NWA: Total Nonstop Action 1st Anniversary
June 18, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Konnan & Ron Killings & B.G. James b Sal Rinauro & Tommy & Matt Vandal..
    • Trinity b Malia Hosaka..
    • Julio Dinero b Steve Madison..
    • Shark Boy b Delirious..

  2. PARKING LOT: Shane Douglas..
    • A limo pulled up and Mike Tenay assumed that it must be Sting arriving..
    • Instead, Shane Douglas stepped out and laughed at the camera saying "It's time to make some noise"..

  3. 6MAN TAG: Sandman/DLo Brown/Franky Kararian defeated Don Harris/David Young/Sonny Siaki..
    • D-Lo pinned David Young after nailing a frog splash..
    • Sandman shared beers with his partners after the match..
    • S.E.X. attacked them from behind, bringing out Sting & Jeff Jarrett to make the save!

  4. IN THE RING: Vince Russo + AJ Styles + DLo Brown + Raven + Shane Douglas..
    • Vince Russo rambled on about his past and blah blah blah blah blah as the crowd chants "RUSSO! RUSSO! RUSSO!"..
    • Vince Russo says his new hairstyle cost more money than most of the fans' trailors!
    • Vince Russo says that there was a champion for 7 months who bled, sweat and cried for the fans!
    • Vince Russo ripped the fans in the South turning on one of their own, Jeff Jarrett..
    • Vince Russo introduced new NWA World Heavyweight champion AJ Styles, who has a new entrance package..
    • Vince Russo said AJ Styles is better than Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Sting at the same stages of their careers..
    • Mike Tenay tells AJ Styles that he's being brain washed by "this son of a bitch!"..
    • DLo Brown came out and talked about how he and Vince Russo worked so well together in WWE..
    • DLo Brown talked about his friendship with AJ Styles and how their families broke bread together..
    • AJ Styles says he agrees and proposes that DLo Brown be his tag team partner tonight!
    • Vince Russo cut in and claimed that he MADE DLo a star in the WWF..
    • DLo Brown then hit Vince Russo..
    • Raven entered the ring and a big brawl broke out..
    • Raven went after Vince Russo, but Shane Douglas came out and gave Raven a belly-to-belly!
    • Shane Douglas, AJ Styles and Vince Russo beat down Raven and DLo Brown..

  5. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & Tracy & Veronica + Erik Watts..
    • Goldylocks told them she supports what they are trying to do..
    • Tracy thanks Goldy, but says she doubts her sincerity..
    • Veronica said the NWA board won't let them wrestle men anymore..
    • Tracy and Veronica slapped hands and walked away -- apparently the duo are calling themselves "Bitchslap"..
    • Erik Watts entered the picture and asked if she had taken care of something..
    • Goldylocks said he was working on it??

  6. PARKING LOT: Julio Dinero & Alexis Laree + C.M. Punk..
    • Julio Deniro and Alexis Laree were talking when C.M. Punk approached them..
    • C.M. Punk asked if they could ask Raven if he could join The Gathering..
    • Julio Dinero said he didn't even know if there would be a Gathering anymore..
    • C.M. Punk said "There's Always Going to be a Gathering, Quote CM Punk, Nevermore!"

  7. X-TITLE MATCH: Chris Sabin defeated Paul London..
    • A few minutes in, C.M. Punk came out to ringside, then entered the ring and sat in the corner (like Raven does)..
    • C.M. Punk got up and gave a Raven Effect DDT on Paul London!
    • Chris Sabin then gave Paul London a fisherman's suplex for the win!

  8. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & New Jack..
    • Goldylocks asked New Jack if he is underestimating Mike Sanders..
    • New Jack said he doesn't give a sh*t about Mike Sanders..
    • Shark Boy showed up and New Jack says he doesn't have time to play games tonight..
    • Shark Boy brought out a paid of foam "Incredible Hulk" fists and New Jack changes his mind..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Kid Kash..
    • Kid Kash yells blindly into a cage, supposedly holding the man known as Abyss..
    • Kid Kash thanks the "Big Scarry Guy" for helping him last week..
    • Kid Kash says that he needs his help again tonight..

  10. HARD 10 TOURNAMENT MATCH: New Jack defeated Mike Sanders..
    • Shark Boy showed up and gave New Jack one of those big "Incredible Hulk" fists..
    • New Jack uses it to knock out Mike Sanders to win the match 10-7..

  11. MATCH: Justin Credible defeated Jerry Lynn..
    • Justin Credible got the pinfall with his feet on the ropes for leverage..
    • Jerry Lynn attacked Justin Credible and they brawled into the crowd..
    • Jerry Lynn dove over the security railing onto Justin Credible!!

