NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
March 19, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Ron & Don Harris b Alan Steele & Trendsetter..
    • Sonny Siaki b Kevin Northcutt..
    • Chris Harris & James Storm b Dynamic Duo..
    • David Young b Paul Vault..

  2. SPECIAL MESSEGE: Jim Duggan..
    • Jim Duggan wishes the military well as the war was literally beginning in Iraq..
    • Jim Duggan led the crowd in saying the pledge of allegiance..
    • TNA had passed out little American flags to the audience..

  3. IN THE RING: S.E.X. & Glen Gilbertti + DLo Brown + Jeff Jarrett + Ron Killings..
    • Glen Gilbertti came out with several members of SEX and called out D-Lo Brown..
    • Glen Gilbertti told DLo that Jeff Jarrett was manipulating him and pretending to be his friend..
    • Glen Gilbertti asked DLo to reconsider joining SEX because both he & Brown were friends with Vince Russo..
    • Glen says that there may be a glass cieling in the WWE, but the cieling is made of concrete in TNA..
    • Glen says that TNA is run by a paranoid blond haired egomaniac, Jeff Jarrett!
    • Glen points out that Jeff Jarrett has manipulated DLo into fighting his fights for him..
    • Jeff Jarrett came out and told DLo that the Vince Russo he was friends with doesn't exist any more..
    • DLo Brown said he wanted his title shot teasing a bit of dissension between the two..
    • New Generation (Watts/Lawler/Flair) hit the ring and attacked Jeff Jarrett..
    • DLo Brown, Dusty Rhodes & America's Most Wanted came in to make the save..
    • SEX ended up beating up on Jeff Jarrett, DLo Brown, Dusty Rhodes, Chris Harris & James Storm..
    • Ron Killings showed up to save the day for the babyfaces..
    • Ron Killings the embraces Jeff Jarrett and then Dusty Rhodes..

  4. RAPED PROMO: Raven..
    • Raven gives one of his typical "Raven" style promo about AJ Styles..
    • Raven says that he is destined to be the NWA World Heavyweight title and AJ Styles is standing in the way..
    • Raven says he will do whatever is necessary to eliminate AJ Styles from the pictures..

  5. NWA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Low Ki & Elix Skipper defeated Brian Lee & Slash via DQ..
    • There was a big ref bump and a plethora of unnoticed pin attempts..
    • Christopher Daniels hit Brian Lee with a belt shot but no referee to count..
    • Slash hit Low Ki with the Whirley Bird but no referee to count..
    • Elix Skipper did the play of the day on Slash but no referee to count..
    • Malice came out of nowhere and destroyed all three members of Triple X resulting in a DQ!
    • Malice also laid out the referee for good measure!

  6. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Erik Watts..
    • Erik Watts said he has done everything there is to do in his career and lists his accomplishments..
    • Erik Watts talks about his recent attacks on Jeff Jarrett and joining forces with Brian Lawler & David Flair..
    • Erik Watts said his father, Bill Watts, was the greatest promoter ever, and had to fire a lot of people..
    • Erik Watts said that people kept Erik Watts down, to try to get back at Bill Watts..
    • Erik Watts says that when he's ready to say why he's in TNA he will let Tenay know..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Sports Entertainment Xtreme..
    • Mike Sanders showed up and started mocking Sonny Siaki with his "Ace in the Hole" speach..
    • Glen Gilbertti slapped Mike Sanders in the face! and yells at Mike Sanders for losing to Jim Duggan last week..
    • Glen Gilbertti tells Holly Wood that she has to get Athena to show her boobs tonight or she's gone!

  8. INTERROGATION: Konnan..
    • Jerry Lynn: Punk Ass Bitch..
    • Tracy McGrady or Kobe Bryant: Kobe's a ballhog, Tracy McGrady..
    • Eric Bischoff: Punk Ass Bitch..
    • Retro Jerseys or FUBU Gear: Retro Jerseys, leave FUBU for Buff Bagwell & DDP..
    • Max Moon: The Best..
    • Eminem of 50 Cents: Eminem..
    • El Santo or Mil Mascaras: El Santo..
    • Christina Alguilara & Jennifer Lopez: Both, face down ass up..
    • Rey Mysterio: League by himself..
    • AJ Styles or Raven: Doesnt care for either..
    • Luchadores win-loss record: Konnan takes a fit and storms off..

