NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
April 9, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Chris Harris b The Rocker..
    • Konnan b Salvatore Rinauro..
    • Erik Watts & David Flair b Beale Street Posse..
    • James Storm b Derrick King..

  2. 3WAY ARMED ASYLUM MATCH: Harris Twins defeated over Sandman/New Jack and Brian Lee/Slash..
    • New Jack used a cheese grater (on Slash), a staple gun (on Slash) during the early moments..
    • Slash did a senton off the balcony on Don Harris through a table..
    • Brian Lee took a backdrop off the balcony and grazed a table intended to break his fall..
    • New Jack jumped off the balcony onto Slash brutally through a table!
    • Harris Brothers pinned Sandman after an big H-bomb..
    • It seemed as though New Jack was all for himself and didn't care about Sandman..

  3. INTERVIEW: Mike Barton + DLo Brown + Glen Gilbertti + Chris Harris..
    • Mike Barton said he knocked out Steve Williams, Godfather and Bradshaw in the Brawl 4 All tournament..
    • D-Lo Brown broke into the SEX locker room while this interview was going on..
    • D-Lo demanded a match with Mike Sanders, because he cost him the NWA title last week..
    • Mike Sanders wasn't there, but for some reason, Chris Harris was..
    • Glen Gilbertti said he'll deliver Mike Sanders on a silver platter and told Harris to go find Sanders..

  4. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Jeff Hammond/Hermie Sadler..
    • Plugs for nascar - bleh..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Raven's Flock..
    • Raven arrives at the building with Alexis Laree & Julio Dinero..

  6. THE INTERROGATION: Mike Tenay/Don West & Dusty Rhodes..
    • TONIGHTS LADDER MTAH = Sensational
    • LAWLER/WATTS/FLAIR = I couldn't understand his response
    • TED TURNER = Daddy
    • WCW = *fart sound*
    • S.E.X. = Two types of sex
    • RIC FLAIR OR HARLY RACE = Harly is the baddest man alive, cept me
    • NIKITA KOLOFF = Superpowers
    • GOLDUST = Son
    • JEFF JARRETT = Champion of the World
    • NWA WORLD TITLE = Wouldn't it be amazing if a 50 year old man won the title one more time?
    • ~~~Dusty added "Just kidding Jeff, not really..

  7. LADDER MATCH: Dusty Rhodes beat Brian Lawler..
    • Dusty Rhodes did an elbow drop off a one foot step ladder..
    • Dusty Rhodes was climbing the ladder until David Flair ran in and pulled him down..
    • Nikita Koloff showed up and climbed the ladder and grabbed the belt!
    • Nikita stood there with the belt, but eventually handed it over to Dusty Rhodes..
    • Nikita & Dusty hugged, but Erik Watts ran in and stole the belt and ran off!

  8. PARKING LOT: Chris Harris & James Storm + Mike Sanders..
    • Chris Harris & James Storm argued in the parking lot about Chris Harris being in the S.E.X. dressing room..
    • Chris Harris finds Mike Sanders and tells him Glen Gilbertti wants him to report to S.E.X..
    • Mike Sanders says that guys work their lives to generate the heat he generates already..

  9. MATCH: A.J. Styles pinned Glen Gilberti..
    • Glen Gilberti got the pin with his feet on the ropes but the ref saw it and restared the match..
    • AJ Styles took over and won with the Styles Clash and his feet on the ropes, ref didn't see it..
    • After the match, Glen Gilberti destroyed the referee with two hard chair shots to the back!

  10. LOCKER ROOM: Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders..
    • Glen Gilbertti asks who the hell DLo thinks he is coming in there and demanding a match..
    • Glen Gilbertti says that Mike Sanders is part of the S.E.X. family and bleeds S.E.X..
    • Glen Gilbertti demands that Mike Sanders get his gear on and take care of DLo Brown!

