NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
February 26, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Trinity b One Dirty Bitch..
    • Mike Sanders & Glen Gilbertti b Ken Anderson & Shawn Daivari..
    • Sonny Siaki b Vex..
    • Elix Skipper b Chris Vaughn..

  2. X-TITLE MATCH: Kid Kash defeated Jason Cross to retain the X-title..
    • Jason Cross misses the Shooting Star Leg Press..
    • Kid Kash wins after the double springboard hurancanrana on Cross..

  3. IN THE RING: Vince Russo + AJ Styles + Raven + America's Most Wanted + Hotshots..
    • Russo came out wearing an old Dustin Rhodes ring jacket, claiming his friend "Dustin" gave it to him..
    • Russo claimed that at the end of the show Jeff Jarrett would join S.E.X...
    • Russo claimed that he had a good meeting with the Jarrett Family after the show last week..
    • Russo says that Jeff Jarrett with sign a S.E.X. contract by the end of the night..
    • Russo extends an open offer to the TNA locker room to join S.E.X..
    • AJ Styles then came out and said Russo was an arrogant bastard, but he's right..
    • AJ Styles says it's time for a change and says he'll sign a contract with S.E.X.!!
    • Raven came out and asks that all important question "What about me? What about RAVEN?"
    • Raven says that he came to TNA to be Russo's top guy, not to stand behind an X-Division reject..
    • Raven said that AJ Styles could never beat Sandman..
    • AJ Styles said Raven would blow up if he ever wrestled an X-Division wrestler..
    • Russo sets up AJ Styles vs Sandman and Raven vs an X-competitor..
    • America's Most Wanted come out to the stage and that everybody's forgotten about the tag division..
    • Chris Harris says that they aren't gonna kiss Russo's ass, they'll kick it!!
    • James Storm demands a title shot at Triple X tonight or else they'll take Vince Russo out!
    • America's Most Wanted charges the ring, Russo retreats, and Raven gets pumbled by Storm/Harris..
    • The Hotshots (Cassity O'Rielly & Chase Stevens) hit the ring and attacked America's Most Wanted..
    • The Hotshots have apparently joined S.E.X. because they are wearing S.E.X. shirts!

  4. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Dusty Rhodes & Vader..
    • Dusty says that he is pretty sure Jeff Jarrett isn't going to join S.E.X..
    • Dusty says a bunch of stuff that I couldn't personally translate but I'm sure it was directed to the Harris Brothers..

  5. TAG MATCH: Brian Lee & Slash w/Jim Mitchell beat Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger..
    • The Disciples of the New Church (Lee/Slash) come out to unfamiliar cheers from the Asylum crowd..
    • Brian Lee punched Diamond with the Spike, and Slash pinned him for the victory..

  6. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett said that he has known Vince Russo for 12 years and their family's have spent time together..
    • Jeff Jarrett said that all Vince Russo is only trying to save wrestling and save everybody's jobs..
    • Jeff Jarrett said Vince Russo was his best friend and was wearing a SEX T-shirt..
    • Jeff Jarrett said he'll show a tape of what happened during their meeting last week..

  7. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders..
    • Tenay asks Gilbertti how many successful characters he has created so far..
    • Gilbertti says the numbers don't matter, all that matters is the ratings have gone through the roof..
    • Tenay asks Sanders who kind of talant he has aquired over the years..
    • Sanders threatens to slap the taste out of Tenay's mouth..
    • Sanders says that Vince Russo has taken S.E.X. and T.N.A. to a whole new level..
    • Tenay marks out for traditional wrestling..
    • Sanders tells Tenay that traditional wrestling doesn't get over with the fans these days..
    • Gilbertti says that 11 million fans tuned in to WWF when Vince Russo was the head writer..
    • Tenay says that wrestling lost 6 millions viewers because they got sick of Sports Entertainment Xtreme..
    • Gilbertti shoots on oldschool wrestling items like masked wrestlers and 20 minute wrestling matches..
    • Gilbertti compares the entertainment value of David Arquette and putting a wig on Kurt Angle!
    • Editor's Note: I love Mike Tenay, and I'd give my left nut to sit and watch wrestling with him, but they're right..

  8. TAG MATCH: Chris Harris & James Storm beat Cassidy O'Reilly & Chase Stevens (The Hotshots)..
    • America's Most Wanted win the match dispite attempted interference by Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & Sonny Siaki & S.E.X. Crew..
    • Sonny Siaki tries to direct traffic in the S.E.X. locker room but they mostly ignore him..

  10. MATCH: Raven pinned Julio Dinero..
    • AJ Styles ran down and shoved Julio Dinero off the top rope..
    • Raven pinned Julio after the Even Flow DDT..
    • Raven and AJ Styles argued after the match, AJ telling Raven he owes him..

  11. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Konnan + Juventud Guerrera..
    • Konnan introduced Juventud Guerrera as the next authentic luchador..
    • Konnan says that all the X-Division wrestler's studied Juvi matches on tape..
    • Konnan pinched Goldylocks' butt and she yelled at him in Spanish!

  12. MATCH: Jerry Lynn pinned Juventud Guerrera..
    • Konnan was very unhappy about Juvi Guerrera losing even though it was a great match..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & Sonny Siaki..
    • Sonny Siaki trying to keep control in the S.E.X. locker room but it ain't working..
    • Mortimer Plumtree came in looking for Vince Russo, Siaki tells him "Don't call us, we'll call you"..

  14. NO DQ MATCH: AJ Styles pinned Sandman..
    • Sandman comes out and drinks a few beers at ringside before the match..
    • AJ Styles flips over the top rope onto Sandman to get the match started!
    • Raven hits Sandman with a chair right in front of the ref..
    • Styles hit a top rope huracanrana, and then a Styles Clash off the middle ropes!

  15. MAIN EVENT: Vader & Dusty Rhodes beat Ron & Don Harris via DQ..
    • Ron Killings hangs out in the rafters of the arena mad at the company for some reason..
    • Sonny Siaki and Desire were at ringside also..
    • Dusty Rhodes juiced early as the camera caught him putting the blade in his jeans..
    • Dusty whipped Desire with a belt while Vader laid out Siaki with his Vaderbomb..
    • Nikita Koloff tried to sneak up on Dusty and got hit with the bionic elbow..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks + Sandman & Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond..
    • Sandman tried to form a Team ECW with Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond..
    • They talked about how loyal to ECW they were and that Raven abandoned ECW to join the WWF..

  17. BACKSTAGE: Vince Russo + Jeff Jarrett + Lawler / Flair / Watts..
    • Vince Russo called out Jeff Jarrett to sign him to Sports Entertainment Xtreme..
    • Jeff Jarrett played a tape of Vince Russo's son talking about what a lousy father Russo was..
    • Will Russo said he hated living in Georgia because none of the kids at school was his friends..
    • Vince Russo started swearing at his son and vowing to give him a beating that night when he got home..
    • Jeff Jarrett then came out and pulled off his S.E.X. T-shirt and attacked Vince Russo!!
    • Jeff Jarrett was then attacked by David Flair, Erik Watts & Brian Lawler!!
    • Erik Watts chokeslams Jeff Jarrett through a table..
    • Erik Watts gets the microphone and says Jeff Jarrett will regrete what he did to them!

  18. END OF SHOW....
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