  9. TAG MATCH: Konnan & Juventud Guerrera beat Jerry Lynn & Jason Cross..
    • Jerry Lynn tried a sunset flip on Konnan, who sat down on him and held the ropes for the pin..

  10. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Kid Kash / Trinity + Amazing Red..
    • Kid Kash is acting all cocky and mistreating Trinity..
    • Amazing Red enters and challenged Trinity to a match..
    • Kid Kash started making fun of him for challenging a "girl"..

  11. MATCH: Jim Duggan & Moondog Spot beat Mike Sanders & Glen Gilbertti..
    • Jim Duggan came out alone at first and got double teamed until Moondog Spot came out to help!
    • Glen Gilbertti blamed Mike Tenay for pulling a swerve on him bringing out Spot so he walked out..
    • Spot hit Mike Sanders with a bone shot with Jim Duggan following up with a kneedrop for the win!

  12. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jim Mitchell..
    • Father Jim Mitchell challenges S.E.X. to a Sadistic Madness 8-man tag team match next week..

  13. X-TITLE THREEWAY MATCH: Kid Kash defeats Amazing Red & Trinity..
    • Trinity kept taking bumps off the apron, leaving Kash & Red to work most of the match..
    • Kid Kash nailed a Van Terminator (with a flip) on Red..
    • Kid Kash tried to powerbomb Red from the top rope but Red reversed it into a hurancanrana..
    • Red went up to the top to finish Kid Kash off when Trinity recovered and knocked Red off..
    • Trinity hit a Huracanrana off the top on Red, then a swinging DDT and spinning head scissors..
    • Trinity was ready to finish Red off when Kid Kash slipped in and stole the pinfall to retain!

  14. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks..
    • Goldylocks outside of Jeff Jarrett's lockerroom trying to get an interview..
    • They put a microphone by the door and they hear Jeff Jarrett & DLo Brown yelling inside..

  15. 6-MAN TAG: Jeff Jarrett/DLo Brown/Dusty Rhodes beat New Generation (Watts/Lawler/Flair)..
    • The finish saw Jeff Jarrett get a hot tag and pinned David Flair with the stroke..
    • DLo Brown then walked out on Jeff Jarrett & Dusty Rhodes..
    • Ron Killings ran in and hugged Jeff Jarrett, joining the celebration..
    • Jeff Jarrett climbed the ropes to celebrate, Ron Killings power bombed him off the ropes!
    • Brian Lawler & David Flair beat up Dusty Rhodes and busted him open..
    • Erik Watts put a noose around Jeff Jarrett's neck and dragged him into the parking lot..
    • Erik Watts put the rope inside the limo and shut the trunk, but the other end around Jarrett's neck..
    • Erik Watts teased he was going to start the car and kill Jeff Jarrett..
    • Erik Watts tossed the limo driver out of the car and jumped in..
    • Erik Watts then got out and said he didn't want to go to jail for that..
    • Erik Watts told Jeff Jarrett he was only trying getting into his head..

  16. DRESSING ROOM: The New Church + S.E.X..
    • The New Church, Slash & Malice & Brian Lee, barged down the SEX dressing room door..
    • SEX members jumped out and beat on the Disciples of the New Church..
    • SEX members through Brian Lee & Slash out of the room and did a six-on-one on Malice..

  17. IN THE RING: Sonny Siaki & Holly Wood + Athena + David Young..
    • Sonny Siaki & Holly Wood came out and did a cat fight spot with Athena..
    • Athena kicked her ass and refused to rip Holly Wood's shirt off..
    • Sonny Siaki said nobody wanted to see Athena's floppy flapjacks anyway..
    • Sonny Siaki gave Athena a brutal tombstone piledriver and David Young ran down to make the save!

  18. NO-DQ LADDER MATCH: Raven beat A.J. Styles to become #1 Contender..
    • Raven started the match with his head tightly bandaged from the weeks of bleeding on TNA..
    • AJ Styles beat the bandage off of Raven, who started bleeding almost immediately..
    • Raven later uses a staple gun on the top of AJ Styles' head!
    • AJ Styles went off the top rope outside the ring with a legdrop onto Raven through a table..
    • Raven pulled referee Andrew Thomas on top of him so AJ Styles put both guys through the table!
    • AJ Styles then started climbing up the ladder in the ring..
    • Glen Gilbertti came in and power bombed Styles over the top rope through another table!!
    • Raven then got up and climbed the ladder and got the NWA title contract..

  19. END OF SHOW....
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