NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
December 11, 2002 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. OPENING: Tony Mamaluke b Jason Cross..
    • After the match, B.G. James and the Harris Twins came out and gave both guys H bombs..
    • James & Harris' claimed Russo wasn't there and said the heel group is called SEX..
    • James claimed the success of DX was due to Russo's writing and his work in the ring..
    • Ron Killings, Slash and Brian Lee came out and brawled with James and the Harris'..

  2. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jorge Estrada..
    • Jorge has "lost his smile" because his partners left him and his girl left him..
    • Jorge asked Goldy if there was some reason for it..

  3. MATCH: Kid Kash pinned Jorge Estrada..

  4. TAG MATCH: Quiet Storm beat James Storm & Chris Harris..
    • Trinity gave Storm a low blow and Chris Devine pinned him..

  5. MATCH: Amazing Red pinned A.J. Styles with a botched FrankenSteiner..

  6. TAG TITLE MATCH: Slash & Brian Lee defeated Ron & Don Harris via DQ to retain..
    • Don pinned Slash after B.G. hit Slash with a chair after a ref bump..
    • Percy Pringle came out and told the ref what happened, as did Scott Armstrong..
    • Referee Rudy Charles reversed his decision..
    • The Harris Twins were about to go after Pringle..
    • Chris Harris & James Storm came out with chair shots to clean house..

  7. MATCH: Sonny Siaki defeated Jerry Lynn to win the X-Title..
    • Lynn was on the top rope and a new "stacked" woman scooped Lynn's leg..
    • The woman winked at Siaki, and Siaki used the Siakalypse to get the pin..

  8. CHAIN CHAIR MATCH: Ron Killings pinned B.G. James with a gordbuster on a chair..
    • After the match, Killings put a chair on James' prone body..
    • Killings was about to jump off the top..
    • Bob Armstrong came out to save BG James..
    • As Bob and Killings were talking, James recovered and went to hit Killings with a chair..
    • James instead hit Bob, and then hit Killings..
    • James acted as if he was mad because he didn't mean to KO his dad..

  9. INTERVIEW: Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jarrett called Sean Waltman a coward for not confronting Vince Russo..
    • Jarrett praised Mike Tenay for not quitting..
    • Jarrett mentioned Waltman had already no-showed twice insinuating he didn't really want to be there..
    • Jarrett stated that Waltman was only using Russo as an excuse..
    • Jarrett brought up the Piper promo from last week..
    • Jarrett said he didn't want to talk about Owen Hart on a wrestling show..
    • Jarrett said nobody is responsible for killing Owen Hart..
    • Jarrett talked about Piper and tried to be as nice as possible without saying anything..
    • Tenay asked him if he was going to join Russo..
    • Jarrett did not answer and left it open ended..

  10. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett pinned Curt Hennig..
    • Earlier, BG James had put a guitar on the announcers desk (apparently for Jarrett to use)..
    • Jarrett teased using the guitar on Hennig, but didn't..
    • Hennig gave Jarrett a low blow, when Russo came out and hit Hennig twice with the guitar..
    • Jarrett then pinned Hennig to retain the World title..
    • Jarrett and Russo were shoving each other when AJ Styles came out and attacked Jeff Jarrett!

  11. END OF SHOW....
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