NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
March 26, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Shark Boy b Ryan Ash..
    • Glen Gilbertti b Scotty Sabre..
    • Erik Watts & Brian Lawler b Matt Longtime & Kurt Jensen..
    • James Storm b Doug Williams..

  2. KICKOFF: Goldylocks..
    • Goldylocks gives her VERY BUTCHERED verson of America the Beautiful to honor the troops in Iraq..

  3. SEX LOCKER ROOM: AJ Styles + Glen Gilbertti + S.E.X..
    • AJ Styles barges down the S.E.X. locker room with a chainsaw!
    • AJ Styles accuses Glen Gilbertti of costing him a title shot last week..
    • AJ Styles says that without Vince Russo, all of the S.E.X. wrestlers suck!
    • AJ Styles says that if Glen Gilbertti isn't in the ring in 30 seconds, he'll come back and dismember him!
    • Glen Gilbertti assigns the reponsability to Mike Sanders..

  4. MATCH: AJ Styles pinned Mike Sanders..
    • Mike Sanders took on AJ Styles looking to proove himself in the eyes of SEX..
    • Glen Gilbertti & Sonny Siaki ran down but it backfired and AJ Styles won the match!
    • Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders got into a shoving match until Sonny Siaki calmed them down..

  5. MATCH: Jerry Lynn pinned Konnan..
    • Konnan came out and talked about TNA taking 70 years of Lucha Libre and renaming it "X-Division"..
    • Konnan reversed a hurancanrana into a powerbomb outside of the ring!
    • Jerry Lynn won after a surprise rollup pinfall..
    • After the match, a yellow "masked" luchadore attacked Jerry Lynn and gave him a spinning DDT!
    • Konnan acted as if he didn't know who the yellow guy was..

  6. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett said he's at a charity event and not at the show tonight..
    • Jeff Jarrett talked about all the great contenders, specifically putting over AJ Styles, Raven, Ron Killings & DLo..
    • Jeff Jarrett mentioned Erik Watts, saying he was a joke..
    • Jeff Jarrett said David Flair holding an NWA title belt is an even bigger joke..
    • Mike Tenay asked him if he regretted taping the interview with Vince Russo's kids..
    • Jeff Jarrett got mad at Mike Tenay, who can't seem to finish an interview on a positive note..

  7. IN THE RING: Jim Mitchell & The New Church + Harris Boys/Elix Skipper/Chris Daniels + Sandman + Perry Saturn!
    • Jim Mitchell explains that the only S&M match rule is that you can't be pinned unless you're bleeding..
    • The Harris Brothers, Chris Daniels & Elix Skipper come out to the ring..
    • Chris Daniels says that S.E.X. is a better religion than Jim Mitchell's..
    • The S.E.X. members then attacked the New Church..
    • Sandman came out for the attempted save, but they were beating on him too..
    • Perry Saturn makes his shocking debut and ran into the ring and cleaning house!!

  8. PROMO: Dusty Rhodes..
    • Dusty Rhodes says that people always ask him why he keeps living in the past..
    • Dusty Rhodes says that he respects the past, and Brian Lawler, David Flair & Erik Watts don't..
    • Dusty Rhodes says that they should have been tought respect as kids, but he'll teach them respect!
    • Dusty says that he going to get that belt back from David Flair in the Bunkhouse match tonight..

  9. MATCH: David Young vs Sonny Siaki went to a NO CONTEST..
    • Athena was at ringside wearing a neck brace selling a tombstone piledriver last week..
    • Athena got some revenge by slapping and low-blowing Sonny Siaki during the match..
    • Desire appeared (for the first time in 2 weeks) and got into a catfight with Athena..
    • Desire & Sonny Siaki handcuffed David Young to the ropes and Sonny Siaki gave Athena the Siakalypse..

  10. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Amazing Red + Alexis Laree..
    • Goldylocks asks Red who he'll be teaming with in his mixed tag match with Kid Kash & Trinity..
    • Alexis Laree enters with a major chip on her shoulder and threatens both Trinity & Goldylocks..

