NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
June 11, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Jerry Lynn b Nate Webb..
    • Sonny Siaki & Mike Sanders b C.B. Cage & Jason Knight..
    • Desire b Mercedes - Desire injured her back, possibly fractured during this match..
    • Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper b Matt Sydal & Delirious..

  2. BACKLOT: Raven's Flock..
    • Raven's Flock was standing outside of the TNA Asylum (Fairgrounds Coliseum)..
    • Julio Dinero talked about what he was going to do to DLo Brown tonight..
    • DLo Brown interrupted by attacking Raven and dragging Julio into the building..

  3. MATCH: DLo Brown defeats Julio Deniro w/Alexis Laree..
    • Julio Dinero hit a tornado DDT into a Diamond Cutter ("Dream Theater") for a two count..
    • DLo Brown came back with a jawbreaker and wheel kick for a two count..
    • Alexis hit DLo with a DDT off the ropes and Julio scored another two count..
    • DLo Brown dropped Julio with the Hi-Lo for the three count and the victory!

  4. IN-RING INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Glen Gilbertti..
    • Mike Tenay asked Glen Gilbertti why Vince Russo would hit him with a baseball bat last week..
    • Glen Gilbertti said he doesn't know why and asked Tenay to explain it to him..
    • Mike Tenay said he can't get inside the mind of Vince Russo..
    • Glen Gilbertti documented some of Vince Russo's "brilliant" ideas from the past..
    • Glen Gilbertti said he walked around for 3 years pretending that they were good ideas..
    • Glen Gilbertti theorizes that Vince Russo might be jealous that Gilbertti took S.E.X. to a new level..
    • Vince Russo charged to the ring and whacked Gilbertti with a baseball bat and shouted "F--- you, Glen!"..
    • The Harris Brothers came out and pulled Vince Russo off of Glen Gilberti and dragged him away..

  5. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Chris Sabin..
    • Scott Hudson asked Chris Sabin who was going to get the X Division shot..
    • Chris Sabin announces that Shark Boy would get a title shot tonight..

  6. BACKSTAGE: New Jack & Shark Boy..
    • New Jack and Shark Boy were found playing a game of Twister..

  7. X TITLE MATCH: Chris Sabin defeats Shark Boy to retain..
    • Chris Sabin pinned Shark Boy after the "Future Shock" finisher to retain his title..
    • After the match, Chris Sabin tried to unmask Shark Boy, prompting New Jack to hit the ring..
    • Mike Sanders also ran out to help Chris Sabin beat up New Jack..

  8. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Konnan / Ron Killings..
    • Ron Killings said the Harris' better have a pooper scooper because they're going to kick the sh-- out of them!

  9. TAG MATCH: Konnan & Ron Killings defeated The Harris Brothers..
    • Late in the match, BG James ran in and hit Ron Harris with a chair!
    • Ron Killings pinned Ron Harris for the win!

  10. SITDOWN INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett said AJ Styles doesn't even know how good he can be..
    • Jeff Jarrett said his threeway tonight will be his toughest test so far..
    • Jeff Jarrett suspects this match is a punishment for his recent actions as NWA World champion..
    • Jeff Jarrett assured Mike Tenay that there is no association with him and Vince Russo..

  11. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Goldylocks/Trinity/Erik Watts..
    • Wrik Watts said he won't let anything happen to the women because "it would ruin the experiment"..
    • A mystery leather-masked man attacked Erik Watts and shoved him head-first into the doorway!
    • Kid Kash walked up, classy as always, asking, "Has anyone seen my cup?"

  12. HANDICAP MATCH: Goldylocks/Trinity/Erik Watts vs Kid Kash..
    • Trinity opened the match against Kid Kash, as Erik Watts was hurt from the attack..
    • Trinity tried to superplex Kid Kash, who reversed it into a powerbomb, but she reversed it into a hurancanrana!
    • The leather-masked man (IWA Puerto Rico wrestler Abyss) reappeared and slammed Trinity to the mat!
    • Kid Kash then stood on Trinity's chest to score the pinfall victory..

