NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
May 28, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Erik Watts b Preston Quinn..
    • Tracy b J-Love..
    • Shark Boy b Valentino..
    • David Young & Mike Sanders b B.J. Whitmer & Matt Stryker..

  2. PARKING LOT: Glen Gilbertti & Julio/Alexis..
    • Glen Gilbertti tells Julio & Alexis to tell Raven that he's going to beat his ass tonight!

  3. ASYLUM ALLIANCE MATCH: AJ Styles & D-Lo Brown defeated CM Punk & Jason Cross..
    • DLo & AJ Styles hit dualing frog-splashes for the victory..
    • After the match, DLo Brown got on the mic..
    • DLo said that they shouldn't be out here facing a couple of "jobbers" --- ouch!
    • DLo said both he and AJ Styles needed to do whatever it took to follow their dreams to become World Champions..
    • AJ Styles claimed the only way to do that would be to end the team to chase after Jeff Jarrett..
    • AJ Styles & DLo Brown shook hands and parted ways..

  4. RECAP: Jeff Jarret & Jeremy Borash..
    • Jeff Jarrett & Jeremy Borash in Australia touring with World Wrestling All-Stars..
    • Jeff Jarrett successfully defended the NWA World title against Sting..
    • Editor's Note: What they failed to mention is that it was unified with the WWA World title..

  5. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + Raven..
    • Jeff Jarrett comes out to thunderous boos from the Asylum crowd..
    • Jeff Jarrett turns on the crowd and tells them that "Life sucks, and then ya die!"..
    • Jeff Jarrett then challenges Raven to come to the ring and face in Man-to-Man..
    • Raven comes out to cheers and chants from the crowd..
    • Raven calls Jeff Jarrett a whining egotistical back-stabbing pussy! AND a coward!
    • Raven says that Jeff Jarrett's political connections rival those of Shane & Stephanie McMahon..
    • Raven challenges Jeff Jarrett to a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match..
    • Jeff Jarrett says that he's going to protect Raven until the day he gets him back in the ring..
    • A man in a suit approached the ring and presented Jeff Jarrett with some "Confidential" papers..
    • Jeff Jarrett asks Mike Tenay if he knows anything about this "Suspension" laid down by TNA?!

  6. SEX LOCKER ROOM: Glen Gilbertti & S.E.X..
    • Glen Gilbertti is bragging about getting Jeff Jarrett suspended..
    • Glen Gilbertti said he was gonna beat Raven so bad, he'll wish he was detoxing..
    • Glen Gilbertti gives the S.E.X. boys a pep talk and praises Mike Sanders for winning his Hard 10 match..
    • Glen Gilbertti requests that the Harris Brother bring "Wildcat" Chris Harris to him..

  7. ASYLUM ALLIANCE MATCH: B.G. James & Konnan defeated Sandman & Sonny Siaki..
    • BG James made his return to the TNA Asylum, looking in a lot better shape than last time we saw him..
    • Mike Tenay points out that BG James used to be in S.E.X. but is wearing a TNA shirt now!
    • BG James pinned Sonny Siaki to pick up the win!

  8. TAPED INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & New Jack + Shark Boy..
    • New Jack dropped a big bottle of water off a balcony and it crashed through a table..
    • New Jack says that that is what is going to happen to Slash later tonight..
    • Shark Boy enters and challenges New Jack to a game of "Chutes & Ladders"..

  9. HARD 10 TOURNAMENT MATCH: New Jack defeated Slash ..
    • New Jack ended up tossing Slash off the top turnbuckle through a table on the floor to win!

  10. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Chris Daniels / Elix Skipper..
    • Chris Daniels says that Triple X is the best tag team in the world today..
    • Elix Skipper talks about winning the WCW Cruiserweight title in his first match..
    • Chris Daniels says that Japan, England, Canada, Puerto Rico have all paved the way for where he is now..
    • Chris Daniels cuts Mike Tenay off, preventing him from promoting his "Traditionalist Propaganda"..
    • Chris Daniels says that they embraced Sports Entertainment and that is why they are the best..