  11. IN THE RING: Erik Watts/Brian Lawler/David Flair + Jeff Jarrett + DLo Brown + S.E.X..
    • Erik Watts addressed Jeff Jarrett's comments and said he didn't want a title shot anyway..
    • The lights went out and Jeff Jarrett showed up and whacked Erik Watts with a guitar..
    • Jeff Jarrett says that Erik Watts' mind games just got his ass handed to him..
    • Jeff Jarrett issues and open challenge to anyone in the back to come out to the ring..
    • DLo Brown answered the challenge and joined Jeff Jarrett in the ring wanting a title shot tonight..
    • DLo Brown says that Jeff Jarrett is the champ and should expect to be chased and ran down by people..
    • Jeff Jarrett agrees to the match, even though DLo is only asking for a hand-out..
    • Glen Gilbertti and members of S.E.X. then came out to the ring..
    • Glen Gilbertti says that this isn't the WWE, where they check their brains at the door..
    • Glen Gilbertti said that Raven is the #1 Contender for Jeff Jarrett's NWA World title..
    • Glen Gilbertti said that DLo will get a title shot next week only if he agrees to join S.E.X. if he wins..
    • DLo Brown agreed to those stipulations..
    • Jeff Jarrett tells Glen Gilbertti that by the end of the night, he'll know what "Don't Piss Me Off" means..

  12. BUNKHOUSE MATCH: Dusty Rhodes pinned David Flair..
    • David Flair brought out an NWA World belt that he said he stole from his father's closet..
    • Dusty Rhodes hit David Flair with a cowbell and then pinned him for the win..
    • Dusty then grabbed the old NWA world title belt from the corner..
    • Brian Lawler came out while Dusty Rhodes was celebrating and grabbed the belt from him and ran!

  13. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Chris Harris/James Storm..
    • Goldylocks asked Chris Harris why he was doing a singles match..
    • Chris Harris said he just wanted to do it but he didn't want to break up the team..
    • Chris Harris said that Goldy was looking for a story, but that there isn't a story here..
    • James Storm gave him the evil eye the entire interview..

  14. MIXED TAG MATCH: Kid Kash & Trinity b Amazing Red & Alexis Laree..
    • Trinity & Alexis Laree both show a lot of fire during the match, repeatedly going after the men..
    • Trinity pinned Alexis Laree after landing a moonsault..
    • Kid Kash was mad at Trinity because she scored the pin instead of him, and walked out on her..

  15. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jerry Lynn..
    • Goldylocks asks Jerry Lynn if he knows who the masked luchadore was..
    • Jerry Lynn, visibly upset, says he doesn't know, but maybe she could go ask Konnan..

  16. MATCH: DLo Brown pinned Chris Harris..
    • Chris Harris accidentally speared Rudy Charles, knocking him out..
    • DLo went to the top rope and missed the frog splash!
    • Chris Harris got to the top rope and missed a big elbow drop!
    • Glen Gilbertti interfered using a Ace Crusher on Chris Harris..
    • DLo Brown saw the interference and pinned Chris Harris anyway, to tease that he's with S.E.X..

  17. SADISTIC MADNESS: Saturn & Sandman & Brian Lee & Slash beat Harris Twins & Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper..
    • The rules are that a guy had to bleed before he could be pinned..
    • Sandman came down last smashing a beer can on his head, causing him to bleed before the match!
    • The Harris Brothers brutally powerbombed Sandman onto a steel chair!
    • The brawl went all over the Asylum, with just about all participants getting busted open..
    • Slash got the Spike and used it on Chris Daniels, brutally busting him open!!
    • Ron Killings, who turned heel last week, returned this week as a babyface, with Nelson Knight by his side!!
    • Nelson Knight (Mabel aka Viscera) sitout powerbombed Chris Daniels and Saturn pinned him!
    • S.E.X. got the better of The New Church and were about to put them through tables..
    • Jeff Jarrett ran in and cleaned house, hitting everyone with a chair!
    • DLo Brown came out and confronted him, and Jeff Jarrett laid out DLo with the chair too!!!

  18. END OF SHOW....
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