NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
February 12, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. TEN BELL SALUTE: Curt Hennig..
    • Lots of Hennig signs in the crowd, although he was only mentioned once during the broadcast..

  2. RECAP: S.E.X. & Jeff Jarrett..
    • The showed a video package of the events that took place after the cameras went off the air last week..
    • Vince Russo and the members of S.E.X. tied up Jeff Jarrett and took turns whipping him with a belt..
    • They announced that Jeff Jarrett would not be appearing on the show tonight..

  3. IN THE RING: Mike Tenay + JJ Dillon + Vince Russo + Harris Brothers + Sandman!..
    • Tenay announced that Bob Armstrong had taken a leave of absence as the official NWA representative..
    • Tenay announced that he would be replaced by none other than J.J. Dillon!
    • JJ Dillon started to come out, but Vince Russo & the Harris boys came in from the other direction..
    • Russo gave a lengthy speech about how JJ Dillon attempted to get him fired from WCW..
    • Russo remembered when Vince McMahon realized Dillon was worthless and fired him..
    • Russo recalls how Dillon teamed with Kevin Sullivan to try and get him fired from WCW..
    • Dillon's comeback was that he quit WWF by choice and told Vince face-to-face..
    • Dillon said Russo called him begging for a job in WCW and he set up a meeting..
    • Dillon said Russo quickly realized he made a mistake..
    • Russo sent Ron & Don Harris after Dillon to tie him up..
    • Sandman made a surprise appearance to make the save with cane shots to the Harris boys!

  4. #1 CONTENDERS Tournament ROUND #1: James Storm & Chris Harris beat Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson..
    • Chris Harris pinned Ricky Morton with the HennigPlex as a tribute to Curt Hennig..
    • Low Ki came out and rammed Harris & Storm in the head with one of the title belts..

  5. PARKING LOT: Goldylocks & Vince Russo + Raven + Sandman..
    • Goldy was trying to get an interview with a paniced Vince Russo..
    • Raven shows up and Russo asks him what Sandman (Raven's buddy) is doing here tonight..
    • Raven is shocked that Sandman was even there..

  6. INSIDE: Sandman..
    • Sandman was trying to get into the S.E.X. dressing room, whacking the door with his cane..
    • Sandman took a seat in the stands with a beer and cigarette..

  7. #1 CONTENDERS Tournament ROUND #1: Ron & Don Harris beat Brian Lee & Slash..
    • Ron & Don Harris win after a massive H-bomb..

  8. X-TITLE: Kid Kash w/Trinity pinned Sonny Siaki w/Desire to win the X title!

  9. INTERROGATION: Mike Tenay & Ron Killings..
    • Tenay shoots questions off at Ron Killings for one minute..
    • Tenay concluded by asking if Ron Killings was joining Vince Russo's Sports Entertainment Extreme..
    • Killings was offended and stood up and yelled prophanities at Tenay and stormed off..

  10. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Mike Sanders/Glen Gilbertti + BJ James..
    • Mike asks Glen what he would do to Goldy to spice up her character..
    • Glen says that she could be the leader of his new Bitchslap faction, calling her "Cameltoe"..
    • Glen brings out a calander and looks at a picture of "Julio" (who is Julio Denero)..
    • Glen says that he is the type of guy he could turn into a great character..
    • Glen says that he could turn Julio into one of the Conneticut Urban Nasty Thugs!
    • BG James entered and said that he was embarassed by a one-legged guy last week..
    • BG James asks Glen & Mike to team with him against Ron Killings, Jorge Estrada & Tenacious Z..

  11. MATCH: Ron Killings/Jorge Estrada/Tenacious Z beat Mike Sanders/Glen Gilbertti/BG James..
    • Tenacious Z puts on yet another show-stealing performance..
    • Ron Killings pinned Mike Sanders to win the match for his team..