  11. PARKING LOT: The Harris Brothers + Ron Killing & Konnan..
    • The Harris Brothers crack open a couple of beers..
    • Suddenly, they are attacked by Ron Killings & Konnan gangstyle and beaten up..

  12. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & The SATs + Erik Watts..
    • Goldylocks says that the whole world has been talking about their cousin RED..
    • The SATs say that they are proud of their cousin for showing the world what they are all about..
    • Erik Watts enters and playfully flirts with Goldylocks and pulls her away..

  13. TAG TITLE MATCH: Triple X defeated The S.A.T.s. to retain..
    • The SAT's making their return to Total Nonstop Action..
    • Triple X (Skipper & Daniels) won when Elix Skipper got the pinfall on one of the Maximos..
    • After the match, Raven hit the ring and took out both Jose & Joel Maximo..

  14. SEX LOCKER ROOM: Glen Gilbertti & S.E.X. + Tracy + Desire..
    • Glen Gilbertti is wondering where the Harris Brothers disappeared to..
    • Tracy enters the locker room looking to talk to David Young about their match next week..
    • Desire confronts Tracy and they start a catfight, which eventually boils over into the ring!
    • David Young slips into the ring and gives Tracy a spinbuster and helps Desire out..
    • Tracy is carried away with a injured neck..

  15. BACKSTAGE: Goldylocks & Erik Watts..
    • Erik Watts and Goldylocks are making out in a Janitor's closet but Goldy is feeling uncomfortable..
    • Erik Watts pushes himself on Goldylocks anyway, but Goldy says she doesn't trust Erik because he's a wrestler..
    • Erik Watts says he is going to make it up to her, but she's got to trust him..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Kid Kash & Nurse Veronica (ROH's Simply Luscious)..
    • Nurse Veronica comes in and tells Kid Kash its time for his pre-match examination..
    • Kid Kash harasses her, suspecting Tracy sent her in to put one over on him again..
    • Nurse Veronica then smashes Kid Kash over the head and crotch with a clip board!

  17. MATCH: Kid Kash defeated The Mystery Luchadore..
    • The "mystery" luchadore revealed herself as none other than Trinity!
    • Trinity attempted a moonsault and Kid Kash saved her life by catching her before she would have landed on her head!
    • Kid Kash hit a piledriver on Trinity to get the win..
    • Kid Kash said he wasn't done, because he is going to KILL her..

  18. BACKSTAGE: Bill Behrens & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett walks back into the building and says he's going whip his ass with the suspension papers..

  19. SEX LOCKER ROOM: Glen Gilbertti + The Harris Brothers & Chris Harris..
    • The Harris Brothers finally deliver Chris Harris to Glen Gilbertti..
    • Glen Gilbertti offers the services of Chris Sabin to team with Chris Harris tonight..

  20. ASYLUM ALLIANCE MATCH: Chris Harris & Chris Sabin defeated Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn..
    • James Storm isn't at the show tonight due to "personal problems"..
    • Chris Sabin countered the Piledriver into a rollup for the pinfall victory
    • After the match, Jerry Lynn & Justin Credible engaged in a lenthy pull-apart brawl..

  21. INTERVIEW: Erik Watts & Raven..
    • Erik Watts describes the main event match between Glen Gilbertti & Raven..
    • Erik Watts says he's just gonna sit back and watch a great match..

  22. MAIN EVENT: Glen Gilberti defeated Raven!
    • The Harris Brothers came out to interfere but Julio and Alexis Laree got their attention..
    • Sonny Siaki came to the ringside and pulled the referee out of the ring just as Raven made a cover!
    • The referee took a bump, and the Sandman came out and attacked Raven with the kendo stick!
    • Jeff Jarrett snuck in and attacked Sandman (protecting Raven) while the referee was out cold..
    • Shockingly, a clean shaven Vince Russo appeared and whacked Raven with a baseball bat!!
    • Glen Gilbertti managed to roll over and place a hand on Raven's chest for the 1-2-3 victory!

  23. END OF SHOW....
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