  13. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Devon Storm..
    • Devon Storm said he has used a scientific formula to figure out how to beat Sandman..
    • Devon Storm takes Sandman's blood alcohol level, kilograms and temperature into consideration..

  14. BACKSTAGE: DLo Brown & Bill Behrens..
    • Bill Behrens informed DLo Brown that he must leave the building because the main event is so important..
    • DLo Brown yelled at Bill Behrens after he told him security was going to stop him from interfering later..

  15. HARD 10 TOURNAMENT: Sandman defeats Devon Storm..
    • Sonny Siaki wheeled a shopping cart to the ring filled with weapons..
    • Sandman flipped off the top rope but Devon Storm moved so Sandman landed on his back!
    • Devon Storm hit a NICE Northern Lights Suplex while holding a chair against Sandman's back..
    • Sandman eventually won when he flipped off a ladder onto Storm through a table at ringside..

  16. INTERROGATION: Mike Tenay/Don West & Justin Credible/Jerry Lynn..
    • Justin Credible said "Extreme Revolution" got him back in the game..
    • Jerry Lynn & Justin Credible put eachother over, as well as eachothers respective finishers..
    • Jerry Lynn & Justin Credible both called ECW the best experience of his life..
    • Justin Credible gave Paul Heyman credit for getting his career back on track after "Aldo Mantoya"..
    • Jerry Lynn insinuated that Justin Credible was Paul Heyman's butt buddy in ECW..
    • Justin Credible got up and got in Jerry Lynn's face and then they got into a brawl..

  17. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Tracy..
    • Tracy said she'd make sure Erik Watts couldn't pleasure a woman any more..
    • Tracy asked Scott Hudson if he knows how to please a woman?
    • Scott Hudson said that is quite personal..
    • Tracy said "I'll take that as a no"..
    • Scott Hudson was so distracted that he said, "Tony, Bobby, back to you"..

  18. ASYLUM ALLIANCE FINALS: David Young & Tracy vs America's Most Wanted..
    • Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper did commentary at ringside during the match..
    • Chris Harris gave Tracy a drop toe hold, sending her face first into David Young's crotch..
    • AMW set up their Death Sentence finisher, and Skipper and Daniels were going to interfere..
    • Chris Harris leaped off the top rope onto Chris Daniels and Elix Skipper instead!
    • Tracy then gave James Storm a low blow leading to a two count..
    • James Storm then fired back with a spear on David Young and pinned him for the victory!
    • James Storm got on the mic and challenged Triple X to a title match RIGHT NOW!
    • Management said the match would take place next week at the 1 year anniversary show..
    • David Young was yelling and threatening Tracy, blaming her for the loss..
    • Nurse Veronica entered the ring and hit David Young from behind with a chair, protecting Tracy!

  19. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & AJ Styles..
    • AJ Styles talked about his journey to getting his title shot tonight..
    • AJ Styles dedicated his match tonight to his friend, DLo Brown..

  20. NWA WORLD TITLE 3WAY: AJ Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett & Raven to WIN THE NWA WORLD TITLE!!
    • The trio engaged in some back and forth threeway action throughout the entire match..
    • Shane Douglas appeared and yanked Raven out of the ring and rammed him into the ringpost!
    • AJ Styles took over on Jeff Jarrett and hit a series of near falls..
    • Ref bump..
    • Vince Russo then entered the ring with a guitar and nailed Jeff Jarrett with it!!!!
    • AJ Styles then gave Jeff Jarrett the Styles Clash and scored the pin!!
    • Vince Russo hugged and celebrated with AJ Styles, your NEW NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!

  21. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + AJ Styles/Vince Russo..
    • AJ Styles & Vince Russo left the ring as Jeff Jarrett grabbed the microphone..
    • Jeff Jarrett demanded a rematch next week on the Anniversary Show..
    • AJ Styles returned to the ring and said he has 30 days to give Jeff Jarrett his rematch..
    • Jeff Jarrett then challenged AJ Styles to find himself a partner for a tag match next week..
    • Jeff Jarrett said unlike Russo, his partner knows how to really use a bat, Sting!

  22. END OF SHOW....
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