  12. PARKING LOT: Goldylocks & Raven + AJ Styles + Rock N Roll Express..
    • Goldy asks Raven about having to face his old friend, Sandman tonight..
    • Raven says that the very fact that Sandman is there tonight is Bullsh*t!
    • AJ Styles pulls up in a rent-a-car and attacks Raven!
    • Camera's go around the corner to find the RockNRoll Express laid out with black masks over their heads..

  13. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & David Fair..
    • David says that Arn Anderson has been a part of his entire life..
    • David says that Vince Russo was the guy who gave him his first shot..
    • David says that Stacy Keibler is a "beautiful girl but doesn't have a whole lot working"..
    • David says that Ric Flair worked 365 days a year and was a lousy father..
    • David kept calling Mike a "mark", and not thinking about the real lives of the wrestlers..
    • David said that growing up in the business you get a taste of the business and want more..
    • David said his goals are to be the NWA World champion some day..
    • Tenay asks what is inside the burlap sack that he's been using in recent weeks..
    • David says that he'll know what he wants everybody to know..

  14. MATCH: Steve Corino beat Low Ki via DQ..
    • Steve Corino gives his "king of oldschool" promo before the match..
    • Low Ki out of nowhere raked the eyes of referee Scott Armstrong..
    • Harris & Storm chased Low Ki after the match to save Steve Corino..
    • Brian Lee & Slash also come out and stare down Harris & Storm..

  15. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jerry Lynn..
    • Jerry Lynn gives Vince Russo credit for making Lynn get totally out of focus..
    • Jerry says that in the opening weeks of TNA, he and AJ Styles put on amazing matches..
    • Jerry says that he's got to reestablish the X-Division to get back at Vince Russo..

  16. GAUNTLET MATCH: X-Title Shot..
    • Shark Boy pinned Jose Maximo..
    • Shark Boy pinned Joel Maximo..
    • Jimmy Rave pinned Shark Boy..
    • Tony Mamaluke pinned Rave..
    • David Young pinned Tony Mamaluke..
    • Jerry Lynn beat David Young..
    • Jerry Lynn pinned Paul London..
    • All the competitors enter the ring and contradulate each other on a great match..

  17. IN THE RING: Konnan + Jerry Lynn + Vince Russo..
    • Konnan cut a promo on Lynn saying he was Mr. JL in WCW wrestling all the luchadores..
    • Jerry Lynn said he wrestled them because he was the only one who could make them look good..
    • Jerry Lynn said Konnan was jealous of not being as good as Juventud, Psicosis and Mysterio..
    • Konnan said he didn't need to be a high flier to sellout all over Mexico..
    • At this point, the Maximos & Konnan laid everyone out and left..
    • Vince Russo confronted Konnan about joining his group and Konnan blew him off..
    • Vince Russo told Konnan he'd never forget what he did for him in WCW..

  18. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jorge Estrada + Ron Killings..
    • Jorge says that he is flying solo from now on..
    • Ron Killings said he was finished answering everybody's questions and walks out of the building..
    • Goldy follows Killings out, but only finds Mike Sanders & Glen Gilbertti beaten up outside the Asylum!

  19. FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH: Raven pinned Sandman..
    • Sandman was still bleeding from two hours earlier, and Raven juiced early in the match..
    • They brawled all over the Asylum, through the crowd, backstage, balcony, and in the ring..
    • Low Ki shoved Sandman over a rail and he fell through a table allowing Raven to pin Sandman..
    • After the match, Steve Corino ran out to attack Low Ki, and the brawled to the ring..
    • Brian Lee & Slash came out and threw Raven & Sandman back into the ring..
    • Sandman came back swinging a cane until all of Russo's guys hit the ring..
    • The S.E.X. guys came out and tied up Corino and Sandman like they did to Jeff Jarrett last week..
    • Jeff Jarrett (who wasn't supposed to be there) ran in and cleaned house..
    • Aj Styles hit the ring and laying out Jarrett with the styles clash on a chair!!!

  20. END OF SHOW....
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