NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
April 23, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Erik Watts b Ken Phoenix..
    • Sonny Siaki & David Young b Trix Nasty & Shawn Parks..
    • Konnan b Bobby Rude..
    • Shark Boy & Matt Sydal & Salvatore Rinauro b Delirious & Jimmy Rave & Ryan Ash..

  2. PROMO: Raven..
    • Raven mentioned it's 10,080 minutes until his match with Jeff Jarrett next week..
    • Raven said he had a surprise for later in the show for Jeff Jarrett..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders + S.E.X.
    • Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders were talking when the rest of SEX all arrived together..
    • Glen Gilbertti said people were calling him "Below Average" Mike Sanders lately..
    • Glen Gilbertti was mad they all showed up late and slapped Sonny Siaki in the face..
    • Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders ordered them into the dressing room..
    • D-Lo Brown & AJ Styles jumped Gilbertti/Sanders in the parking lot and wound up in the ring..

  4. TAG MATCH: AJ Styles & DLo Brown beat Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders via DQ..
    • Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper interfered causing a disqualification..
    • Jerry Lynn & Amazing Red came out to save AJ Styles & DLo Brown..
    • Sonny Siaki & David Young then came out and laid out Jerry Lynn and Red..

  5. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Jeff Jarrett + Erik Watts..
    • Jeff Jarrett says he doesn't understand Raven's cryptic bullshit, nobody does..
    • Jeff Jarrett says that tonight he's gonna be the hunter, and he'll be the hunded..
    • Erik Watts showed up and asked what ever happened to Peace, Love & Understanding..
    • Erik Watts says that he's going to find Raven and put him in a straight jacket and talk to him..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & Chris Harris..
    • Chris Harris was found laid out in the dressing room after after being attacked..

  7. TAG MATCH: Elix Skipper & Chris Daniels beat Chris Harris & James Storm..
    • Elix Skipper declares XXX the winners, saying James Storm is too smart to come out alone!
    • James Storm came out all fired up and went after XXX with authority..
    • A few minutes later, Chris Harris limped his way down to the ring to help his partner..
    • Elix Skipper pinned Chris Harris after Chris Daniels kicked him low..
    • Elix Skipper & Chris Daniels get a tag title shot at Jerry Lynn & Red at a later date..
    • After the match, James Storm walked out on Chris Harris..

  8. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Alexis Laree..
    • Alexis Laree said she will cut off Jeff Jarrett's balls and put them down Goldylocks' throat..
    • Alexis then went to the ticket office and threatened the old lady in the ticket booth, Sara Lee..
    • Jeff Jarrett made the save beat Alexis up with a garbage can, then threw her in the back of a truck..

  9. PROMO: Minister Jim Mitchell..
    • Jim Mitchell explains the weapons available and the rules of the ULTIMATE SINS match..
    • There will be barbed wire, lendo sticks, a ladder, and a baseball amung other things..

  10. ULTIMATE SIN: Perry Saturn & New Jack & Sandman beat Brian Lee & Slash & Mike Awesome..
    • This was a barbed wire match with tables and a ladder and a baseball bat hanging from the cieling!
    • New Jack also had a grenade and wound up with a $1 bill stapled to his forehead..
    • Mike Awesome hit the Awesomebomb on Perry Saturn onto a garbage can!
    • Mike Awesome power bombed Sandman off the apron through a table!
    • Perry aturn came off the top with a plancha putting Brian Lee through a table on the floor..
    • New Jack was climbing the ladder and it tipped over and he went flying over the top through a table!
    • Slash was about to climb the ladder when the lights went out!
    • Justin Credible appeared on the ladder and climbed up and got the baseball bat!
    • Justin Credible gave the bat to Perry Saturn, who used it on Slash for the pin..

  11. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Kid Kash..
    • Kid Kash said Trinity doesn't have a contract with TNA and is only here cause he saw something in her..
    • Kid Kash said Trinity has a personal services contract which means she does whatever HE wants..
    • Trinity came out and started defending herself..
    • Kid Kash slapped the hell out of her..
    • Trinity slapped him back..

  12. NON (X-TITLE) MATCH: Trinity defeated Kid Kash..
    • Mike Sanders and the Harris Twins showed up after a ref bump..
    • Swerve -- Sanders/Harris' beat up on Kid Kash and helped Trinity secure the victory!

  13. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & The Disciples of the New Church..
    • Jim Mitchell yelled at Slash for the loss earlier in the six man tag match..

  14. MATCH: Justin Credible vs Slash went to a NO CONTEST..
    • Slash laid out Shark Boy as he was going to the ring for his match..
    • Slash held a dagger up to Jeremy Borash's neck and demanded a match with Justin Creidble..
    • The New Church wound up in the parking lot with Team Extreme (Sandman & New Jack & Saturn) brawling..
    • Sandman was using a Singapore Cane (lit on fire) as a weapon..

  15. IN THE RING: Erik Watts + Julio Dinero + Alexis Laree..
    • Erik Watts called out Raven, but Julio Dinero came out instead, followed by Alexis Laree..
    • Erik Watts chokeslamed Julio Dinero, and then Alexis Laree gave Erik Watts a low blow..
    • Jeff Jarrett then came out and saved Erik Watts (okay?)..
    • Jeff Jarrett put the stroke on Julio then set him up on a table..
    • Jeff Jarrett then power-bombed Alexis Laree off the top rope onto Julio through a table!!

  16. MATCH: Amazing Red pinned Jerry Lynn to get the next shot at Kid Kash's X belt..
    • Konnan joined the announcing team for this match..
    • Ron Killings interfered and gave Jerry Lynn a face-first suplex and Red didn't see it..
    • Ron Killings then told Konnan he had something to talk with him about..
    • Amazing Red then did a sky twister press for the pin and will recieve a X title shot..
    • Amazing Red & Jerry Lynn shook hands and hugged after the match..

  17. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & Erik Watts + Raven..
    • Erik Watts found the secret hiding place where Raven was hanging out in all night..
    • Raven jumped Erik Watts and DDT'd him on a steele chair..

  18. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett & Raven + Team Extreme..
    • Jeff Jarrett appeared and brawled with Raven through the backstage area and eventually into the ring..
    • Jeff Jarrett whacked Raven with a chair and placed Raven into the straight jacket!
    • The lights went out, and came back on and Team Extreme were standing behind Jeff Jarrett!
    • Team Extreme then went after Jeff Jarrett and put HIM in the straight jacket!!!!!
    • They wrapped Jeff Jarrett in barbed wire and Raven power-bombed him as the show went off!

  19. END OF SHOW....
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