NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
January 8, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. OPENING: Mike Tenay + Vince Russo..
    • Mike Tenay talked about Vince Russo's Sports Entertainment eXtreme group..
    • Eddie Marlin, Sara Lee (the ticket lady) and Corsica Joe were at ringside..
    • Ron Killings, Chris Harris, James Storm were in the ring..
    • Vince Russo came out with his crew and claimed to be the savior of wrestling..
    • Vince predicts TNA will be out of business in six months..
    • Vince was insulting the old guys when Sara hit the ring..
    • Everybody started brawling with the good guys getting the worst of it..
    • The Road Warriors and Jeff Jarrett made the save..

  2. TAG MATCH: David Young & Tony Mamaluke b E.Z.Money & Kid Kash..
    • Low Ki, Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper hit the ring and cleaned house..
    • Jeff Jarrett then challenged all three to a series of singles matches as the main event..

  3. X-TITLE MATCH: Sonny Siaki w/Miss Desire b Jason Cross to retain..
    • Miss Desire clotheslined Jason Cross..
    • After a ref bump, and more interference from Desire, Siaki pinned Cross..
    • Bob Armstrong said 2003 wasn't going to start off like that and ordered the match restarted..
    • Russo came out and said it wouldn't..
    • Don Harris then threw Cross over the top rope like he was a piece of garbage..
    • Russo ordered B.G. James to beat up Bob Armstrong..
    • Jerry Lynn and Ron Killings made the save for Bob..

  4. TAG MATCH: Jerry Lynn & Ron Killings over Don Harris & BG James via DQ..
    • Mike Sanders made his surprise debut to interfer causing the DQ..

  5. INTERVIEW: Percy Pringle..
    • Percy talked about his start as a wrestling fan..
    • Percy recalls going to matches with Michael Hayes, John Tatum and Robert Gibson..
    • Percy recalls his WWF days with Undertaker..
    • Percy hinted around him becoming a manager in TNA..

  6. NWA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: James Storm & Chris Harris beat Slash & Brian Lee to win the titles!

  7. AXE HANDLE ON A POLL MATCH: Curt Hennig beat David Flair..
    • Hennig told Chris Vaughn to climb up and get the Axe Handle..
    • Vaughn gave Hennig the pole, and Hennig then pie-faced Vaughn out of the ring..
    • Hennig had the axe handle, and was declared the winner..
    • Flair attacked him after the match with a bag that contains a mystery foreign object..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & Kim Nielson + Athena..
    • Kim attacked Goldylocks..
    • Athena attacked Kim..

  9. MAIN EVENT #1: Jeff Jarrett pinned Chris Daniels after the stroke..

  10. MAIN EVENT #2: Jeff Jarrett pinned Elix Skipper with a schoolboy..
    • Daniels accidentally clotheslined Skipper off the top..
    • James did commentary with Tenay and West..

  11. MAIN EVENT #3: Jeff Jarrett beat Low Ki via DQ..
    • Low Ki had the crossface on forever but Jarrett wouldn't tap..
    • Jarrett used the stroke and Daniels and Skipper interfered..
    • They were beating on Jarrett until the Road Warriors made the save..
    • AJ Styles came in and laid out both Animal and Hawk as well as Jarrett!
    • AJ gave Jarrett the Styles clash and spiral tap..
    • They teased having Low Ki, Daniels and Skipper all put Jarrett through a table..
    • A big surprise had Dusty Rhodes making the save!!!

  12. END OF SHOW....
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