NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
February 5, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Jimmy Rave b Matt Sydal (of Gateway Championship Wrestling)..
    • Tony Mamaluke & David Young b Rod Steel & Lex Lovett..
    • Chris Harris & James Storm b Jason Rumble & Rocky Reynolds..
    • Kid Kash b Shark Boy..

  2. IN THE RING: Larry Zbyszko + Jeff Jarrett + AJ Styles..
    • Zbyszko came out with the NWA title on his shoulder..
    • Zbyszko said that AJ Styles demanded a title match and that possession was nine-tenths of the law..
    • Jarrett came out said they don't use those corny expressions in pro-wrestling any more..
    • Jarrett said that if AJ wanted the title, all he had to do was come face-to-face and ask..
    • Jarrett said that he can get his title back the easy way, or the hard way..
    • Zbyszko said that the oldschool always did it the "hard way"..
    • Jarrett went to the ring and was jumped by AJ Styles from behind..
    • Jarrett made his own comeback and took the belt back..
    • A bunch of masked goons wearing army fatiques came down and kidnapped Jarrett..
    • The goons were OBVIOUSLY the S.E.X. crew, you could tell by their individual movements..

  3. MATCH: Jorge Estrada pinned Glen Gilbertti..
    • Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders come out in army fatigues..
    • Glen unmasks for his match and Sanders unmasks and joins the broadcast team..
    • After the match, Mike Sanders, now called Col. Sanders, hit the ring..
    • They pulled Estrada's Elvis jump suit off and left him in his underwear..

  4. PROMO: Vince Russo..
    • Russo says that they kidnapped Jeff Jarrett for his own good..
    • Russo said that Jerry Jarrett was living his life through his son, Jeff..
    • Russo tells Glen Gilbertti that Jeff Jarrett needs a new gimmick..
    • Russo tells Glen Gilbertti to develope a new character for Jeff Jarrett..
    • Russo says he wants Jeff Jarrett to flush "Tradition" down the drain..
    • Rhodes appeared out of nowhere and gave Gilbertti a few elbows to the head!

  5. IN THE RING: Dusty Rhodes + TNA's Best..
    • Rhodes says he was told Jeff Jarrett was abducted by a bunch of thugs led by Vince Russo..
    • Rhodes brought out the top faces (Killings/Lynn/Red/Harris/Storm) and gave them a pep talk..
    • Rhodes told them they were in charge of the Asylum while he would look for Jarrett..

  6. X-TITLE MATCH: Sonny Siaki w/Desire pinned Amazing Red to keep the X title..
    • Siaki whipped Red off a huracanrana on the floor into the broadcast table..
    • Desire tripped up Red when he went on top for the infared..
    • Siaki and Desire continued to beat on Red until Kid Kash and Trinity made the save..

  7. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Konnan..
    • Konnan talked about the record crowd he drew at the Plaza de Toros in Mexico city..
    • Konnan claimed he was as big in Mexico as The Rock in the U.S. as a crossover celebrity..
    • Konnan also noted that he helped book When World's Collide, one of the greatest PPVs of all-time..
    • Konnan called Jerry Jarrett, Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff all racists..
    • Konnan said that WWE and TNA don't market to the Latin demographic..
    • Konnan says he is here to make sure the Latinos don't get left behind again..

  8. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Bob Armstrong..
    • Goldy tries to get some explaination out of Bob but he seems busy..
    • BG James steps in and says some stuff but the audio cuts out..

  9. MATCH: Tenacious Z pinned B.G. James!
    • Tenacious Z is the World's one and only one-legged-wrestler!
    • Tenacious Z did a dropkick, leg lariat and even an Asai moonsault to the outside!
    • Finish saw ref Scott Armstrong give his brother a low blow and Z got the pinfall..
    • After the match, Raven hit the ring and beat on Z, until Scott Armstrong pulled him out..

  10. IN THE RING: Raven + AJ Styles..
    • Raven says that AJ Styles has property that belongs to him, the NWA World Heavyweight title..
    • Styles came out wearing the NWA World title belt and brawled/wrestled with Raven..
    • Raven ended up breaking Styles' fingers and takes the belt back to the S.E.X. dressing room..
    • Zbyszko came out with a chair and chased Raven off..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Bob Armstrong + The New Church & Chris Harris/James Storm..
    • New Church and Harris & Storm had a backstage argument about who gets the next title shot..

  12. FOUR CORNERS ELIMINATION: Ron Killings defeated Jerry Lynn, Mike Sanders & David Flair..
    • Estrada came out and gave Sanders a missile dropkick and Lynn pinned him..
    • Lynn then pinned Flair with a cradle..
    • After a ref bump, Flair hit Lynn with the loaded sack and Killings pinned him..

  13. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Elix Skipper/Low Ki + Desire..
    • Goldy locks says that they witnessed a "robbery" last week when Triple X stole the tag titles..
    • Elix Skipper & Low Ki claimed it wasn't robbery it was a family coming together..
    • Desire came out and bragged she had a better plastic surgeon..
    • Desire noted Goldylocks had a bad boob job due to nipple placement and direction..

  14. WOMANS MATCH: Trinity w/Kid Kash pinned Desire w/Sonny Siaki..
    • Siaki kept interfering so Desire had the advantage but her offense looked bad..
    • Kash was in Trinity's corner and was useless since Siaki would interfer and he'd do nothing..
    • Siaki laid Trinity out with a superkick, smashed her head into a chair..
    • Trinity beat the odds and pinned Desire after a moonsault..

  15. TAG TITLE MATCH: Elix Skipper & Low Ki vs. Brian Lee & Slash w/Jim Mitchell..
    • There was a ref bump and a second ref came in, but the first ref was revived..
    • Slash pinned Skipper while Low Ki pinned Lee at the same time!
    • The head referee, Scott Armstrong, came out and announced the belts were held up!
    • Chris Harris & James Storm came out to start a three-way brawl!
    • The S.E.X. army hit the ring and everything gets out of control!!

  16. CONCLUSION: Everybody! + Vince Russo + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Show ended with a lengthy brawl, first with Harris & Storm and then Ron & Don Harris..
    • Soon everyone came out and got involved -- S.E.X. vs T.N.A. throughout the whole Asylum!!!
    • Bob Armstrong at one point was pounding on a masked military guy..
    • Eventually, all the babyfaces ended up being locked in the SEX dressing room..
    • Vince Russo got on the mic, with Mike Sanders & Glen Gilbertti in the ring, wearing masks..
    • Suddenly, the real Gilbertti came crawling out from backstage in his underwear..
    • Jeff Jarrett then pulled off his mask and was about to hit Russo when the show went off the air!!

  17. END OF SHOW....
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