  12. SIT-DOWN INTERVIEW: BG James interviews Konnan & Ron Killings..
    • BG James asked Ron Killings what it meant to be the first black World Heavyweight Champion in the NWA..
    • BG James then asked "What is it with you peoples' infatuation with fried chicken?"..
    • Ron Killings said BG knows just how chicken tastes..
    • BG James mocked Konnan's two signature moves that he does every match..
    • BG James then reminisced sarcastically about his win over Latin Lover..
    • BG James then asked Konnan what the Taco Bell is really like south of the border..
    • Ron Killings makes fun of BG James living in a trailor..
    • Konnan called BG James a "fudge packer"..

  13. MATCH: Perry Saturn vs Kenzo Suzuki went to a NO CONTEST..
    • Kenzo Suzuki works for the W1 Promotion in Japan, which is run by Riki Chosyu..
    • Justin Credible ran in to hit Perry Saturn with a kendo stick!
    • Jerry Lynn followed and brawled with Justin Credible AGAIN..

  14. INTERVIEW: Goldylocks & AJ Styles..
    • AJ Styles said he trusts Vince Russo to find him the perfect partner for the main event later..

  15. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Chris Daniels & Elix Skipper w/Low Ki defeated America's Most Wanted..
    • Before the match, Triple X attacked America's Most Wanted in the backstage area..
    • Low Ki accompanied Triple X and was wearing a sling on his arm..
    • America's Most Wanted hit their "Death Sentance" finish, but Elix Skipper yanked the referee out of the ring!
    • Elix Skipper then knocked out James Storm with the belt and Chris Daniels got the pin!

  16. INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Jerry Jarrett..
    • Jerry Jarrett (first appearance on TNA) said the 1st anniversary was a special occasion..
    • Jerry Jarrett said it's been a rocky road for everyone involved in the first year..
    • Mike Tenay asked him how he compared the NWA today to the NWA of yesterday..
    • Jerry Jarrett said the NWA once dominated, but they're not looking back, they're looking forward..
    • Jerry Jarrett said they think their association with the NWA is getting stronger every month..
    • Jerry Jarrett said he believes Vince Russo was frustrated about a lot of things..
    • Jerry Jarrett said he thinks Vince Russo has stepped up, but he has crossed the line to obsession..
    • Jerry Jarrett said Vince Russo thinks getting Jeff Jarrett back as his friend, will help his success..
    • Jerry Jarrett said he is confused about the obsession, but he hopes it's not a fatal obsession..

  17. INTERVIEW: Erik Watts + Kid Kash..
    • Erik Watts called himself "Mr. Rating"s and asked Kid Kash to come out, calling him "The Mighty Midget"..
    • Kid Kash said it's true that he beats women..
    • Erik Watts attacked Kid Kash and threw him around the ring some..
    • Erik Watts was going to give him a chokeslam..
    • Erik Watts then noticed on the new TNATron that Goldy had been locked in a cage by a masked man..
    • Erik Watts ran back and kicked at the pad lock, then Kid Kash attacked him from behind..

  18. RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay/Don West + America's Most Wanted..
    • Mike Tenay was plugging the website and other things when America's Most Wanted showed up..
    • Chris Harris demanded that they get a rematch against Triple X in a CAGE next week!!

  19. MAIN EVENT: Jeff Jarrett & Sting defeated AJ Styles & Syxx..
    • Vince Russo announced the surprise partner for AJ Styles as being "Sean Waltman Syxx-Pac"!!
    • Syxx's music hit and after a short pause, he stepped out onto the stage, and saluted Vince Russo..
    • Vince Russo joined the announce team for the match..
    • Sting hit Stinger splashes on both AJ Styles & Syxx in alternate corners..
    • Sting then applied the Scorpion Deathlock on AJ Styles but Syxx blindsided him with a baseball bat!
    • AJ Styles tagged in Syxx and they double-teamed Sting..
    • Sting fought back and hit a double clothesline followed by a double DDT!
    • A minute later, AJ Styles went to kick Jeff Jarrett, but missed and kicked the referee!!
    • Jeff Jarrett nailed AJ Styles with a StylesClash but Vince Russo hit Jeff with a baseball at!
    • Raven then entered the ring and shoved Vince Russo by the throat in the corner..
    • Raven went to DDT AJ Styles, but Shane Douglas came down and took out Raven..
    • Jeff Jarrett finished AJ Styles off with a Stroke from the second rope to pick up the win!
    • Jeff Jarrett and Raven went nose-to-nose in the ring, but then Sting separated them..
    • Sting raised the arms of both men to end the show..

  20. END OF SHOW....
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