NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
January 29, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. DARK MATCH: Tenacious Z (the one legged wrestler) defeats Truth Martini..

  2. INTERVIEW: Raven + Jeff Jarrett + Vince Russo..
    • Raven appears in the rafters wearing the NWA World Heavyweight title and holding a mic..
    • Raven says that he is going to restore honor to the NWA World title..
    • Raven says that he will urinate on Jeff Jarrett's bone marrow if he has to..
    • Jarrett came out and attacked him with a garbage can and grabbed his NWA title belt..
    • Jarrett smashed Raven with several trash can blows to the head..
    • Jarrett slides a table into the ring, whacks Raven with a chair, and stole back the belt..
    • Jarrett lays out faven with a belt shot to the head!
    • Jarrett sets up the table in the ring, and puts Raven onto it..
    • Russo did a run in on Jarrett allowing Raven to make a comeback..
    • Raven gave Jarrett a superplex through the table!
    • Russo stole the belt back for S.E.X. and left with Raven..
    • Jerry Lynn, Ron Killings & America's Most Wanted hit the ring to check on Jarrett..

  3. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jorge Estrada..
    • Estrada says that Mike Sanders has offered him a spot in Sports Entertainment Extreme..
    • Estrada says that he's unsure of what he wants to do, but his career hasn't been so hot lately..

  4. OPENING MATCH: Amazing Red pinned Jorge Estrada..
    • Red wins after a crazy infared and a red star press..

  5. IN THE RING: Mike Sanders & Jorge Estrada + Glen Gilbertti..
    • Mike Sanders came out and once again offered Estrada a spot in SEX..
    • Jorge Estrada responded by decking Sanders on the spot!
    • Glen Gilbertti (Disco Inferno) came out and whacked Jorge with a chair shot..
    • Mike Sanders announced that SEX had hired Glen Gilbertti as the Director of Talent Development..

  6. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Bob Armstrong + Jeff Jarrett + Ron Killings..
    • Bob tries to explain what he's going to do about the theft of the title belt..
    • Jeff Jarrett comes in irate and grabs Bob demanding an explaintion..
    • Ron Killings enters and pulls Jarrett off, trying to set him straight..

  7. MATCH: David Flair pinned Jerry Lynn..
    • David Flair brings out his burlap sack again this week and keeps it at ringside..
    • After a ref bump, David Flair picked up the dreaded burlap sack..
    • Ron Killings came out and struggled the sack away from Flair..
    • Ron Killings accidentally hits Lynn with it and allows Flair to pick up the pinfall!

  8. PRE-TAPE INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & B.G. James + Scott Armstrong..
    • James said Vince McMahon gave him the Double J character to 'get back at' Jeff Jarrett..
    • James said that Vince Russo created DX, and led James to selling out Madison Square Garden..
    • Tenay said that James was the most entertaining person in wrestling during that period..
    • James said his family was jealous of his success..
    • At this point, Scott Armstrong, who was listening in the empty arena showed up as the cameras cut off..

  9. surprisE #1: Chris Harris & James Storm + S.E.X. + Rock N Roll Express!!
    • Storm/Harris claimed to have gone from unknown to the best tag team in wrestling..
    • The S.E.X. faction shows up and attacked Storm/Harris..
    • THE ROCK'N'ROLL EXPRESS hit the ring to make the save!!!!!
    • The RnRs turned around and whacked Storm & Harris with steel chairs!!

  10. MATCH: Mike Sanders pinned Ron Killings..
    • Lynn came out to counter David Flair's interference..
    • Lynn unintentionally distracted Killings, resulting in Sanders pinning him for the win..
    • Lynn & Killings get into a confrontation after the match..

  11. INTERVIEW: Goldy Locks & Rock'N'Roll Express..
    • Morton talked about the good old days when womens tits were still real, refering to Goldy..
    • Bob Armstrong was very upset at him and made a tag match for the main event..

  12. IN THE RING: A.J. Styles + Raven + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Styles came out and demanded a title shot..
    • Styles said he wasn't with Mortimer Plumtree or with Vince Russo, or S.E.X..
    • Styles said he's beaten Ron Killings, Jeff Jarrett, and Larry Zbyszko..
    • Raven, wearing the belt, came out and said Styles should talk to him if he wants a title shot..
    • Styles asked Raven if he had a syringe in his pocket "or are you happy to see me?"..
    • Styles/Raven had a pull apart until Jeff Jarrett came out and laid out both of them!
    • Jarrett gave Styles the stroke and got his belt back from Raven!

  13. IN THE RING: Larry Zbyszko & AJ Styles..
    • Zbyszko came out in his wrestling gear and yelled at AJ Styles..
    • Zbyszko says that AJ Styles could have the life of a wrestling STAR!
    • Zbyszko challenges AJ Styles to a 10-minute challenge..
    • Zbyszko says that if Styles can't pin him twice in 10 minutes, he has to let Zbyszko manage him..