  11. INTERGENDER TAG MATCH: Sonny Siaki & Desire beat David Young & Athena..
    • Sonny Siaki was seconded by Brian Sweeney, who won an auction to be a part of a TNA show..
    • David Young turned on Athena and gave her a spinebuster and Desire got the pin!
    • David Young then put on a SEX T-shirt!

  12. INTERVIEW: Perry Saturn..
    • Perry Saturn said he was in 500 fights when he was a kid and got scared..
    • Jeff Jarrett came out to complained about Mike Tenay promising some answers tonight..
    • Mike Barton jumped Perry Saturn, and they brawled towards the ring..

  13. MATCH: Perry Saturn beat Mike Barton..
    • Mike Barton threw a punch and "broke his hand" on Saturn's head..
    • Perry Saturn put him in a wrist lock for the submission victory..

  14. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & New Jack + Sandman + The New Church..
    • New Jack & Sandman were arguing when the New Church entered and they brawled..
    • Sandman took a fireball from Jim Mitchell while Brian Lee & Slash destroyed New Jack..

  15. MATCH: D-Lo Brown pinned Mike Sanders..
    • DLo Brown was on top for the frog splash when Sonny Siaki shoved him off the ropes!
    • Desire distracted referee Rudy Charles..
    • DLo Brown came back and got the pinfall anyway..
    • Glen Gilberti, Mike Sanders & Sonny Siaki triple-teamed DLo Brown after the match..

  16. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Trinity + Kid Kash..
    • Trinity said she was born to be an athlete and played sports all through school and even after..
    • Trinity said wrestling was a natural transition for her, and trained with Mikey Whipwreck..
    • Trinity said she worked as a stunt double for Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez & Sandre Bullock..
    • Kid Kash came out and browbeat her for stealing his spotlight and using him to become a star..
    • Kid Kash told her to not move a muscle at ringside in the next match..

  17. MATCH: Raven w/Julio & Alexis pinned Kid Kash w/Trinity..
    • Raven's new flock consists of Alexis Laree and Julio Dinero..
    • Late in the match, Trinity did a huracanrana on Raven, and a moonsault to the floor on Laree and Dinero!
    • In the ring, Raven DDT'd Kid Kash to win as Trinity walked out on Kash..

  18. MAIN EVENT: Jerry Lynn/Red beat Daniels/Skipper & Johnny Storm/Chris Sabin & Shark Boy/Jason Cross..
    • The winners were to meet in a singles match "at a later date" for a X title shot..
    • Chris Daniels pinned Jason Cross after the masked luchador in black shoved Cross off the top rope..
    • Jerry Lynn pinned Chris Sabin after the masked luchador reappeared and DDT'd Sabin..
    • Amazing Red pinned Chris Daniels with a small package to win the match!
    • Lots of X-division action in one of the best TNA matches in a long time..

  19. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Erik Watts..
    • Erik Watts was wearing the replica NWA World title belt..
    • Erik Watts said all the cheering that Jarrett gets is really piped in fake stuff like they do in "New York"..
    • Erik Watts said he got a porsh for signing with WCW and hung out at Vince's house when he was with WWF..
    • Erik Watts says that people like him, and that he cares for Jeff Jarrett and that he's the best..

  20. IN-RING INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Jeff Jarrett + Raven's Flock + Dusty Rhodes..
    • Mike Tenay & Jeff Jarrett were at odds with each other and it was a major heel turn tease by JJ..
    • Mike Tenay acted as if Jeff Jarrett was paranoid and wasn't conducting himself like an NWA champion..
    • Jeff Jarrett went on the offensive, until suddenly Raven came out with the flock..
    • Raven said that without the NWA World title, Jeff Jarrett wouldn't be in TNA..
    • Jeff Jarrett challenged Raven for a match right then and there..
    • Jeff Jarrett and Raven each grabbed chairs and security cleared out..
    • Raven, backed by the flock, stopped when Dusty Rhodes came out behind Jeff Jarrett..
    • Dusty Rhodes tapped Jeff Jarrett on the shoulder, but JJ turned around and laid him out with the chair!

  21. END OF SHOW....
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