcat" Chris Harris and "Cowboy" James Storm..
    • Storm paced in the background..
    • Harris was intensely yelling, saying they weren't going to take any more sh*t..
    • Storm then stepped up and said Slash & Lee may be from hell..
    • Storm said they haven't seen hell until they get in the ring with them later tonight..
    • Goldy shook her head as if someone had just eaten worm in front of her..

  6. PROMO: Minister James Mitchell..
    • Mitchell said his Disciples will follow no rules other than those he gives them..
    • Mitchell said he instructed them to pay for their ignorance with their blood..

  7. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Chris Harris & James Storm vs Slash & Brian Lee w/Jim Mitchell..
    • Slash was bleeding a minute into the match..
    • Mitchell used a spike against Storm's forehead..
    • Slash missed a top rope flip splash when Storm moved..
    • Storm hot-tagged Harris who cleaned house on Lee and Slash.,
    • Harris had Lee pinned, but Mitchell distracted the ref..
    • Lee then nailed Harris with a chair and Lee made the cover, Harris kicked out..
    • Slash's face was covered in blood by this point..
    • Eventually Lee & Slash were DQ'd for refusing to obey the referee..
    • Tenay said Mitchell put the quest for the tag titles behind his desire to see Harris & Storm get beaten badly..

  8. SEMI-FINAL Tournament MATCH: Syxx-Pac vs Brian Lawler w/April..
    • Syxx limped to the ring and Lawler attacked him from behind..
    • Syxx pinned Lawler and left with April..
    • Syxx yelled that no one should get away with hitting a woman..
    • Lawler then began crying and tried to fake a heart attack..
    • Lawler collapsed on his back in center ring, drawing April's sympathy..
    • April ran to the ring in tears to console him..

  9. TAPED INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Ron Killings..
    • Ron Killings calmly handed Tenay a contract..
    • Ron said that Mr. Wrestling III can get it from Tenay, sign it, and get a title shot..

  10. RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Tenay held the open contract on his hands..
    • Jarrett walked out and asked Tenay to enter the ring..
    • Tenay entered the ring and asked Jarrett if he wanted to admit he was Mr. Wrestling III..
    • Tenay said that if so, sign the contract to get the title shot against Truth..
    • Jarrett ripped up the contract and threw it in the air..
    • Jarrett said he has waited over 20 weeks for the NWA to give him a world title shot..
    • Jarrett said after he wins the tournament finals next week, he would get a title shot..
    • Tenay said he has another copy of the contract and Mr. Wrestling III can still sign..

  11. X-TABLES MATCH: Kid Kash vs Tony Mamaluke vs Joel Maximo vs Jose Maximo vs Ace Steele..
    • Steel rammed Mamaluke off a table setting on the top rope into the mat.
    • Mamaluke gave Steel a swinging DDT into the table, breaking it, eliminating Steele..
    • Joel drove Mamaluke through a table at ringside on his head to eliminate him..
    • Jose vs Joel vs Kash..
    • Kash set up a table at ringside and gave Jose a Huracanrana onto Joel on the table..
    • That eliminated both of the Maximos and gave him the win..
    • Kid Kash wins an X-title shot next week..

  12. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + Curt Hennig..
    • Jarrett bragged about being seven time WWF IC Champion and four time WCW World Champion..
    • Jarrett said Hennig doesn't have that on his resume..
    • Jarrett said Hennig hasn't shown his face all day and instructed the ref to ring the bell..
    • Hennig then came out of the crowd dressed in a street clothes and cowboy boots..
    • Hennig attacked Jarrett at ringside..
    • Hennig & Jarrett brawled through the crowd..
    • Finally, they entered the ring and the match started..

  13. SEMI-FINAL Tournament MATCH: Jeff Jarrett vs Curt Hennig..
    • Hennig gave Jarrett a Hennigplex three times in a row..
    • Hennig grabbed a belt and the ref called for the bell..
    • Jeff Jarrett wins the match by Disqualification..

  14. MAIN EVENT X-TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs Jerry Lynn..
    • Sonny Siaki walked out late in the match and tried to interfere..
    • Siaki yanked the ref out of the ring at two-count..
    • Lynn turned to complain, Siaki waved good bye with a big smile on his face..
    • Mortimer wedged a chair between the top and middle ropes..
    • Styles shoved Lynn head-first into the chair!
    • Styles followed up with a roll-up for a two count..
    • Styles then hit his Styles Clash for the apparent finish, but again Lynn kicked out..
    • Lynn knocked Styles off balance on the top rope..
    • Lynn then gave Styles a top rope superplex for a two count..
    • Styles gave Lynn a flapjack face-first slam for another two count..
    • Lynn reversed Styles into a piledriver position..
    • Styles countered, then Lynn countered and he hit the pumphandle piledriver!
    • Lynn scores the pinfall on Styles to capture the NWA TNA X Title!

  15. END OF SHOW....
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