  14. MATCH: Larry Zbyszko vs AJ Styles..
    • Styles got one pinfall with a reverse DDT around the 6 minute mark..
    • Plumtree came out to help Styles, knowing he would lose Styles as a client..
    • Styles failed to beat Zbyszko in a second fall..
    • Zbyszko was about to win a fall when the bell sounded..

  15. IN-RING INTERVIEW: Goldy Locks & Percy Pringle..
    • Pringle talked about being honored in April by the Cauliflower Alley Club..
    • Pringle said that Russo would never get that kind of an honor..
    • Pringle warns Russo that he'll never know what Percy Pringle will do next..
    • At this point, Tony Schiavone makes a shocking appearance and introducted himself to Pringle..
    • Schiavone said that he respects Pringle but never saw anyone kiss as much ass as Pringle did last week..
    • Schiavone was wearing an Hawaiian shirt and a Kiss t-shirt, drapped in jewelry, and playing a babyface..

  16. IN THE RING: Tony Schaivone & Goldylocks + Mike Tenay + Vince Russo..
    • Schiavone questions why he hasn't worked in the business for 2 years, and looks at Goldylocks..
    • Schiavone quickly turned heel, saying that Goldy has been in the business about five minutes (compared to him)..
    • Schiavone asked Goldylocks whose bed she had been sleeping in (get it? nevermind)..
    • Schiavone said that Goldy made Pamela Paulshock look like Diane Sawyer..
    • Tenay came to Goldy's rescue when Schiavone got a little pervy with Goldy..
    • Schiavone invited Mike Tenay into the ring for a confrontation..
    • Schiavone said that when TNA started, he thought it was the perfect opportunity to return to the business..
    • Schiavone said Jeff Jarrett wouldn't even return his calls..
    • Schiavone said that he heard that he wasn't hired because Tenay didn't wanna work with him!
    • Schiavone claimed that WCW didn't die because of Russo and that Russo had jumped onto the Titanic..
    • Schiavone claimed that if Tenay had his way that there would never be Gorgeous George or Andy Kauffman..
    • Schiavone said that if Tenay was the booker, there wouldn't be a Hulkamania or an nWo..
    • Schiavone continued to cut a promo on Tenay, dispite Vince Russo's emergance..
    • Russo said Tenay was a back stabber who tried to keep Schiavone out of TNA..
    • Russo tells Schiavone that there is a job waiting for him within the S.E.X. faction..
    • Tenay said Schiavone was a kiss ass and was all about politics and never about performance..

  17. MIXED TAG MATCH: Kid Kash & Trinity beat Sonny Siaki & Desire..
    • Trinity did her moonsault off the top backwards to the floor on Siaki..
    • Desire got tagged in and wanted to go one-on-one with Kash, who tags in Trinity!
    • After the girls fought for a while, Desire tagged in Siaki, who beat up on Trinity..
    • Desire begged for the tag, so she could pin Trinity..
    • Athena (the ring attendant) slapped Desire allowing Trinity schoolgirl her for the pinfall!!

  18. INTERVIEW: Tony Schiavone & Sonny Siaki + Mike Tenay + Konnan..
    • This turned into more back-and-forth insults between Schiavone & Tenay..
    • Schiavone entered the ring to interview Sonny Siaki & Desire..
    • Konnan, for the third week in a row, ran in and destroyed Siaki with a kendo stick!
    • Konnan challenged Tenay to interview him next week, saying Tenay is the "whole" problem!

  19. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jarrett says he doesn't care who Russo throws at him, cause it's only about him and Russo..
    • Jarrett says that Russo is going to regret the day he ever met Jeff Jarrett..

  20. MAIN EVENT: The Rock'N'Roll Express vs Chris Harris & James Storm..
    • Elix Skipper showed up late in the match and came off the top with a belt shot on Storm..
    • Ricky Morton got the pin on Storm for the victory..
    • After the match, Brian Lee & Slash hit the ring and attacked Skipper..

  21. CONCLUSION: Tony Schiavone & Vince Russo & Raven + Jeff Jarrett + AJ Styles..
    • Raven challenged Jarrett to a title match right then and there..
    • Jarrett entered the dressing room and started pounding Raven..
    • Jarrett & Raven ended up in the ring where Russo got involved..
    • Raven laid out Jarrett with the even flow DDT..
    • Raven told Russo to get a table!
    • Raven went to superplex Jarrett through the table again, but Jarrett blocked it..
    • Jarrett shoved Raven off and straight through the table!!!
    • Jarrett picked up the belt and whacked Raven with it!
    • Jarrett then challenged Vince Russo to a TITLE match right there..
    • Styles then came out and laid Jarrett out using the stroke on the belt..
    • Styles took the belt and stood over a fallen Jarrett and Raven..

  22. END OF SHOW....
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